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0000005083 00000 n Home ... FITTING & INSTALLATION GUARANTEE & WARRANTY Find A Showroom. Frequently Asked Questions . The SP455 and SP456 hinged door options are the perfect addition to any bathroom, with it’s durable and luxurious design standing the test of time. 0000009012 00000 n 0000004593 00000 n 0000009530 00000 n Clare from Ocean Bathrooms shows off the latest designs in shower enclosures. 0000013431 00000 n 10mm distance is reserved for tiling of plain walls. 0000005573 00000 n 0000005475 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n 0000006406 00000 n 0000017788 00000 n 0000006259 00000 n 0000007646 00000 n 0000010525 00000 n 0000005328 00000 n 0000016902 00000 n 0000026039 00000 n

0000005622 00000 n 0000025907 00000 n Established in 1986, our thriving family company started from humble beginnings and has grown from strength to strength with customer satisfaction still at the heart of everything we do. 0000005818 00000 n 0000005377 00000 n 0000006994 00000 n 0000005181 00000 n 0000004691 00000 n 0000005524 00000 n 0000025123 00000 n 0000009982 00000 n 0000005034 00000 n All luxury shower screens and enclosures from the Design Solutions range are supplied with ClearShield ECO-GLASS™ protection as standard.

0000004740 00000 n 01455 896500 sales@aqata.co.uk 'Like' us on Facebook 'Follow' us on Twitter View our Pinterest board Brochure 0000013501 00000 n

%PDF-1.4 %���� 9c. SP455: HINGED DOOR Description . Click the link to the Aquanta installation video here: https://aquanta.io/installation/ For the online sign-up instructions go to: https://portal.aquanta.io/signUp. trailer 0000013001 00000 n

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xref We strongly recommend the use of the Aqata Survey, Template & Installation service to ensure an accurate measure and perfect fit for ultimate peace of mind. 0000006847 00000 n 0000016832 00000 n 0000026420 00000 n

0000016511 00000 n 0000027174 00000 n Our products are on display in showrooms all over the UK – find your nearest one, Browse our impressive portfolio of products and download one of our brochures, Make sure your product is covered by our guarantee (terms and conditions apply), CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION, IMAGES & PRICES.

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