The guidance, part of lengthy guidelines for implementing the statutory curriculum, said: “Schools should not under any circumstances use resources produced by organisations that take extreme political stances on matters. (No effort was made to reconcile those two messages.) As far as “primary sources,” which section of the bookstore is that in? He provides an alternate persepctive on American History that isn’t to be missed. You might start with “How Capitalism Saved America” by Thomas Di Lorenzo.

South bad. A new government document lists anti-capitalist views alongside racism and the desire to overthrow democracy as "an extreme political stance". Michael Moynihan | 6.15.2007 5:50 PM. love, despite the fake jp’s use of my email address. First of all, let’s suppose you think capitalism is just fine as it is. Such a comparison is ludicrous. The history of the US is full of stories of struggles for individual liberties from people who would be members of various different groups depending on perspectives.

That’s true, though I’m not sure where it gets us. But again, who decides what’s extreme and what isn’t?

Hot damn, anon, no wonder you’re anonymous.

As an anarcho-capitalist and huge fan of David Friedman, Bryan Caplan and just about every libertarian capitalist author I have read, I was not at all put off by Zinn’s anti-corporate and anti-capitalism bias. I pointed to something specific Zinn said (in the afterword to A People’s History) about his view of American history.

When he was asked if there was anything he liked about America, he took several seconds to think and eventually came up with: “I like black people.”. The author, James Loewen, has a second book “Lies on the Map” about misrepresentations of American history on historical markers and and displays. © 2020 Reason Foundation | Privacy Policy | Accessibility | Terms Of Use, “the Sixth Regiment fighting its way through Baltimore”, It takes a unique kind of insularity to think that what people who bring up past injustices are doing is just “randomly babbling.” History is identity. This makes it a biased account, one that leans in a certain direction.

Banning them from schools will not work at all, aside from the fact it’s a sign of moral and political bankruptcy.”, He added: “How could both young and old people not read anti-capitalist analysis after 2008, or now with the virus going on and recessions looming all over the western world.”. Which really isn’t all that different from the Rothbard/Lew Rockwell wing of libertarianism’s view on the Civil War. Now comes the latest salvo in the war for little hearts and underdeveloped minds—only this time it's from the other side. Content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. But the history of even the most simpatico country/movement/people will quickly fall short of the idealists’ standards. In reality, it’s usually between what happened and something very much worse. “For example, how many widely read popular history books are there that detail the experiences of the Native Americans … deal with the brutal measures that were taken against labor organizers in the later 1800s and early 1900s … deal with the barbarism of wars both “good” (the Persian Gulf War, WWII, the Civil War) and “bad” (the Vietnam War)? That point is where it stops making coherent, theoretical sense – like when Jefferson and Jackson, as “laissez-faire” are shills for Big Business and other absurd crap (then what were the Whigs shills for? We know that capitalism has been important in history.

I find it both amusing and disheartening that more and more political icons are trying to sneak into the mind’s of children through subliminal messages and shifty presentations.

. From what I can glean from the Amazon page, he views himself as a champion than a victim. Secondly, the notion that the government must act to save kids from crazy communist teachers sneaking Marx into maths lessons is just ridiculous. The solution: make it a tool for the poor.”. One can stop short of fatalism without endorsing the incredibly naive position that discounts where people come from as a major influence on who they are and what they will do in life–in other words, their identity. Secondly, the notion that the government must act to save kids from crazy communist teachers sneaking Marx into maths lessons is just ridiculous. If anyone on here went to high or middle school before say, 1980 I’d be curious to know if history texts included these events/people before then.

I don’t, nor will I ever accept a history book like Zinn’s as “just another point of view”. The Reds are Invading Finland!

Why, then, the sudden demand for the state to intervene? This is precisely what Zinn’s ‘historical’ writings and perspective suggest.”. They have willingly lived as semi-slaves to their conquerers for 150+ yrs in their own little self-imposed ghettoes.

Yet politics is rarely simple. Read “Lies My Teacher Told Me”. How many popular history books deal with the brutal measures that were taken against labor organizers in the later 1800s and early 1900s? We learned about Harriet Tubman, Samuel Gompers, Hearst’s role in the Spanish American War and the Trail of Tears in the third fucking grade”. First it was The O'Reilly Factor for Kids, then Help! A new government document lists anti-capitalist views alongside racism and the desire to overthrow democracy as "an extreme political stance". It is more relevant to criticize the racial underpinnings of current problems in the War on Drugs than it is to criticize the racism of its origins. Powered by Tom, Hamish & Aaron. He ignores the fact that people are not inherently just a member of a group that only as a whole has any political or historical significance. Skip Howard Zinn and read Gustavus Myers.

Here is the most interesting discussion of racial issues I’ve seen in a decade. Maybe Jo Jorgensen Finishing With 1% Would Actually Be Pretty Good? ROAD Collective ( Ontario Anarchist Resource and Links Page. I’m always curious if people like Zinn somehow exempt themselves from these forces which apparently control EVERYTHING else. how can colleges be good while public schools are bad? This is the “real” jp speaking again. “That would be an unnecessary parlour trick. were accomplished with the effort of the U.S. Army.

When Dutch historian Rutger Bregman tried to argue for these things at the 2019 World Economic Forum, many called him a communist. I have to say I wouldn’t buy it, both because I just don’t like his writing style very much — “A People’s History” never uses one syllable where fifteen would do — and because I’m not sure elementary school kids need that kind of ideology. It is easy to look back at the events of history and see the clash of government vs. liberty. Anti-federalists bad. Are Reason writers, for example, engaging in “victimhood-by-proxy” (to use your awkward phrase) when they point out the racist origins of the war on drugs? And since giving grand speeches and waging a civil war wasn't the right way, apparently, it shouldn't surprise us that blacks slipped backward again a few years later—and most whites slipped with them.

There are many, many examples of our government being short sighted. If you’ll pardon a … It comes after counter-terrorism police earlier this year placed the non-violent group Extinction Rebellion on a list of extremist ideologies that should be reported to the authorities running the Prevent programme. And also, they’re restricting the views they don’t like. Many different and opposite ideologies fight against capitalism: Some anti-capitalists may argue for a form of collectivism.

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