I cannot speak badly enough about this cheap material and this horrible customer service. I submitted my credit card number but from there I was cut off and never had an opportunity to "submit" or a completed price. Anyone who says their customer service or products are OK have not dealt with the customer service people I have. I placed my order and received free express shipping and it was delivered to my home the next morning. However, I will never order again and I would encourage others to find another website. I got cut&paste emails back that showed that no human had actually read my message. Beware#!!! It was not apparent to this buyer that they shipped from China. RIP OFF!!!! For any other queries, kindly reach out to us via service@anniecloth-au.com I ordered various items; skirts, shorts, pants. thx. PS: they will also post replies pretending to be so very sorry for the inconvenience. Wow... And another thing did anyone paying attention to at least give of the positive reviews from Annie Cloth's customers.

Some products arrive promptly while others take more time but is well worth the wait! I love everything about this boutique! Their materials are crap and the wrong size. We will see how much I am refunded. I learned. Annie Cloth has a consumer rating of 4.26 stars from 5,900 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. The company said there was nothing they could do since they "didn't receive the clothes. My order has not been received and according to UPS it has yet to be received for shipment. Amazon Advertising 商品の露出でお客様の関心と 反応を引き出す Audible(オーディブル) 本は、聴こう。 最初の1冊は無料 アマゾン ウェブ サービス(AWS) クラウドコンピューティング サービス Amazonアウトレット 訳あり商品を お手頃価格で販売 Purchased a pair of slip on shoes...took forever to receive...wanted them for vacation and of course they showed up AFTER vacation...Sizing is NOT correct. Love the earth cs. This is a scamming company. this has got to be the crappiest material and sizing i've ever encountered. This is a scamming company. For starters, I was quite impressed with the various features of your website and how easy it was for the user, especially its exhaustive search, the ability to manage the wish list that is not automatically purged like other sites, good recommendations, etc. They can buy from us only. DO NOT BUY ANNIE CLOTH! Pissed Consumer © 2020 All As far as service there is none.

So you cannot choose the size according you usually wear. 4 Items. have provided us. I PAID $100 (USPS) TO RETURN $230 IN MERCHANDISE. The size is also perfect! So I counted it as a loss.

If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter, Why do you have to fill out the same pages over snd over, Clothing was very interesting i like a lot, No phone number because they are all cons, Diffcult to make a return quality is poorand, Quality was horrible return policy not good, Material is cheap and does not look like their images, I liked the one shirt i received after 2 months, Shipping and time is absolutely ridiculous. Anniecloth, Sorry for all inconvenience. I am a size 6. Not the correct color or fabric. Return policy is the worst.$ 200 in clothes and a third don' fit. i just purchased 3 orders totaling $700, My items have been in san francisco for over two weeks where are they and do i get my money back/? I sent a return request the next day along with a photo of the dress and received a reply the next day saying they were processing my return. PLEASE DON'T SUPPORT THIS BUSINESS.

The way the light catches the velvet is impressive, I receive compliments every time I use them! All items (dress, sweatshirt, shoes) looked as good as the photos online. My order isHBOBB 00187664. You have to pay all kinds of money to return things to China.

It's like some third-world leftover stuff, scratchy and uncomfortable. I'm so stupid that I didn't look at the reviews before I ordered. i will contact the attorney general i. If you have any other questions, you can drop us an email (service@anniecloth.com) at any time and we will get back to you ASAP. I bought my new pink velvet heel ankle boots online by advance order with a great discount.

Hi Judy. Tevieved order and then broke leg. I have bought some items from the site and am always satisfied with the service and product.

My new monkey is on the way! I have placed eight separate orders with them in recent years and made some returns and have always been completely satisfied with the service they provide. Darn it, feel taken advantage of.

I strongly suspect their 4 and 5 star reviews to be fake. Mia was very kind and Helpful throughout the test and I knew I was having a big event and immediately provided me with a store credit to purchase the item again (at no additional cost to me either). This would have to be my most visited store and the fact that they accept online payments makes it much more affordable for those tighter budgets. Have a nice day! Absolutely amazed by the service I received here! After more emails, this rip off scam now offers me 35% back. Stop there!! You can order a garment, send your hard earned money, receive the package with the garment. I had a ton of clothes in my cart and then read the reviews and scraped the whole idea. So I recommend this website. Opened a dispute, asking for a return address.

Have a nice day! 36, 28, 36. 9 Science Museum Road Tsim Sha Tsui East KL

Lost dress, request refund. I could not get a hold of Annie's Clothing, maybe the time difference. We’re in this together! Review #2220649 is a subjective opinion of poster. Was told it was past 30 days of purchase so no refunds or exchanges were possible...-and that took 4 emails over 4 weeks to get them to respond. I don't know if my order was received and I am concerned about my credit card number dangling somewhere. Check our FAQ, This review is written by an individual who has purchased the reviewed product/service and/or confirms being a paying customer of this company. Review #2080045 is a subjective opinion of poster. Chicv International Holding Limited. I have had a dress bought here that has been through hell and STILL did not lose its shape or color. Select the dropdown menu of your country to find the telephone number and opening hours of the relevant Service Center. Their items are NOT as shown. The "most they can offer" instead of shipping back is 30% of what I paid - which of course, is less than I will pay in shipping. These were too short and too tight...not to mention TOO CHEAP looking and feeling...Should have read more about the return policy...they want ME to pay for shipping and over seas fees as the shoes OBVIOUSLY come from China...then they offered me 15% cash back towards something else...um no thanks...I'll donate the shoes to someone in need...RIP OFF website. HI I WOULD LIKE TO RETURN MY DRESS FOR SMALL SIZE.Order HBOBB00196207-- Dress was too big Thank you-- love your clothes. This is a fantastic clothing website with the best customer service i have come across. Anniecloth, We are not a scam. Their "customer service" is located in an abdomen gas station. u have my $, i hav incomplete junk.

It took a month to get these shoddy cheap clothes and if you want a refund, forget about it. Review #2128322 is a subjective opinion of poster. I will be disputing transaction on my credit card since I'm unable to speak to an actual human they have no phone number. Thank you for creating truly beautiful female shoes and for your lovely service. Have a nice day! One customer said that she received help on a return by customer service of Annie Cloth and she returned the items to the address they giving her and she was able to get her refund. BUYER BEWARE!!! Companies are selected automatically by the algorithm. I actually started shopping on the site a couple of months ago. I agreed to a 15 % percent refund and expected to receive about 15$. Your service and designs reflect how passionate it is to help women have an extraordinary day. Phyllis Jason, THIS IS A JOKE - WHERE THE HELL IS MY ORDER WILL SOMEONE GIVE ME A STRAIGHT ANSWER - ORDER #4206337692612927005430000013145428. Two only took a few days to arrive. Helpful (0 ) Annie G. on 11/23/19 I could not get a hold of Annie's Clothing, maybe the time difference.

Never order from this scamming company! No phone number available. Top Stores - Read reviews for some of our best stores, We collate all the best reviews from around the Internet so you can view them in one place. Our content is free because we may earn a commission if you purchase products after clicking ads on our website. Everything went according to plan, delivered in its large shoe box with shoe bag and on time! Sorry for all inconvenience.

Our content is free because we may earn a commission if you purchase products after clicking ads on our website.

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