More dmg, armor and so.. ●Supply crate loot quality: Drops in world and in caves will now have ascendant quality items if put on 99. I keep it at 0,2 - 0,3 so that I don't have to eat every 5 min. So as long as you are fighting nothing happens. It will keep their taming efficiency high, even if you don't use kibble or prime. bAllowUnlimitedRespecs=false, Set in which in turn to true in which in turn to allow more than one usage of Mindwipe.

Are you using an ini file or an input box? Mating Interval 0.01 Food Consumption 0.25 On 12/23/2017 at 5:57 PM, HalfSlabBacon said: ... adjust the following: Harvest Amount: 10x Harvest Health: 10x Dino Weight Multiplier: 3 to 5 x Player Weight Multiplier: 3 to 5 x And use my breeding settings. You might not want everyone to have ascendant gear by flying a few laps around the map. Ark: Survival Evolved update 264 had been released, and more bug fixes + extra goodies have been added.

This enables a lot.

4x means 4 times faster. And, my point was this: You are overthinking the meaning of the setting. The ARK: Survival Evolved dedicated server has a wide variety of configuration options that control its behavior and adjust many aspects of the game. Added Host menu settings: Disable Dino Taming, Disable Dino Riding, Fuel Consumption Interval Multiplier, Increase Platform Structure Limit. is there a way to remove / increase the level cap on a server? Higher number and you have a nice open space around your building. ● Crop decay speed: No one wants rotten potatoes. Thank you for your time and opinion. Inoka. Beträgt es mit einem Multiplikator von "1" 15 Minuten, sind es bei "2" 30 Minuten.Ist manchmal etwas irritierend, da andere Multiplikatoren sich gerne mal statt auf das Intervall auf die Geschwindigkeit ("Speed Multiplier") beziehen, diese müsste man dann natürlich reduzieren.

0,01 will make it so that you never have to drink. Now you can build into the rocks. It makes sure that wild dino level goes up to max level. This increases the time 1 fuel will burn. I've put it on 1000 so that my torches stay on all the time and I have loads of running power generators. Your and your dinos will get more damage by other settings later anyway. Baby Imprinting Stat Scale Multiplier: 3.

So take your interval that it consumes a fuel (say, for example, 30 minutes) and multiply it by your number.. Interval by definition means break in time and every other setting that uses the word interval uses the word the same way. Consumption interval means how fast it consumes one unit of fuel.. Official ARK Site. Hide spotlights inside pillars. got it well balanced for how we an play, except for fuel consumption.. Aug 25, 2015 - is there sever setting with change this rate that fuels are consumed with. Im not flaming Im pointing out that you are claiming a lot of things as facts that are completely false. You have interjected yourself into a conversation that the OP agreed with me on. Leere Flaschenpost und keine Schiffe der Verdammten, Christmas vector created by freepik -, 1) Direkter Zugriff auf die neusten Patchnotes Themen - keine Wartezeiten. WARNING if you put it on 1000 then you can't make charcoal (or Extremely slow) only do this when you have the industrial forge.

Now, with Nitrado server, I have been having the same experience. My greenhouse is just there for when I need it. That's the only way to make charcoal fast. Hey, du willst schon gehen? All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. You don't need an invitation. Apologies, but yeah the translator is wrong. I hope you enjoy. Better saddles and guns. All rights reserved. Most options can be specified on the command line when launching the server or in the server's configuration files. That setting was introduced around the time we stopped 'adding things' to ASM. PVP respawn interval multiplier; 29 seconds for INC PVP respawn interval base. The ini is fuelconsumptionintervalmultiplier=×. If you are using ini files you are doing it wrong or using some other setting. All I said was that your translator is wrong but you still refute that. Because you will need to hit every tree so many times. This decrease on burn interval increases dilution tolerance of that combustion system. ●Nighttime speed: Longer days and shorter nights is more fun. If you lower it too much it will take ages for the creature you wanne tame to eat its first bite because his food (stat) issent dropping to the point he gets hungry. ARK: Survival Evolved > General Discussions > Topic Details. Fixed a bug which prevent players from seeing Primitive+ servers Jul 28, 2017 - ARK: Survival Evolved finally got its big PS4 update, and it's got a. du serveur une ligne "Fuel Consumption Interval Multiplier" indiquant. ARK Forum | ATLAS Forum - Deutsches Forum für ARK Survival Evolved & ATLAS MMO.

○Fuel consumtion interval multiplier :.. ○XP multiplier: x3 and x5 I would say. Forums are a place for open discussion. But when you've killed your target, your health will return fairly quickly, so you have to wait less long before attacking the next target. Hey, so just like the title says, I'm looking for a server setting in the .ini files to change the rate at which fuel is consumed. The z multiplier for a 90% confidence interval is 1.645. Liebe Ark Community, ihrentwie sitze ich gerade auf der Leitung, ... ("Speed Multiplier") beziehen, diese müsste man dann natürlich reduzieren. Compute all of the 95 percent confidence interval for his mpg.. Too high and you building blocks the respawning of that metal deposit. Harvest Health: 4. If you put it on 0,01 your newborn creatures can grow up without care of food. ●Player harvesting damage: aggain another harvesting setting. That amount you get before the tree breaks is setting 1.

Take care. 25 . Fully develop your in-game ARK-map through exploration, write custom points of interest onto it, and craft a Compass or GPS coordinates to aid exploring with other players, whom you can communicate with via proximity text & voice chat, or long-distance radio.

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