That question isn’t one I have been able to fully answer so far.

Do they eventually end up in your garden, eating all your delicious veggies and destroying your beautiful flowers? The unwanted critters will be frightened away by the ultrasonic sounds that are undetectable to humans.

To keep it from returning, you can bury a section of chain-link fence against the foundation of your house or shed (or whatever it burrowed under).

I wrote it out by hand on a piece of notebook paper after studying an online HTML primer. This is not an elegant solution, nor is it an inexpensive one, but it is the only way you can be really sure that your yard will not become an armadillo’s insect buffet. All Trademarks and Copyrights are owned by their respective companies and/or entities. Weight and body length information for all of the armadillo species are included on the Armadillo Species page. Most people who have had encounters with the animals have reported that the armadillo pretty much ignored them unless they did anything overtly threatening. The identical quadruplets make armadillos valuable to medical researchers as an animal model for multiple births. The current version of the site is the third major redesign of the site layout. They are scarce in the drier areas of Texas, and are not currently found west of the Rockies. Large ears can help them detect low frequencies such as the subtle motions of insects in the dirt.

I have heard that some peoples of South America keep small varieties of armadillos as edible housepets. Despite the number, the pups are always identical. The meat is said to taste like fine-grained, high-quality pork. For a better color description, go to the Armadillo Species page, and look at the pictures there to see for yourself. First of all, you might not be able to trick the animal into going into the trap at all.

Many different kinds of mammals have special names for males (such as buck, ram, bull, boar, and so on) and for females (such as ewe, dam, cow, doe, and so forth).

You don’t have to pay someone to get rid of your armadillos. Please make your own research prior to taking any action based on content. One option is putting up a fence. You can set out a live trap with fruit or earthworms and hope that it’s attracted to it.

Terms of Service | I did not have a hit counter for a very long time, because I didn’t want to pay for one, or place an unwanted advertisement on my web page. You could also discover that instead of catching the pest you’re going after, a curious raccoon, skunk, or opossum takes the bait instead. Find trusted, reliable customer reviews on contractors, restaurants, doctors, movers and more. They weigh between 8 and 17 pounds; males are heavier than females.

My best advice is to learn to live with it, or move to where the armadillos are not around. Essential Commodities. (Hyenas were long thought to be scavengers, because when naturalists observed them at dawn on the savanna, they were seen skulking around behind the lions feasting on a fresh kill. An animal active during the day, like humans, would be called diurnal. The business is located in Miami, Florida, United States. What might be the most attractive feature of this repeller is that it’s operated off solar energy! Pest Destruct is a great company that offers mind blowing guarantee… If you buy this Ultrasonic Armadillo Repeller and still have armadillos in your yard or garden 48 hours after applying it, you’ll get your money back and keep the device! For more information about the code used to generate the image pop-ups, visit the fancyBox website. To reduce armadillo damage to your lawn, keep watering and fertilization to a minimum. © |

This is probably due in part to the fact that they’re a “New World” species, and most of the neat group names were given to European animals; also, armadillos tend to be solitary, so there really isn’t a need for a group name for an animal that is usually seen by itself, is there? The rest of the pictures have been submitted to me by readers or obtained from sites that provide clear fair-use guidelines or copyright-free images. Even if your pet does bite an armadillo, the risk of infection is quite low. Due to their inability to withstand extremely cold weather, it is not likely that they will increase their range any further north than Nebraska in the midwest. May I copy part of your site to use on my web page? It is hard to see animals by the side of the road at night, so it is harder for motorists to avoid hitting them. Why can’t I see some of the pictures on the “Pictures” page? These addresses are known to be associated with Armadillo Sounds, Inc. however they may be inactive or mailing addresses only. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the friendly customer service department at 1-833-88-DBZON. How long has Armadillo Online actually been online? Other remedies (not as foolproof, but less expensive) include leaving your dog chained up outside at night, to scare off potential lawn-wreckers, and leaving out food at a different spot to lure them away from your lawn.

The company`s registered agent is MCDANIEL JERRY L 925 WHITE STREET, KEY WEST, FL, 33040. Farmers have blamed armadillos for ruining melon crops, among other things. Their telephone number is 1 (305) 260-3584. Armadillo Sound and Staging, Miami, FL. Just because I haven’t heard other names doesn’t mean that they aren’t called something else, and rams & does may not be accurate. If it is a small area, like a flowerbed, you can sprinkle mothballs to keep the animals away. Group names are something else altogether. The company`s registered agent is MCDANIEL JERRY L 925 WHITE STREET, KEY WEST, FL, 33040.

All comments should be respectful of other authors and commenters. During the Depression, armadillos were often eaten by hungry people. As a result, I decided to add a FAQ page to Armadillo Online. Pest Destruct is a great company that offers mind blowing guarantee… If you buy this Ultrasonic Armadillo Repeller and still have armadillos in your yard or garden 48 hours after applying it, you’ll get your money back and keep the device! You must first evict the animal from its den, and then close up the hole so it can’t return. Moist soil and lush vegetation bring earth worms and insect larvae to the surface of the soil. (If you can’t stand the flooding, move away from the river … ) For more information, see the Armadillo Problems page.

The northernmost places that armadillos have been spotted are Nebraska the southern tip of Indiana, although this are probably isolated cases and not established populations. However, just as people sometimes give birth to twins, armadillos will occasionally bear litters of three or five pups. Not really. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is P99000003687. There are a few signs that you might want to keep an eye out for which could be indicative of an armadillo problem. Instead, they are searching for their next meals. I have heard that some shops in San Francisco’s Chinatown sell dead armadillos for food. Do armadillos really always give birth to 4 identical young? She produces one egg that splits into four identical offspring that are either all female or all male. Create a free account to access additional details for Armadillo Sounds, Inc. and other profiles that you visit. I don’t like them, for one thing. click here. I’m not into some of the sick things people put online, and I would really rather not encourage the sick people who look at these pages to wander on into my website.

The rise in the cat population in the US is probably much more to blame; feral cats and housecats alike are wreaking havoc on the small animal populations worldwide. You can have that luxury, though, with the solar-powered ultrasonic armadillo repeller. Sometimes it will let you see the small picture, but not the larger linked image. Armadillos are now common throughout most of the state and are considered to be naturalized.

The giant armadillo is considered an agricultural pest by some South American farmers. For more information, see the Armadillo Expansion page. They are most active at night, and have very poor eyesight. Throwing mothballs down the hole can help encourage the armadillo to come out. Members of the genus Dasypus, including the nine-banded and seven-banded armadillos, are the only ones that exhibit polyembryony. Some armadillo species will eat carrion, but they don’t actively seek out dead humans. They are supposed to create a high-pitched noise armadillos don’t like. Armadillo Sounds specializes in providing exceptional sound, staging, trussing, lighting, generators and much more to all types of events. It makes it easier for people who are trying to find armadillo info, and it makes it easier for me to maintain the list. Yes and no. The nine-banded armadillo nearly always gives birth to four identical pups, just as humans nearly always give birth to one child at a time. It’s not as though these experts come back for free and do your removal after just paying them one time. You can either list the website, the writer’s name, or provide a link to the page you borrowed from.

If you live in armadillo territory, you will get armadillos in your yard; that’s the risk you run. If I didn’t get at least one page of semi-serious facts, I didn’t link the site. Is an armadillo’s shell really made of bone? Again, I have never heard of a group name for armadillos. All live-captured nuisance armadillos must be euthanized, released on-site, or released on a property within the same county of capture, that is 40 acres or larger with written permission from the landowner. Some people have accused them of doing so, but it probably isn’t a very likely scenario.

They are native to the Monte Desert in South America. Some images are owned by the University of Michigan’s Animal Diversity Web. Just like a school paper, use without credit is plagiarism, not to mention copyright infringement. I put the first draft of this page on my Michigan State University web server space in the spring of 1995.

I know of no company or restaurant that sells live armadillos. The best information I have about the lifespan suggests up to 20 years in captivity for the nine-banded armadillo. They also may squeak or squeal when they feel threatened. DISCLAIMER: The information presented on this website is our own opinion that we share for entertainment purposes only. Hopefully this will answer some of the questions you may have regarding armadillos. You can’t take it a few yards out and hope that it doesn’t return. The scent seems to be stronger when they feel threatened. Right now, you can get it for less than $50, too, because it’s on sale for half off!

They aren’t after anything more than the insects in the dirt. Finally, you are NOT allowed to use any content from this site for comercial use. This regular production of genetically identical offspring is known as “polyembryony”. Their web server also limits access to people at educational institutions. This decision is take in action on unknown. Go back to the category of: Computer & Equipment Dealers. They eat many insects, other invertebrates, and plants. Lastly, if you do get the armadillo to capture itself in the trap, now you have to get rid of it. If you’re using an old browser, you really should update to a newer one so long as your computer can handle it! I certainly don’t want any banner ads on my website. Computer and Equipment Dealers, in Miami, buy and sell different hardware and software components of the computer at discounted prices. As I’ve moved on to full-time research I have not been able to do more than cosmetic updates to the site for several years now.

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