“We want to help educate those out of work as to what some of these terms mean and how they can avoid making mistakes that could stop their payments.”. During this confortation I ask if she was firing me ,I worked the dining room for a month before that and nothing was said about it. I was a prep cook.

$600 may be too much and unfair for some to get, and not enough for others, but they didn't have enough time to sit down and work out or set up an income based solution, so they worked to agree on what they did (and yeah, it doesn't help they wasted time arguing over pork barrel handouts to groups that don't, at least yet, need it at all). Cookies help us deliver our Services. Would it have something to do with my eligibility (it's only my second week, and we're supposed to get at least 3 for Covid claims)? Claimants should know that failing to accept an offer of suitable work (with the exception of 10 COVID-19 related reasons) can cause benefits to be stopped and may be considered fraud.

of Labor Menu. I'm fairly certain now that it's just that the site can't show two different payments under one claim. I finally saw on the site, today, that the first two weeks have been approved and paid/sent to my bank. Once she officially closes her shop until this is all over as a business owner is she allowed to apply for unemployment? What does this mean exactly in the UI Claim Tracker for Alabama: The following pending issue(s) are stopping payment on your claim: The term "separation" refers to the reason you are no longer employed by your employer, and your eligibility to receive benefits is based on the reason you are no longer employed.

I have not received a letter of either approval or denial yet, only the letter stating the amount I'm entitled to.

I'm not an hourly employee but I'm supposed to be eligible.

Under the CARES Act, the federal government requires ADOL to ask a specific set of questions to determine eligibility for CARES Act programs.

If you did, then you should be paid ($275, not the $600 since that wasn't in effect yet) for the first week as well. On the site it says that I was paid $275 and $600. Neither of which have hit my checking account yet, but it’s early and the banks aren’t open, so I hope that changes at 9 AM or after the 2 PM batch drops. Can’t get through on the telephone.

Why can people laid off get $600 a week? The Alabama Department of Labor is providing a listing of common issues regarding unemployment compensation claims, along with some common mistakes claimants make when filing their claims. If you didn't, they may have skipped a week as they would normally do. Can’t get through on the telephone. i just took a break.I explained what happened. Login. Both weeks were showing unpaid until after the system update this morning. My bank account shows a pending payment for $275.

Nothing. ADOL cannot pay benefits for weeks which have not been properly certified. My first week filed (March 28th) shows not paid. Online payments update weekly on Thursdays.

In some cases, claimants may no longer be employed with an educational entity, but their base wages (earned within the last 18 months) are still attached to a previous education related job.

I picked up a job delivering food because I got laid off but I'm not making $775 a week doing it. School employees who don’t normally receive pay during the summer months have never been eligible for unemployment compensation.

When I go back it shows the week I claimed has been certified, but my Maximum Benefit Amount is zero.

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