Check federal, state and local laws on regulations before constructing any 37mm cartridges. } 10 Rounds He currently works as a patrol sergeant.

The best signal round you can get. Mil Spec 37MM Signaling Ammo for 37MM launchers.

The company sent four loads — two of which would perhaps be ideal in a situation such as that described above: The 37mm Concussion might be just the attention-getter needed to disperse a crowd of rioters threatening your home.

The 37mm Concussion might be just the attention-getter needed to disperse a crowd of rioters threatening your home. 37mm ammo, 12 gauge ammo, specialty ammo, exploding targets, tannerite, 37mm launchers, 37mm reload kit, 37mm reloading supplies, 37mm load data, AR-15 parts, backpacks, gun bags, tactical accessories, lower parts kits, ar15 uppers AMERICAN SPECIALTY AMMO . 37mm Blast Dispersion Projectile.

The ALSTAC-37 is a double action/single action, single shot, 37MM launcher. Range is also about 40 yards. Available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White.

This is an important consideration since ammo specs can vary widely.

We will have these back in stock in early July. NonLethal Technologies, Inc., 9419 Rt 286 Hwy West, Homer City, PA 15748 USA Ph: +1 724-479-5100 . We're the best resource to help responsible Americans keep their loved ones safe. But what 37mm rounds could I use? Enjoy the versatility of your 37mm Launcher.

Fee will be added after checkout, upon shipment, ONLY ONE FEE IS REQUIRED PER SHIPMENT(NOT PER ITEM), These are Military Grade 37mm smoke rounds. Rounds shoot 50 yards and smoke for 45-60 seconds.

One incident involved multiple mortar rounds fired at a county prosecutor’s home. When one box won't do.

This low cost highly effective device produces a concussion wave similar to a diversionary grenade by using a flash with an extremely powerful concussion blast all from a 12-gauge shotgun muzzle.

For that I turned to Exotic Ammo, the company that handles the Ordnance Group launchers. Some of the more dangerous improvised items in regular use by violent protestors are commercial fireworks — particularly Roman Candles and various exploding mortars. Like the regular flares with a tail. Shop CDVS for your 37MM. 37mm Smoke Projectile. will be deleted.

} 37mm Rounds. If the launcher is attached to an M4 carbine, care should be taken that the carbine is not fully loaded or ready to fire.

One such scenario where 37mm rounds could be launched would be when rioters are shooting commercial fireworks at your home in an attempt to ignite it. Sold Out 37MM Comet Projectiles. The Long Range Smoke cartridge launches one Long Range pyrotechnic sub-munition that releases a smoke agent.

37mm to 26.5mm Cartridge Adapter.

The picture. We are unable to ship 37mm rounds to Hawaii and Alaska . Your Price: $21.95 In Stock. These devices have been fired at police stations and police officers and have been used to ignite various fires in attempts to burn buildings down. Please note HAZMAT ITEMS Cannot be combined with any other products due to shipping restrictions, a separate order must be made for all Non Hazmat items.

Your Price: $21.95 In Stock. Part Number: 37mm/Concussion.

Contains enough 37mm paper tubes, plugs (with hole), plugs (solid), paper end cap (with hole), waterproof fuse, and Instruction Sheet to make 10 cartridges. }

Perfect to get you started.

Click for important shipping info!

37mm ammo, 12 gauge ammo, specialty ammo, exploding targets, tannerite, 37mm launchers, 37mm reload kit, 37mm reloading supplies, 37mm load data, AR-15 parts, backpacks, gun bags, tactical accessories, lower parts kits, ar15 uppers ... American Specialty Ammo (330) 485-4034: You can get a wide variety of 37mm ammo like this sample pack from Exotic Ammo. These 37mm rounds are an emergency “stop gap” measure.

Exotic Firearms, LLC 5,167 views.

Availability: send email to be on waitlist.

These 37MM Signaling Rounds are made for signaling/training. 100% Risk-Free with the USCCA They are to be used as an alternative to deadly force to disperse a dangerous crowd when there is no law enforcement present to assist. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales, Buy 6 - 12 IMG: Flares. Not loud but very eye catching.

Range is also about 40 yards.

They are available in red and white.

Contact us for more information. A six-round tactical 37mm ammo carrier, along with other related accessories, is available on the Exotic Ammo website. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Winners List, Ordnance Group Tac-D Pivot Underbarrel Launcher, November/December 2020 Giveaway: SIG Sauer Experience, Five Important ‘S’ Words Women Need to Consider for Their Next Holster, 37mm Pyrotechnic Launcher Rounds: Less Lethal, More Noise. Available in Silver and Gold. Your Price: $24.00 send email to be on waitlist 37mm Super Breakers Ammo.

The ALS Technologies Tactical Blast Strip.

they are not used to directly strike the human body). .link A {

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$27.00 37MM Freedom Tracer Projectiles.

Aaj mangalwar hai chuhe ko bukhar hai chuha gaya doctor doctor ne lagai sui chuha bola, Holt biology the theory of evolution concept mapping answer key, Cover letter for a medical social work position, Can i get my tax refund back after an offset, Modern warfare controller won t stop vibrating, Piaggio advanced diagnostic system software download, Blessing of the energy centers meditation youtube. Fax: +1 … 37mm Rounds Ordnance Group launchers can chamber and fire virtually any 37mm ammunition out there. Ready to fire signaling ammo for your 37mm launcher? Proud to be 100% based in the USA.

Color: $120.00 "THE SET" 37MM Ready Load Ammo Set. The single sub-munition provides a wide area of coverage for training, smoke screening and other applications.

This converted the launcher from an underbarrel to a free-standing 37mm with M4 stock and pistol grip. It would serve notice that you are going to seriously defend your home, hopefully taking it off the target list.

As the payload descends from it's apogee, it explodes releasing bright, crackling streamers. Read the new book that reveals the little-known history of the US Concealed Carry Association. ... emerging with a cut knee and a slight concussion ... 37mm Exploding Rain-This round should be shot almost vertically, maybe no more than 20 degrees from the vertical. The video below shows the launch of the payload.

They can also add cool effects to posed photo and video content. It is designed to fire standard 37MM less-lethal ammunition 1 including the ALS3702 Power Punch Bean Bag and the ALS6727CS Multi-Projectile Launchable CS rounds.

Concussion: The Concussion round is the newest and loudest round Exotic Ammo makes.

FONT-SIZE: 13px; FONT-FAMILY: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; COLOR: #050505 Variety pack includes 10 rounds of 37mm Short Range Smoke, 9 rounds of 37mm Thunder Rain and 10 rounds of the 37mm Flares - you choose the color. I want to explain carefully about the application of various loads before I describe the samples that I tested. The 37mm Mini Variety Pack contains 5 rounds each of the 37mm Short Range Smoke, Thunder Rain and Flare. This rifle-mounted golfball launcher is either a great way to spice up yet another pitifully dull round of golf, or a Darwin ... Georges Guynemer was only France's second-ranking ace of World War I, but he remains the most famous of them all. Your Price: $24.99.

And it got me thinking: Is there an additional way for civilians to disperse a violent group without having to resort to deadly force? This round will launch up to 100 yards in the air with a Loud sound effect with a bright flash . TEXT-DECORATION: none

FONT-SIZE: 10px Shop CDVS for Ammunition, Dummy rounds, projectiles, powder, cases, primers and more.

For use with plastic or aluminum hulls. Watch me vlog. We are the U.S. We are unable to ship 37mm rounds to Hawaii and Alaska. 37mm concussion ammo, Smoke grenades can be really handy in a tactical situation, either masking movements or signaling to people far away.

Using the Tac-D Pivot properly may be a show of resistance that will preclude the need for lethal force. Sold in packages of 5 or 10.

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