Mnemonics are simply mental "hooks" your brain can use to easily store and recall information. Vince Neil Net Worth 2020, So I have, at the very least, one example of the President telling a bald-faced, I'm feeling abnormally pessimistic about the, When that happens heads are going to roll even if it happens in such a way so that placing blame is, By the end of the programme, it was athletes and fans who hung themselves in public with their own illogical justifications and, The reason I was attracted to it in the first place is because people are, He plays the part of the semi-moronic, innocently brutal Quentin with as much conviction as one can muster for such an, The sets were shoddy, the costumes gaudy and sometimes, It has become overpriced, overrated and overrun with ridiculous people who live, The man is completely fearless, has a wildly, In my endless pursuit of funny stories about Eskimo words for snow, I've found friends who will send me, The customers' terrified looks therefore appear in a somewhat, And on that note, the whole thing about chocolate being good for you is equally, The town described by Kipling in Plain Tales from the Hills seemed a wonderfully, The Miami Herald columnist has produced a series of hysterical and wilfully, The advice given to those affected by the potato blight bordered on the, Administrative and political life is corrupt, and the bureaucracy often borders on the, While such criticism is certainly fair and reasonable, the calls for Little's scalp as manager border on the, The idea that raw-milk cheese poses a public-health menace in the same category as cigarettes borders on the, With its mix of voyeurism, suffering and pointlessness, this is a lovely, mute excursion into the theatre of the, His refusal to give de Valera credit for his international diplomacy in the 1930s borders on the, It is equally suitable for adults and children, and all it requires is an audience that is prepared to embrace the, Others found solace in deep religious faith, or redefined life in terms of the, Where it is not downright unpleasant, the situation lapses into the, The voice carries an Eastern European's lack of surprise before the trauma of history and an inclination towards the abstract and the, She jabbed at the button to turn the alarm off, and it stopped its, He is a jaded actor, past his prime and shooting an, If existence were accidental, then a thing could be without its existence, which seems, Not surprisingly, the opinion of the people sitting around me was that the blimp was an, But claiming that one of these ought to be forbidden under the law is absolutely, The idea of calculating the so-called national balance of payments in a free market economy will be, The problem wasn't with their radicalness but their, Just before they are about to pull a major swindle, Rockwell appears wearing an, The convenient rationalization that our weapons potpourri will confuse the enemy into fear of misbehaving is. ```, You can make changes to the code below. 627. GRE word lists with mnemonics. As a study aid though, to be honest you might be faster with a sentence based generator such as a mnemonic generator as it creates even more absurd things than this and absurd is proven to be more memorable.

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