“Dror, how’s it going?”, I asked the settler about his friendliness toward an avowed enemy of his movement. A short woman in her early forties, she had a taut, windburned face and muscular arms, and her fingernails were chewed and dirty. We have to make this an argument about apartheid.”. “But you can always die. Underneath the stone floor, in the double-chambered Cave of the Machpelah, the bones of the Jewish patriarchs and matriarchs are said to rest. The couple’s ranch house, which overlooks the sea, would not look out of place in the Jewish neighborhoods of South Florida.

His concerns were not those of conquering land but those of spreading justice. Anat, her husband, Adam, and their three children currently live in Voorhees, NJ. “I have to work in another man’s fields now,” he said. Nancy and Family, I am so sorry for your loss. The junction, called Kissufim, is an armored camp. He was a member of the religious youth movement, and he dreamed, like many Jewish boys, of fighting and dying—the dying, he said, was the meaningful part—for his people. On our way to Beit El and Ofra one day, we stopped at an outpost called Migron, the largest of the illegal settlements in the West Bank. But I’m a realist. Anat took a few years off to raise her children, while maintaining an active PT license and the required continuing education certification. I believe Hitler wouldn’t bulldoze homes on civilians when they were screaming inside. .

You’re dealing with a culture of thieves and robbers. After the police left, the settlers returned, and erected two new buildings. One morning earlier this year, I met Seth at his house, on a vine-covered lane. The Sharon government has been playing a double game, Etkes said: the “illegal” settlement outposts, which Sharon has told President Bush he will dismantle, are actually built with the help of the government, and guarded by its Army. Barry C. Cohen Moshe Levinger, the first settler in Hebron, advocates the “transfer” of Palestinians who don’t “behave themselves.”.

Levinger told the police that he was defending himself from a group of stone throwers. “We never lived near the sea. . Rantisi never picked up a ringing telephone; he always had one of the children answer. And if the Army comes to carry off the Jews of Yitzhar? “Here’s where I tried to run over the peace-loving Muslim,” he said. The Arab destroys everything he touches.”. You finish them. It’s the new thing. He struck a deal with the Israeli government, and moved his family and his followers to a hill just northeast of Hebron, where, with the state’s coöperation, they built the settlement called Kiryat Arba.

The national-religious camp can be divided into two main groups.

This part of the conflict is a war to defend the privileges of the settlers, and there is no way for the Army to do this elegantly. An Army checkpoint just outside the village means that its residents sometimes wait hours to leave, and that sometimes they don’t leave at all. But his time in the Army upset his assumptions. The universalists don’t see the Zionism in Amos, and the hard-right Zionists don’t see the universalism.”, I asked him how he kept his faith. It strives to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine. The system is neither as elaborate nor as pervasive as South African apartheid, and it is, officially, temporary. The messianism of the settlers, like the messianism of Hamas, is the triumph of expediency: people who believe that God has given them a mission have granted themselves license to commit terrible sins. Israel’s problem today, Rabbi Samson said, is that its Army refuses to fight in the manner of the ancient Jewish generals.

“You’re a Palestinian, you’re here, you have your farm, your grandparents are from here, and—”, But Moshe interrupted me. Sometimes, he told me, he gets the feeling that “Ahmed is trying to kill me.” Saperstein refers to Arabs generically as “Ahmed.”, Just before we reached the fortified entrance to the Gush Katif bloc, we passed the ramshackle Bedouin village of Muwassi. The fence will not follow the Green Line; in places it will penetrate deep into the West Bank, encompassing highly populated settlement blocs. “She doesn’t know the difference between being hit and being hit on,” Moshe said.

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