© 2020 Outdoor Command. The tent features generous tent centers and walls, enabling it to accommodate campers of different heights. The tent comes with a mud mat designed to be placed in the entry point to help maintain a clean interior.

The 7-foot center height offers plenty of headroom. When using it, you can feed an extension cord through the port so that you can run power through the tent.

will do the trick. Each room has a door for separate entry and exit. If "the more the merrier" is an adage you live by, you're going to need one of these 16 to 20 person tents. Your email address will not be published.

The tent fits 16 people in sleeping bags or up to four queen-size airbeds. Your email address will not be published. An ideal camping tent for a large family or group of friends who want to get away is the Ozark Trail 23.5′ x 18.5′ Cabin Tent.

The full zip around the base allows you to roll up the tent to have a nice view of the surrounding from all directions. The reason is its six large windows and the mesh ceiling designed to ensure excellent ventilation and offer a fantastic view. The tent offers multiple storage options including three bottle holder pockets, a media pocket, three large pockets, and a gear hammock. However, there is room for furniture and your gear. And here's an overview of the best 16 to 20 person tents on the market today: How much space is required for 20 people really depends on how familiar the campers are already and how many luxury items they plan to have. There is an E-port on the tent which allows you to use an extension cord enabling you to meet various power needs.

You also get a bonus light that allows remote control.

Are you planning a wedding? You can expect the tent to set up under two minutes since all it requires is to unpack, unfold, and extend. Each room has its own separate entrance for everyone’s easy access without disturbing other campers. Another benefit of the tent is its front and back “D” style door. We only review products that we trust and recommend. For instance, it is spacious enough to accommodate 20 sleeping bags and 6 queen-size airbeds. More often than not the most memorable camping trips are not solitary reflective individual excursions, but rather camping trips with large groups like a family, the scouts, or groups of friends. The corner ropes and pegs, bungee straps, and a solid Velcro ensure sturdy installation. The polyester fly is waterproof and has taped seams. These are designed to ensure protected entry, which makes it easy to maintain a clean tent. A few other nice design additions are the two mesh roof-hanging corner organizers, tow integrated storage pockets, and a media pocket that is perfect for a tablet. You can also adjust the height of the tent to different levels. Like the Dream House tent, Danchel is another bell-shaped canopy. The brand has three removable room dividers for some privacy, but you can always detach them if you need an open 283 square feet interior. There is only one main entrance to this tent, which does provide easy access, but a second entrance would be very helpful, especially when the removable room dividers are in use.

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