I assured Mr Jones that I will have a word with a qualified nurse and will be back. He concluded that pain is multifactorial and as such individuals should be treated differently. In a study carried out by Matthewson at the elderly care unit at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, she concluded that nursing is the art of caring and as such we must listen empathically to what patients and service users want so we can give them the care that they deserve (Matthewson 2002). Also, it has long been documented that information reduces anxiety (Byshee 1988 cited in Hughes 2005). Lovick (2009) defines sepsis ‘as a known or suspected infection accompanied by evidence of two or … The Nursing Choice The airway is vital when assessing the patient’s condition, as closure of the airway will cause hypoxia and death.

Haemodynamic stability is crucial as hypovolaemia can occur quickly because of the obstruction, fluid levels can rise quickly due to decreased gut movement causing the bowel to distend and losing its functionality of absorbing water and minerals thereby leading to fluid and electrolyte imbalance (Torrance and Serginson 2004). The aim of this assignment is to critically discuss the nursing assessment individualised care and nursing interventions of the acutely ill patient. I was so petrified with the signs and the way he communicated with me in such a way that really expressed he was in severe pain.

Necessary interventions should be implemented to prevent further worsening of the patient status before continuing on to the next segment of the framework. Conclusion is the sixth step and it is about what else I could have done and what could I not have done. She went on and on and I felt embarrassed and at same time very eager to correct my mistakes. The Gibbs (1998) Reflective Cycle which is one of the most popular models of reflections consists of six steps: Description which describes as a matter of fact the situation and what happened during the incident. Copyright © 2003 - 2020 - NursingAnswers.net is a trading name of All Answers Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales. The patient discussed developed severe sepsis due to a urinary tract infection and her condition deteriorated during the recovery process in the nurse’s care. To ensure that the decreased level of consciousness was not due to hypoglycaemia, Mrs Smith’s blood sugars were tested. This being my first encounter of meeting a patient with acute pain, I have so much to learn and gain especially about acute pain management. Lovick (2009) explains that the ‘first six hours after diagnosis present a small window of opportunity in which to reverse tissue hypoxia and prevent established organ failure’. 2552 words (10 pages) Essay. Therefore hypoglycaemia was not the cause of the patient’s altered level of consciousness. Most patients in severe sepsis will develop oliguria. PRINCIPLES OF ACUTE CARE NURSING CUSTOM ESSAY Topic: Case Study Asthma All info accessed through Australian College of Nursing. My nurse-patient relationship really helped in this area. No inspiratory stridor or expiratory wheeze was heard when the nurse was performing the airway assessment. Effective pain management is fundamental to quality care, good pain control speeds recovery. For this assignment, you are required to produce a 4000-word essay on acute nursing care. The next step outlined is IV fluid therapy to correct the hypotension cause by severe sepsis. The nurse monitored the patient closely because in her confused state the patient may try to remove the oxygen mask. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Thirdly, the evaluation of my experience: this is about what was good and bad about my experience. Four years ago, I started in nursing school as an unknowledgeable person and blossomed into an educated nurse that follows protocols and procedures while taking care of patients daily. Early detection by the nurse of poor urine output can ensure interventions are taken to avoid renal damage. The nurse also used the numerical pain scale to assess Mrs Smith’s discomfort.

I went to inform Mr Jones of this. Though it has several advantages that are well suited for small intestinal obstruction management like its effect on slowing down the motility of the gut (Rodney 2010) which in the case of small intestinal obstruction is good, it causes nausea and vomiting as some of its side effect due to its direct action and stimulation of the chemoreceptor trigger zone of the brain (Daniels 2008).

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