Stay hip and keep honkin’ Happy practicing!

In this guide, you’re going to learn how the trumpet valves work, how to read trumpet finger charts, and how to finger notes on the trumpet. There is a lifetime’s worth of notes on this page if you get creative. If a scale goes below your working range it’s time to learn those notes and get them sounding good. Every note needs to sound good. So, how do trumpet valves work? You’re going to learn how the valves direct the flow of air through the trumpet making it possible for us to play different notes as well as how to play the chromatic scale on the trumpet. Some of the scales appear in 2 octaves, and ideally you would work towards playing both.

Click on the images to obtain printable copies of the notations and finger positions. Trumpet minor scales will be added if there is a lot of activity on the Major Scales. Thank you for your support! KeyThe “o” characters stand for an open valve, while the “x” characters stand for a closed valve. This also applies to valves on... © 2020 Copyright Trumpet Heroes. Now, I always incorporate The Buzzing Book by Dr. James Thompson into my daily practice routine. Also see this Blues Scale sheet for Trumpet.

Nova, Awesome to see you worked it out, your comments are sure to help someone else!

Required fields are marked *. Carry on at your own risk. If you aren’t adjusting some notes with your 3rd valve slide (and 1st if you have one) the it’s time to start. Your email address will not be published. Look at the Tuning and Intonation Page. You’ll also see, in a box above each scale, what they are called in the real world (of your band teacher’s mind). It is unofficially known as the trumpeter’s bible and should be part of every trumpet players resource library. Glad that this site is helping! You’ll have to scroll way down to the heading “Concert Pitch”. Thank you so much! I’ve added the next note up in each scale at the top to make the rhythm fit the bars. ~SW, The natural minor has been a great help thanks. Alternative fingering combinations. Listen as you play.

If you’re working for speed – and eventually you should – make sure that you are snapping the valves down hard and letting them up fast. ), with A being the sixth note of the C major scale. Just one question: Where is the Eb scale? Thanks. When I first began it helped to unlock what had previously seemed to be a secret of trumpet playing. I can help you. Essentially, when playing a scale, the fourth valve is used to play notes below the low F. The fourth valve is operated using the little finger of the right hand or the index finger of the left hand. Please visit our, link to Last Post Trumpet Sheet Music & Playing Tips for Remembrance Day in Canada, link to Trumpet Valves (And How They Work).

Trumpet Exercises is here to give you the best and latest information about strength-building routines, fingering charts, warm-ups, muscle flexibility, techniques, scales, embouchure, history, and links to other brass instrument and music news resources. * If you click the notes on the musical score, the fingering will be displayed. Click here to buy The Buzzing Book by Dr. James Thompson. Wow this is really amazing and helpful! The secret of the trumpet's traditional tone: small impurities!? A Chromatic scale is pretty much playing the fingering chart and you can start it anywhere. On a piccolo trumpet, there is an additional valve for playing low notes. If you can get any scale moving steadily, try to memorize it. WARNING – This link is not for beginners. is it possible for you to put diminished scales on here?

By the second year of playing most band teachers want to hear you play the one that appears on the bottom of the sheet.

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