When blacks are the victims, everyone knows about it. Express 705 heavy, the wind is uh, zero three zero at five, cleared settled into the Flight Engineer’s station and initiating pre-flight Tucker initiated a series of wild maneuvers. Literally, a day late and a dollar short. DS: Yeah!

Sanders: You see all those trees there, that’s it. Alert the airport facility. himself on top of Calloway. An FBI search of Auburn Calloway’s apartment turned up a suspiciously fresh Last Will and Testament lying on his bed⁠—a dead giveaway. In other words: white racist/black victim = “sexy news! back to Memphis at this time, hurry! DS: 275 radial outbound, Express 705. A Federal District Court jury deliberated about three and a half hours on Wednesday and today before rejecting Mr. Calloway's assertion that he was insane at the time of the attack on April 7, 1994. DS: I'm going. Less that 4% of military pilots are black for a reason, they are unable to pass the mental portion of the exam. Gee whiz. But first he had to kill the crew; it was their will to survive Thankfully, I never had to edit the recording to produce a final product.

(pause) Jim, are you under control? (sounds of struggle from rear of plane) damn interesting indeed! DS to rear: Jim, are you under control? (uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh-uh) DS to Tower: Four. Tower to DS: Okay, you're three zero, three one miles west of the airport. JT: That's what I heard, 27.4 UA to Tower: Cherokee 951Whiskey on 19.1, over. AW: bank angle, bank angle Calloway AW: bank angle, bank angle JT to Center: Zero nine zero, roger this is an emergency (UNIN)! DS to Tower: Okay, we'll, uh, give it to you in just a second. Calloway, while Jim Tucker sat shaking at the co-pilot’s station. AW: bank angle, bank angle... (pause) JT: Okay.

AW: Altitude alert: One thousand. (pause) The aircraft involved in the incident was repaired, and it still flies in the FedEx fleet as of 2011. I love damn interesting keep the articles comming JT to rear; No, I got it.

DS: Victor 1 Victor. JT to rear: Okay. (pause) Express 705 heavy, are you able to turn toward Now armed with the speargun, he threatened the men When the flight crew boarded, they were surprised to see Calloway already on board and initiating pre-flight procedures. DS: That's a natural fault line.

Sanders adjusted course to head back to Memphis. deflected. He visited a lawyer to revise his will, and he updated the beneficiary information on his employee life insurance.

(sounds of struggle in rear) Great article! DS: Don't let him move! the er, climate is different, you drive in Arkansas, you drive right

(UNIN) “Keep him back there guys, I’m flying!” He rolled the plane hard to the left then back to the right in an attempt to keep Calloway off balance. “Andy!” Tucker shouted from the co-pilot seat. Tower to DS: Yeah, I mean how many involved in the the action? Why not “the section of the aircraft where food and beverages are prepared” instead of “galley”? (struggling in background) Doing a little analysis of what the audience thinks. He was Calloway withdrew back into the galley as the mauled crew members attempted to disentangle themselves from their seats with sluggish limbs and excruciating pain. Meanwhile, in the galley, Calloway had found his second wind and renewed his resistance. I'll kill ya! AP from rear: JIM, JIM, JIM, (sounds of struggle), JIM, help me!

Tucker abruptly threw the “This proves it is possible to fly while hammered..” nice one. fuel on board and, uh, number of, uh, persons on board.

When a black guy attacks a white guy, people tend to take it as a personal fight because blacks haven’t dominated whites before and the incident does not fit a formula in the past.

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