about it an hour later, the director of the facility immediately fired the San Diego dips into state’s restrictive ‘purple’ COVID-19 tier, Live updates: What we know as presidential vote counts move into Thursday, LIVE NOW: Wisconsin chief election official provide Thursday update. Can Carver's wife comprehend the extent of the crimes he committed? Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill ruled after defense attorneys had argued that pretrial publicity had made it impossible for the four men to get a fair trial in Minneapolis.

Shame, fear and guilt could easily explain why she waited and how it continued for an extended period of time. The most recent complaint we've received was sent to us in 2015. He is very lucky to be in the county where he is. I am re-posting this in hopes people share and see what has happened in Alpine Children’s Academy!! No one should have to go throw what the young lady went throw!! All in all, there was a LOT of corruption, hypocrisy, and undeserved punishment. The victim was also scheduled to go home that day, but her flight was later than the others, the probable cause statement said. Jon didn't get railroaded or forced to admit to anything that didn't happen. He was a care giver and in a position of trust and responsibility. He was responsible for the daily tracking, well-being and safety of the 17-year-old victim, who lived at alpine academy for several months during 2008. STUART, Fla. -- A Florida man fatally shot his pregnant wife after he thought he heard an intruder outside his bedroom door, according to WPBF. The Board rules that Jon Carver shall remain incarcerated for at least 8 more years; his next parole hearing scheduled for May 2019. This story goes both ways, yes he was in the wrong because of his position at Alpine and of course his age, but also the 17 year-old girl is in the wrong as well. DoctorEmu and ADad: there is absolutely no evidence of any similar allegations of misconduct or any sort of innapropriate touching for any other girl he has ever spent time with, at Alpine or elsewhere. Let me warn you. That's right - 2019! FACT #6: After two years behind bars, the Board of Pardons & Parole meets with Carver for the first time. As some of you may know from my other posts, I am a survivor of Alpine Academy. In the video, an Alpine Children’s Academy employee allegedly poured water on a sleeping 18-month-old girl, videotaped the act and posted the footage social … I hope he rots in prison and gets more years than he is going to serve right now. All of the employees that were there when I was are great and are like family to me. The purported crime was reported Wednesday afternoon. Carver and his wife began work at alpine academy in June 2008. motive for the alleged abuse was unclear. That’s when police initiated an investigation into possible criminal behavior. The house parents looked through the book, and showed me ONE thing that may have been taken badly. FACT #3: At Carver’s pre-trial hearing, the court, based on initial evidence presented, imposed a $100, 000 cash bond (an unusually high bond reserved only for those the court deems a threat). An Alpine Children’s Academy employee allegedly poured water on a sleeping 18-month-old girl, videotaped the act and posted the footage on social media, according to sheriff’s officials and Hunan Arshakian, owner of the daycare center in the 2400 block of Alpine Boulevard. These are questions that will probably remain forever unanswered. Of course, you can have any opinion you'd like. This program doesn't encourage contact with parents, and withholds important treatment information leaving parents in the dark about their daughter's progress. I remember that Alpine encouraged us not to be "fake" ie: I don’t know how this video started or who originally posted it, but THANK YOU you saved this sweetie pie and possibly others from this ABUSE!!! His atty worked out a deal to get the charges reduced ... and Jon took it because it was the best he could get. do not be so ego neurotically judgemental, suggested readings at the "Office of the Person", understand all laws are not as what you think. A great day for justice. Eight more years before he will even be considered for parole. There's no way he would ever admit to something he didn't do. Upon learning about it an hour later, the director of the facility immediately fired the teacher’s aide suspected of doing it and reported it to authorities, Arshakian said.

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