In short, Amazon needs to strengthen its key areas, minimize its weaknesses, avail opportunities, and counteract threats for future progress. These investments and the resulting server capacity have helped AWS to grow. Net incomeincreased 26% to $7.78B.

Available at:, Statista (2020).

As a result, Prime becomes more profitable and Amazon customer satisfaction increases. Stock Screener. Why should it drops now , in the eve of Christmas. His work is published in many publications, including three books. Available at: Accessed March 16, 2020, ScrapeHero (2019). Prime members also get an access to the Amazon’s prime content and subscription services. Differentiation and Innovation – Amazon frequently brings creative ideas and innovative additions to its product line and service offerings like ambitious drone delivery service and Withings Aura Smart Sleep System. 4. Launch of electric rickshaws in India– Amazon pledges to make a positive impact on the environment. Your information is safe and will never be shared. It may therefore take some time before it appears on our website. Market Indexes. Additional competitive factors for our seller and enterprise services include the quality, speed, and reliability of our services and tools, as well as customers’ ability and willingness to change business practices.”[1]. Business Value on AWS.

This creates a differentiation from other companies.


Jeff Bezos “napkin sketch” outlining Amazon’s strategy. Soon enough, this bell had to be shut down because of the high volumes of sales. Cost Leadership – Amazon doesn’t incur costs in maintaining physical retail stores by selling everything online. Most popular mobile shopping apps in the United States as of September 2019, by monthly users., Inc. (2020). – April 2019. Available at: Accessed March 16, 2020, Interbrand (2020). Economic Events and content by followed authors, Préférez-vous l'édition d' en, * In Millions of USD (except for per share items).

This Amazon SWOT analysis reveals how the largest online retailer used its competitive advantages to become the dominant player in the retail industry.

On the other hand, people who become Prime members due to the Amazon’s Prime content, will spend more on Amazon Marketplace due to the Prime membership benefits. Available at: Accessed March 16, 2020, Statista (2020). Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended September 28, 2019.

Available at:, Market Wired (2013). Thursday, November 12, 2020 | 01:30PM EST, Wall Street jumps at open as Blue Wave risks fade, Biden edges closer to U.S. election win as Trump mounts legal challenges, Biden Closer to Win, Fed Meets, BoE Expands QE - What's up in Markets, Democrat Or Republican, These 3 Stocks Will Be Winners Either Way. For the six months ended 30 June 2020,,Inc. Number of Amazon Video subscribers in the United States from 2017 to 2024. Declining consumer safety – As its offerings increase, it is becoming a challenge for Amazon to vet each product and guarantee the highest level of safety. Increase competitive edges and enlarge the gap between Amazon and its biggest competitors. Market Leader – With over $1 Trillion market capitalization and above $280 billion annual revenues, Amazon is truly a market leader in online retail industry. Disney SWOT analysis 2019 | SWOT Analysis of Disney, Netflix SWOT Analysis 2020 | SWOT Analysis of Netflix. Jeff Bezos laid the foundation of Amazon in 1994. Every 100ms of delay costs the company tens or hundreds of millions due to the lost customers. Available at: Accessed March 16, 2020, Statista (2020). Available at: Accessed March 16, 2020, Identity Theft Resource Center (2020). Sign up to create alerts for Instruments,

Large number of acquisitions – The successful acquisitions of Whole Foods,,,,, and many others have produced significant revenues and profits for Amazon. Amazon does not ship to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. Day One: The Amazon Blog. Amazon has sold 562.3 million products in its Marketplace. Synergies between Marketplace, Amazon Web Services, Prime and subscription services. Available at: Accessed March 16, 2020, Statista (2020). US Dollar Soars, Wall Street Confirms Bear Market, Gold Prices Drop.

Copyright © 2020 Business Strategy Hub. 5. It has over 310 million active users and 100 million subscribers worldwide. More acquisitions of e-commerce companies can increase the company’s market share and reduce the competition level. Online grocery shopping sales in the United States from 2018 to 2023. Prime membership creates multiple benefits for every Amazon service and the company itself.

1. When Amazon was started, a bell used to ring at the office after every purchase?

If found in violation, Amazon can be fined up to 10% ($28 Billion) of its 2019 annual revenue ($280 Billion). short amazon, on the following Thesis; Amazon does not ship to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Styria. Minimum pay raise to $15 per hour – Amazon is among the first companies in retail to raise its minimum hourly pay to $15. Amazon does not ship to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. A.T. Kearney Study Finds Brick & Mortar Stores Still Key to Consumers in the Omni channel World. With this vision in mind, Amazon plans to deploy 10,000 electric rickshaws for delivery in India by 2025. Available at: Accessed March 16, 2020, Microsoft Corporation (2020). Precious Metals. 3.

Go Global and Act Local strategy – This strategy has benefitted Amazon the most. This creates a differentiation from other companies. Available at: Accessed March 16, 2020, Alphabet Inc. (2020). Increasing cybercrime can affect the network security system of the company. Available at: Accessed March 16, 2020, AWS (2019).

There's plenty of opportunities for Amazon to grow. 1. Available at: Accessed March 16, 2020, Kim, E. (2016). Aggressive competition with big retail firms like Walmart and eBay can give Amazon a tough time in the future. 2. The content and especially, the video content is served very fast to the subscribers, increasing their satisfaction with the service. Amazon has the opportunity to improve technological measures and organizational policies to reduce counterfeit sales.

2. We design our stores to enable hundreds of millions of unique products to be sold by us and by third parties across dozens of product categories. 2. Available at: Amazon Reports First Full-Year Profit. Self Driving Technology – Amazon recently acquired California-based self-driving startup Zoox Inc for whooping $1 Billion. Tax Avoidance Controversy – Tax avoidance in Japan, UK and US has sparked negative publicity for Amazon. Available at: Accessed March 16, 2020, Statista (2020). Available at:, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (2019). In addition, we provide services, such as advertising to sellers, vendors, publishers, and authors, through programs such as sponsored ads, display, and video advertising.

Employees Strike – Strikes can grind Amazon’s operations to a halt. This has made it a customer-oriented brand. This Amazon SWOT analysis reveals how the largest online retailer used its competitive advantages to become the dominant player in the retail industry. Gupta understands how to create and implement business strategies. Available at: Accessed March 16, 2020, Amazon Web Services (2019). Available at: Accessed March 16, 2020, Apple Inc. (2019).

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