It also had two balconies, I think that “Cathay” may have been in the restaurant name. Perusing some of the entries here, this posting caught my attention perhaps because I became a restaurant goer in this era. ( Log Out /  Philadelphia experienced a boom of hotel construction in the nineteenth century, and with each of these new hotels came new luxury restaurants. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

[32], In the industry's heyday before Prohibition, more than 90 breweries operated in city limits, with another 100 located in the greater metropolitan area. Now covered by the Center Square building. LaBan, Craig.

Lauber's was the most popular restaurant in the Centennial Exhibition, but it was destroyed by fire before the exhibition's conclusion.

), Boothby’s (Thirteenth and Chestnut Streets), and Bookbinders (moved to Second and Walnut Streets in 1898). Despite economic woes (recession and inflation), the energy crisis, urban decline, crime, and escalating restaurant prices, restaurant-going continued to rise.

Because of this, the city is strongly identified with both English-style beer (particularly porter, a variety that was virtually synonymous with Philadelphia during the American Revolutionary period) and German-style beer (such as lager), which eclipsed the English style near the end of the 19th century. Other notable Delaware Valley microbreweries and brewpubs include Iron Hill Breweries and the award-winning Sly Fox Brewery. Through centuries of urban growth, immigration, economic and cultural exchange, and changing culinary trends, the restaurants of Greater Philadelphia provided not only nourishment, employment, and entertainment but also allowed residents and visitors alike to experience and identify with the region. The 1970s also saw the rise of street vendors. The new eatery paid homage to Bookbinder's décor and menu.

“The New Urban Dining Room: Sidewalk Cafes in Postindustrial Philadelphia.”. New waves of immigration from Asia and Latin America remade the area’s restaurant scene by opening pho and dumpling houses, Korean BBQs, sushi bars, and taquerias in neighborhoods from East Passyunk Crossing to Cheltenham. Extensive renovations and changes to the menu were made in an effort to adapt to the shifting tastes of the dining public, but ultimately proved unsuccessful.

My faves now gone, The Lord & Taylor (The Bird Cage??) New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 1996.

As with New York City and Chicago, Philadelphia has its own regional variant of hot dog known as the Texas Tommy, originating right outside Philadelphia in Pottstown, Pennsylvania before spreading throughout the Delaware Valley region and South Jersey. [24] Just a month later Philadelphia City Council passed a ban on trans fat in restaurants, effective September 2, 2007. A wide variety of eateries now thrive in Philadelphia. After Greater Philadelphia experienced capital flight, deindustrialization, and suburbanization through the 1980s, restaurants from the 1990s into the early decades of the twenty-first century played a major role in the region’s economy and signaled a second renaissance. Bookbinder's, which was renamed Old Original Bookbinder's to distinguish it from another restaurant opened for a time by family, also housed what it called the world's largest indoor lobster tank in its lobby.

My top three (almost a three-way tie) are: 1. 1971 – In Berkeley CA Alice Waters and friends found Chez Panisse, marking the movement of college and graduate students into the restaurant field, a career choice which is beginning to have cachet. Ohio + Tahiti = Kahiki Find of the day: the Redwood Room Behind the kitchen door Before Horn & Hardart: European automats “Distinguished dining” awards Restaurant as fun house: Shambarger’s Dressing for dinner Dining on the border: Tijuana Postscript: beefsteak dinners Three hours for lunch Light-fingered diners Mind your manners: restaurant etiquette Celebrity restaurateurs: Pat Boone Diary of an unhappy restaurateur Basic fare: bread Busboys Greek-American restaurants Roadside attractions: Toto’s Zeppelin 2012, a recap Christmas dinner in a restaurant, again? More recently, Philadelphia Distilling opened in 2005 in the city's Fishtown neighborhood; it is the first craft distillery to open in Pennsylvania since before Prohibition,[36] and produces Bluecoat American Dry Gin, Vieux Carré Absinthe Supérieure, Penn 1681 vodka, XXX Shine corn whiskey and The Bay, a vodka seasoned with Chesapeake Bay seasoning. Hines, Mary Anne, and William Woys Weaver. In 1922, hoping to capture motorist traffic between Philadelphia and New York, Pflug opened Evergreen Farms on Roosevelt Boulevard, a “suburban café” advertised as “most beautiful restaurant in the country.” For those lacking the means or time to patronize department store or hotel restaurants, the region offered dairies, rathskellers, ice cream parlors, lunch wagons, cafeterias, automats, and “quick lunches” (luncheonettes). Pie in the skies – revolving restaurants “Way out” coffeehouses Taste of a decade: 1890s restaurants Sweet treats and teddy bears It’s not all glamor, is it Mr. Krinkle? Despite its glamorous past, Bookbinder's faltered in the twenty-first century and closed in 2009. Fast-food chains continued to grow, with the number of companies increasing by about two-thirds. “Atmosphere” Taste of a decade: 1840s restaurants Eating Chinese Park and eat Thanksgiving quiz: dinner times four Dining sky-side Habenstein of Hartford Back of the house: writing this blog Image gallery: supper clubs Restaurant cups Truth in Menu “Every luxury the markets afford” See it, want it: window food displays “Time to sell the doughnuts” Who was the mystery diner? Yet no other French restaurant in Greater Philadelphia received more accolades than Perrier’s Le Bec-Fin, which opened in 1970 on Spruce Street and later moved to larger quarters on Walnut Street. In the midst of the Great Depression, Pat Olivieri (1907-74) created the cheesesteak at his South Philadelphia hot dog stand in 1932, ultimately making that sandwich synonymous with the city. By 1900, Philadelphia contained a thriving Chinatown with “chop suey joints” along Race Street, east of Broad. Chain restaurants also expanded in the postwar years. Genovese, Peter. 1681) in Ambler, Pennsylvania; the Barnsboro Tavern (est. Many types of foods have been created in or near Philadelphia or have strong associations with the city. 1977 –Industry journal Restaurant Business publishes survey results showing that, on average, husband & wife pairs eat out twice a month, spend $14.75 plus tip, prefer casual restaurants, and tend to order before-dinner cocktails and dishes they don’t get at home. See more ideas about Memories, Restaurant, Howard johnson's. During World War II and the Korean War, the restaurant offered free lunches for new military recruits, helping it establish an international reputation amongst servicemen. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2005.

[20], In the 1950s and 1960s, the restaurant scene was in decline. Diners learned that Chinese food was not limited to Cantonese, but might also be Mandarin, Szechuan, or Hunan. While many new eateries in the 1970s, such as Alexander’s, Astral Plane, Broadway Eddie’s, Friday Saturday Sunday, Gilded Cage, Lickety Split, Knave of Hearts, and White Dog Café were casual and experimental, young, enterprising chefs such as Steve Poses (b.1947), Peter Frederick Von Starck (1942-84), and Georges Perrier (b.1944) introduced French nouvelle cuisine to local Baby Boomers eager to expand their palates. Philadelphia in the early 1970s underwent its first “restaurant renaissance.” Prior to that decade, many downtown workers and residents felt the city lacked a reputable dining-out scene; some joined one of Philadelphia’s many supper clubs to ensure a decent meal. Following the Civil War, increases in transportation, immigration, and industrialization altered dining practices and restaurant offerings. . Interesting thought and it could be true, a consolation prize. I knew the one in Plattsburgh, NY. The ban, which exempts private clubs, hotels, specialty smoking shops, and waiver-eligible bars that serve little food, had a troubled start and went unenforced until January 2007. Popularity for automats waned in the second half of the twentieth century with the rise of fast food chain restaurants. the Old Spaghetti Factory still has that look, or at least the ones I’ve been to. The hotel's restaurant offerings included the lavish rooftop South Garden Room and the Hunt Room, which catered to a business crowd., Pingback: Restaurant Design Trends Of The 1970s - Fuhrmann Construction, Pingback: Restaurant Design Trends Of The 1960s | Fuhrmann Construction. I learned of this blog and Henry Voigt’s at about the same time, both are excellent indeed. In 1791, James Oeller opened his eponymous hotel, Philadelphia’s first, at Sixth and Chestnut Streets. Restaurant patronage was encouraged by all kinds of things, including relaxed liquor laws in formerly dry states and counties, which brought more restaurants into the suburbs, the spread of credit cards, more working wives and mothers, youth culture, and a me-generation quest for diversion.

1973 – Los Angeles County becomes the first jurisdiction in the country to enact a “truth in menu” ordinance. “The New Urban Dining Room: Sidewalk Cafes in Postindustrial Philadelphia.” Buildings and Landscapes: Journal of the Architectural Vernacular 18.2 (Fall 2011): 60-81.

The Green Room, 42 W. Eleventh Street, Wilmington, Del. “Wop” salad? One eatery in particular, Phillip J. Lauber's German restaurant, left an indelible mark on American cuisine when it served “Hamburg steaks,” or hamburgers, to eager crowds. Nepa, Stephen. Private dining clubs, including the Vesper, the Bellevue Court, Union League, Embassy, Saxony East, and Quo Vadis continued to thrive in central Philadelphia.

1976 – Richard Melman’s Chicago restaurant company, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, operator of RJ Grunts, Great Gritzbe’s Flying Food Show, and Jonathan Livingston Seafood, opens Lawrence of Oregano and prepares to take over the flamboyant Pump Room. Taverns such as the London Coffee House, the Blue Anchor, Tun Tavern and John Biddle's Indian King were regular meeting places for the political and business leaders of the city.

( Log Out /  Parkinson's other claims to fame include its popular ice cream and selection of fresh tropical fruits and imported chocolates.

The last of the city's most successful brewers, such as the Henry F. Ortlieb Brewing Company and the Christian Schmidt Brewing Company, shut down in the 1980s.[34]. It began as a gramophone shop in the early 1900s, then transitioned into a restaurant after Prohibition. One of the largest manufacturing complexes in the city, spanning 40 acres, was owned by Publicker Industries, which produced chemicals, industrial alcohols and spirits in South Philadelphia. It has been asserted that Italians working at the World War I era shipyard in Philadelphia, known as Hog Island where emergency shipping was produced for the war effort, introduced the sandwich, by putting various sliced meats, cheeses, and lettuce between two slices of Italian bread.

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