Rag alpha fight is a free kill. We also bring a yut and a daedon + everyone brings a mastercraft 200%+ shotgun with 250 shells each to gun down the manticore if it doesnt want to land. © Valve Corporation. Its not patched yet. The Megapithecus still kills you out of the saddle on official servers for medium and hard difficulty! Tonight (after the v278.1 update) we very nearly lost our entire set of dinos in the first 60 seconds of a beta ragnarok fight due to what is either a MASSIVE undocumented change or a HUGE bug in the abilities of either the rexes or the dragon. On 2/13/2018 at 5:37 PM, Iamkemical said: - Dragon's Fire Breath direct impact damage reduced by 50%.

We lost alpha last night. Tonight (after the v278.1 update) we very nearly lost our entire set of dinos in the first 60 seconds of a beta ragnarok fight due to what is either a MASSIVE undocumented change or a HUGE bug in the abilities of either the rexes or the dragon. Welcome to come ride with us Friday when we run on PS4 so you can experience it first hand. Lol. since if u kill a ahrd boss u unlock everything fo rthat boss #15 Showing 1 - 15 of 59 comments We had to bail and find other rexes, which most were on Golems. Farming alpha for the last three months we’ve lost a handful of rexes. We very nearly lost our entire set of boss rexes. WC, please share this info immediately, and fix it asap! 20 argies with 900 melee and 110+ saddles. All rights reserved. Have you ever taken argies into manticore? After a complete successful ALPHA fight our rexes usually have 10k-15k health. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Copyright 2020 Studio Wildcard. I only had 25 bullets on me. Cheat Summon bossteleport_twobosses_spidergorilla_hard_c: Ragnarok: Gamma: Cheat summon bossteleport_twobosses_dragonmanticore_c: Ragnarok: Beta: Ended fight with some very very bloody Rexes. Dragon on rag takes 5 times more dmg as island dragon and it just got 1/3 less of the hp as island hard dragon. Love the game but not impressed with other traits of this game's creators. I have been playing ark for a long time, but am just starting to get ready to do boss fights. I will mention it to the guys though.". Yep. Add to that the incredibly expensive saddles and it would have been an epic disaster for our entire tribe due to absolutely no fault of our own. Twice last week we ran, first run successful with 4 minutes left (manticore double shotted two riders to death point blank, one being our yuty rider). 3 allied tribes. Second run was 1/2 successful, as we killed dragon in record time; under 3 minutes. i did tomhud. However for us, there was clearly a difference in the two boss fights we have done post TLC update, in comparison to the many we did pre TLC. 1 pig with good food level and filled with cooked meat, 1 yuty with at least 2000-2500 Stam, 18 rexes if u don't Wana lose rexes they need atleast 30k health. I will mention it to the guys though.".

I had to spawn them in manually just to get the engrams. These represent many hundreds of hours of breeding and raising, and hundreds more hours levelling them all up.

@LPTF Could you please elaborate exactly what you noticed was different? We now cannot even do beta, when we used to do alpha all the time. Same exact Rex's but we lost 9 Rex's in the fight but completed it.

Next batch of Rex's should prep us for the Alpha fight (going to make 3 just for Golem's). ARK: Survival Evolved > General Discussions > Topic Details. Thanks for the find, however I can report that I have ran the alpha ragnarok run twice with the same crew since the TLC update with success. Beat dragon easily like usual. I lost 3 to death and 1 to just not coming back. Dragon goes down first. just the right difficulty. Hard bosses and oblisks seems bugged on The Center map at least for me and the people on my server. All rights reserved. But the rexes were dealt massive damage with most having 4-6k HP left.

5 rider on Rex’s and 1 on yuty and you will be fine for the alpha rag fight. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Such a useless thing to lose 19 rexes, a yuty, all the saddles and not get the 400+ element because the boss never landed once.

I’m raising much better rexes but rn that’s pretty much what we got, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Welcome to the Ark: Survival Evolved Subreddit, Press J to jump to the feed. rofl....would plant Y's work on the golems? The game seems to go exactly the same as before, except the damage done is HUGE. I reccoemmend changing the level to something low though so players can kill it. However, I do not use rexes. Fast forward to yesterday March 6th, our tribe attempts again. To the both of you. TONIGHT after 60 seconds of the BETA fight they all got down to ONLY 1K-2K HEALTH!!

Regardless of health on ur rexes u want at minimum 800%. You must spawn the bosses with the given codes Zane has most kindly given. Perhaps it was done intentionally? Gotta love those patch notes, and undocumented changes. ahhh yes, because your on TheCenter... you will need the full path. I am on a Ragnarok server and the requirements to summon a boss are pretty high. 9 Rexes died shortly after that. What is needed for easy, medium, and hard Ragnarok bosses? Let's face it; history has shown that studio Wildcard's transparency is flawed along with their integrity.

Whichever Rex I am riding has never lost more than 4k hp (100+ saddle, 90-100 imprint, 30k hp). We did our first ever Rag Boss fight the week before the patch in question. cheat summon dragon_character_bp_boss_hard_c. With that said, I have seen things exist in the patch notes but failed to exist in game (claimed fixes that were not fixes) or went in the opposite direction; in this case for example, possibly increasing damage. We tagged along with others on the server. PLEASE share this information as quickly as possible amongst your Ark friends. 1200 Health left on one Rex (he was pinned entire fight between 3 golems). There shouldn't have been any changes made to the Rag bosses, and the damage output for the Rexes should be the same. We still beat alpha on PS4 last week, but the rexes were massively more beat up. Yes you get tek engrams and element by killing them.

Managed to swap Rex's and get to the Manticore without any deaths. 19 rex's (25-35k hp, 600-800 melee), 90+ saddles, 290 damage AR's, and 1 Yuty (40k hp, 3200 stam) 98 armor saddle.

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