I guess I should start by saying this happened just a few minutes ago. An entity lives there and bothers them and sometimes plays weird music ,causes nosebleeds, touches them when they are trying to sleep , jumps on the bed.

Send my troubles all to flight. Do what it is I ask of Thee."

I’ve been able to sit down to meals with my children at the table. Light the black candle and make your wish.

Lest they all too soon forget changes in the world soul or Yetzirah, as it is called in the Qabbalah, or in any case, the magician or witch has doubts about the karmic effects of the act.

If you participate in paranormal investigations, your clients quite likely ask you to chase out or expel negative energy on pretty regular basis. As with all Wiccan "texts" feel free to adapt them to suit your particular needs in the moment. And in service to the Earth, We are gathered here to separate two souls from one Turn misfortune back to those It’s just spreading historical, mythological and magical information.

From the mortal realm of pain and strife The decluttering is not yet done, I still need to connect with that counselor to make an appointment, and rebuild my healthy habits.

All about the Wheel of the Year and the Sabbats, Shirts, dresses and many other Pagan things, You can also use ritual daggers or keys as a symbol of the Goddess to attract and to please her. In my experience, it’s vital to give ourselves time to rest, especially when we’ve been running nonstop for years. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

to Many thanks! The intention of this site is not to indoctrinate anyone. Keep the magic coming and opt-in for our free newsletter with lessons, tips and tricks for a more enchanted life. Hecate walks the roads on New Moon nights and guides lost souls into the underworld or back from it. Most of the internal conversation came down to asking for help. From the bald fact that I am not I, but all, Help me win through to Your ultimate Laws — I find that getting things ready for next semester keeps me going. Summon the Goddess by her name, thanking her for the help you have received. That I can harm none but myself

She appeared before me, and I instantly felt the loving grace I usually feel in her presence. (Be careful—it’s also highly toxic!). We honor Hecate the Crone. Take caution in

Today I said goodbye to my best friend who is leaving for college and most likely never returning to the town we currently live in.

It is very simple to do and very efficient. I’ve learned the hard way that after big life events, we go through a massive emotional, physical and spiritual detox. Dark is the Moon. To greater wisdom and compassion as this holy new path unfolds.

Wiccan Gods and Goddesses, Samhain Journey Guided Visualization with erin Dragonsong, She is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Justice, truth and Harmony, the personification of the cosmic order and a representation of the stability of the. Lend me Your knife, to free me of the choices not claimed, Oh, Owl-Eye Goddess, show me the Path

She is the third black cat I have shared my life with. (Search “how to make a torch” videos to find a tutorial on how to DIY them).

Leading to the best possible outcome for me and mine To take Her throne. Sometimes I need a little help. Hekate, or Hecate, is the Greek goddess of the moon, witchcraft, the crossroads, natural poison, herbalism and spirits of the dead. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

I wasn't scared to death, but I had to banish it by saying a psalm and then I kind of drew a banishing earth Pentagram with my finger and sort of threw it at the hag.

I’ve learned the hard way that after big life events, we go through a massive emotional, physical and spiritual detox. Be very precise.

It was feminine in form, and it had long, tattered grey hair. The ritual below can be done when you are “lost” in your life. May the circle never be broken, Summon the Goddess by her name, thanking her for the help you have received. Hecate had told me that the hags are the "forgotten ones" Who feed on people's grief and sorrow.

And heap upon them karmic debt

Warm yourself with love and cherish the memories that you and your friend shared. Thanks for being open and brave. Frightened, I put a circle around myself and tried to invoke Hecate again. I guess I was bound to encounter something, being one who dwells in the dark. Learn how your comment data is processed. This weekend I sent a ton of paper to the burn pile, and filed another ton. Be very precise.

She then told me that I must cope however I can, and that love will ultimately be the solution. Mary, I am sending lots of hugs your way.

Cryptic reply aside, thanks for the names, OP. Her shadowy legend skirts the edges of Hellenic mythology. Light the incense and then the white candle. If you are being threatened, I would ask a god first for guidance and courage to do what needs to be done to make my situation safe. This is a very poignant post.

I can serve none but Love, Hecate, Transmuter, transform the slippery shadow within me There’s still more to do.

If one has one's own eyes, Owl-eye Goddess, seer, walker in the dark,

How to Ask the Angels For Help. Any help would be appreciated in understanding what had happened to me. In the new moon stage she a beautiful maiden that will be one of the most kindest people you will have met. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I could not see its face, but it essentially pounced as I lie down. Destroyer of illusion and Guardian of the Gates It can also be done when you’re not sure which way to go or what to do. This visually stunning addition to a group ritual is a great way to welcome her energy. Sleep, brother sleep, Be not alarmed, For the Great Goddess. (For other ways to use garlic in magic, check out 10 Ways to Use Garlic in Witchcraft).

You are lucky that you have such an understanding hubby…..mine isn’t always “there” for me. For example, businessperson receive lots of emails. Burn them in thy sacred fires

And bless this knife as Your own to cut away the spirit world I will to see clearly and act from my power, Mighty Hecate, grant me the boon of power Hecate is triple goddess. Their wrongful actions, words, and deeds I ask Hecate, the Crone.

Take the time you need because you will need total clarity of mind.

Remember that the Goddess Hecate will not show the specific way you want to follow.

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