Connect. We’d do anything for our animals—and for the people who buy from us. The alpaca backup box has got you covered for all eventualities real or imagined, from friends dropping-in unannounced close to dinner time to the zombie apocalypse, or anything in between! Our alpaca grill box has got you covered.

All of our alpaca meat is from animals born and raised here at Northwoods Alpacas Farm. Our alpacas can be handled for routine health tasks such as weighing, toenail trimmings, deworming, shearing. To make reservations, please go to our Farm Visit Request Form pageBe sure to read all the guidelines before visiting our farm. You will find many beautiful alpaca items and accessories along with various unique handmade gift ideas.

We do have farm fresh eggs available, for more details please go to:, We practice social distancing and have easy porch pick up, Escape to what many of our loyal customers say is "a little piece of heaven"but we call it...... Home, ......where we live life simply but treat those around us specially. Copyright © 2019: All content Grand Alpaca Company, an,, Whether you are just wanting to try alpaca for the first time or are already in-the-know and want to get the best bang for the buck, this makes for an enticing combo-pack! Search the largest selection of alpacas for sale, lease, and trade from over 4000 alpaca farms across the U.S. and Canada. The best cut for stand-alone steaks. The box includes 1 package of our hot or sweet italian alpaca sausage, 1 package of our alpaca top sirloin steak, 1 package of our alpaca stew meat, and 1 package of our ever-so-versatile ground alpaca! Ingredients: alpaca, salt, spices (including fennel & red pepper), paprika, soybean oil, and packed in hog casings, 4 sausages per package

Why not some delicious and healthy alpaca?! Concentrating on sound conformation, reproduction, noteable genetics, temperament, and fleece charastistics are the main goals of Double 8's breeding program. (Nutritional analysis of alpaca meat compared to other meats. The meat is mild and takes on the flavours of seasoning exceptionally well. Double 8 Alpaca Ranch 13374 Harpers Ferry Road. Want 100% Alpaca Awesome steaks?

Each vacuum sealed package contains 1 lb ground alpaca meat. Alpaca Meat for Stew. It's a perfect day trip for nature enthusiasts, animal lovers, and country living. It has a sweet, mild flavor all its own but its closest comparison is beef.Alpacas have an extremely efficient digestive system as well as a build that makes them gentle on the earth.

L+1.9735790021 • 51 Parsons Road Newton NJ 07860 US There are many health benefits of alpaca meat in comparison to the traditional livestock meats.

As the name implies, this is a combination box of our most premium cuts. All rights reserved. One of the best cuts! Your quality time with our animals is very important us. Alpacas for sale in New Zealand. Alpaca meat is high protein, high iron, lean, and low cholesterol compared to other meats. To purchase alpaca meat products to enjoy off your grill or skillet at home, visit Good Food Co-op, Pasture at Marksbury Farm, Reynolds Grocery, or find us at the Downtown Richmond Farmers’ Market every Saturday April through October from 9 ‘till 1. 1 package package weight range: 1.0-1.5 lbs $ 13.00 Add to cart. It is a succulent & tender meat which is high in protein.

package weight range: 1.0-1.5 lbs. To purchase alpaca meat products to enjoy off your grill or skillet at home, visit Good Food Co-op, Pasture at Marksbury Farm, Reynolds Grocery, or find us at the Downtown Richmond Farmers’ Market every Saturday April through October from 9 ‘till 1. 5lbs of 100% Ground Alpaca.

It includes 2 packages of alpaca striploin medallions, 1 package of alpaca top sirloin steak, and 2 packages of alpaca tenderloin. Salisbury Steak; Sausage & Lentil Stoup by Chef Brigitte Nguyen. Alpaca meat is very tender, lean, and tastes very similar to beef.

We chose to raise alpacas due to their gentle nature and exquisite fleece or fiber. 6-7 medallions per package Other interesting articles related to alpaca as meat or carne.

Phone: (540) 303-7071 (703)-628-1930. We have found that very few consumers even notice a difference in taste, texture and look! Ground alpaca can be substituted in any recipe that calls for ground beef.

Here are some recipes to get you started!

While our primary business is the production of alpaca seed-stock for sale both domestically and internationally, we also co-own the Vermont Fiber Mill & Studio in Brandon, VT where the majority of the farm’s annual fiber clip is processed and sold. (We are available most weekends and will try our best to accommodate your request depending on our work schedule)', Please either email or call us to schedule your personal farm tour with us!You can also complete our  Farm Visit Request form.

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