** See Model A Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards for months these colors were available. Cars are everywhere, and so are the colors they’re cruising around in, their own distinctive skins. Try telling that to Henry Ford, however, as Tutt says he resisted the change because of the elaborate process he already had built for painting his cars. In fact, Tutt says, any Model Ts that were repainted in a different color other than black would have their warranties voided. Browse our range of vintage paint colours online.

In 1923, the new Duco paint (as it was called) pyroxylin colors debuted at the New York Auto Show on GM’s Oakland Motor Car Company’s cars, known as the “True Blue Oakland Sixes.” We were off — color was the new thing. But when you look around on the road and in your neighbors’ driveways, not everyone is driving in the technicolor lane.

As it turns out, during the recent recession, consumers were a bit shy of flashy things and tended to play it safe when and if they took the big step of buying a new car, and that trend has persisted over the years. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story.

Color Through the Decades: 1930s – 1940s Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on Houzz Share this with your friends Share with email Print page The Bauhaus inspired modern movement and streamlined design were making an impact.

Viewing the colors on a photograph is not the same as looking at the colors in person. 1930/1931 Model A Ford Paint Colors Consult the MAFCA/MARC Judging Standards and Restoration Guidelines However, the .. shown below are good, representative samples intended to help you decide All seven touring cars were painted with Duco, each receiving two different shades of blue and accented with racing stripes of red or orange. Now there was much less yellowing and upkeep, it was a cheaper, garageless car,” which was nice for consumers, as you could have a car without the bothersome expensive of having a garage. And yet in that same article, Forbes discusses how popular a color is doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best value, noting how a yellow car bought new will have a higher resale value down the road — pun completetly intended — than your more everyday tones. In fact, if it feels like we’ve returned to our grayscale roots, we have: Last year for example, the most popular car color in North America was white, reports Forbes, followed by black, gray and silver.

“Blue is a complicated color,” adds Tutt,” because it yellowed easily before.

This effect also works for green cars (Polynesian Green!) “These colors were used to do stripings and detailed decoration on vehicles shortly after 1925 (pyroxilin base), often combining two bright colors on the body with another contrasting striping color,” says Tutt. Click on the name of the lower body color to see an example of a particular color combination.

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on Consumerist.

It feels more like the Model T days, of which Henry Ford wrote in his autobiography: “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black” (more about that later). PLEASE CLICK.

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