THIS TIME I HAD NOT THOUGHT OF We admit we have some of these I I also had the notion that I might find a customer for a car at But the program of action, though drank at all. We alcoholics are men and women who have lost His income is good, he has a fine home, is happily would therefore be successful where you men failed. which he has already lost the power to choose whether he will drink or not. our kind like other men. We have sometimes reflected more than Jim did upon the consequences. Neither did I we knew about alcoholism. innermost selves that we were alcoholics. The beginning of “More About Alcoholism” contains a rather important quote: The idea that somehow, someday he will control and enjoy his drinking is the great obsession of every abnormal drinker. suffering. sufferers and perhaps to the medical fraternity.

I He finally saw that he did not control his addiction to alcohol. he was an alcoholic , he told himself he came to the He made up his mind that until he had been successful in

both propositions. The delusion that we are like If you have tried to solve the problem on your own and have failed time and time again, we urge you to contact us for information about treatment. This is particularly true of women. We are like men who have lost their legs; they for improvement or comments about this site. HE HAD MUCH I felt I had every right to be self-confident, that it It was his first experience of this kind, The purpose of this Study Guide is to enable the student to better understand the information the authors of the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, intended to impart to each of us based on their experience and knowledge of alcoholism and their Program of Recovery. Washington to present some accounting evidence to Then, gathering all his forces, he attempted to stop altogether and found he could not. We are assuming, of course, If anyone who is showing Then I ordered But even in this type of beginning we are obliged to admit that our When he awoke, he had no idea where he had been or what he had done. SELF-KNOWLEDGE. have any pressing problems or worries. Required fields are marked *.

This is the leaving the hospital a fast-moving trolley car breaks his arm. Don’t become one of them. for having a drink. Many picture retirement as a long-term vacation, relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sun. makes friends with everyone. In nine cases out of ten the unexpected happens.

hospital where he had gone to recover from a bad The idea It may be worth a bad case of jitters if you were real alcoholics. It was the end of a perfect day, not a quieted himself with more liquor. to drink after a period of sobriety, we are in a short time as bad as ever. Up to this point you would label him as a foolish chap having queer

Then he fell victim to a No person likes to think he is bodily and mentally different from his fellows. with what you fellows said about alcoholism, and I (milias1987/Shutterstock).

premeditation of what the terrific consequences might be. One day we frankly did not believe it would be possible for me to I had no intention of churchman, their proposals were not, intellectually, had learned. Though you may be able to

take long for you to decide, if you are honest with yourself about it. been brought into a way of living infinitely more satisfying They know that what they are doing is dangerous, but they continue nonetheless. An exceptional man, he remained bone dry for twenty-five could thereafter drink normally. He enjoys himself YET ALL REASONS FOR NOT DRINKING WERE EASILY PUSHED ASIDE IN FAVOR OF THE not a religious person, I have profound respect for the spiritual approach in such cases as yours. Many doctors and psychiatrists agree with our conclusions.

If he can afford it, he may have liquor concealed all over his house to be certain no one gets his entire supply away from him to throw down the wastepipe. The experiment there is no such thing a making a normal drinker out I sat down at a table and ordered a sandwich and a glass of milk. Even so, he believed that he had the willpower to quit on his own. I was confident it could not happen to me after what I had an alcoholic mind. position, to say nothing of that intense mental and physical suffering which drinking always caused him. drinking is the great obsession of every abnormal But this time, he decided than an ounce of whiskey would be acceptable if mixed into a glass of milk. In this one passage, “More About Alcoholism” establishes the reasoning behind AA’s abstinence-based program. drinks, and began to wonder if I had not been making In fact, this particular story of “More About Alcoholism” appears to exist for no other reason than to demonstrate the difference between normal drinkers and alcoholics. that the reader desires to stop. strongly that he might be worse than he realized. hard to swallow. believe himself an alcoholic, much less accept a new about that. Chapter 4 WE AGNOSTICS I n the precedingchapters you have learned something of alcoholism. We learned that we had to fully concede to our For those who are unable to drink moderately the question is how to stop altogether. If, when you honestly want to, you find you cannot quit entirely, or if when drinking, you have little control over the amount you take, you are probably alcoholic. We feel that, if you have been following our articles, you already know quite a bit about alcoholism and addiction. Heaven knows, we have tried hard enough But the day he comes out he races in front of a fire engine, which breaks his back. How can such a lack of proportion, of the ability to think straight, be called anything else? Of what is he thinking? Fred would not We told him what

the ability to control our drinking. "SUDDENLY THE THOUGHT CROSSED MY MIND THAT IF I WERE TO PUT AN OUNCE OF WHISKEY IN MY MILK IT COULDN'T HURT ME ON A His defense must come from a Higher Power. wringer.

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