This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But where can i find the fiber optic cable? It is for Audi A3, A4, Q7. Just plug it in and it works. I was having a problem updating the BT software last time I ran the update from the CD. To diagnose your vehicle yourself, download our EOBD-Facile car diagnostic software. After that AMI showed up on source selection screen. If none of the fuses are burned out, then proceed to Step 2. It’s done through emergency update, you can google it. If you want to keep the CD Changer, the installation is the same but you need to add another device in the MOST optic circle. There’s nothing special about that, just use a soldering device or really good carpet knife to cut the back of the glovebox so the AMI can fit next to the CD Changer. Great thread! That’s the idea of not having a CP. It’s very helpful for those with ‘older’ A6’s.. Answer my own question, lol.!2953&authkey=!ADWbRKJiudJD0aw&ithint=album%2c.

Are you aware of any upgrade unit I can use for my 2008 A6? That cable can be purchased either from an Audi dealership, eBay or other places. the 8T0 one? Use our search engine below to locate your OBD2 port! Is there a chance that something still needs to be turned on with VAGCOM. I have problems to find the update containing the file AMI_update_080423.bin on the Audi webpage (even though my mother tongue is German), nor could I find it somewhere else. Thanks, Joe, I have the Tune2Air BT adapter on the AMI. If they are working, ask the chinese dude that produced the tune2air thing. can not use my mmi trying to update.there is writing” the update was interrupted.please connect usb stick(while its connect) again.the audi music interface cannot be used until the update is succesfully” as you see now ? Try regular cables. I have an Audi Q7 2007 with MMI 2G Basic SW version 0410. With a $10 USB flash drive you get 8GB or more to store MP3s that equal dozens CDs. Hello everybody, I have A6 C6 (4F) 2005 with mmi basic plus (monochromatic screen) is there any chance to connect AMI by: – plug to my CD player or – can I replace them? i try another flash drive but also not working..(formatted FAT32) it says The USB stick contains invalid Audi music interface software.Update not possible.Please remove USB stick.”, last information on dsplay is sw:c6-HU hw:C6-HU 6350D2.0 FC SW:05071AFC6AB320060 FC PS 0060 FC H01, is there any reset for ami unit?please help!! Hi, great site. This is why, you should look for it on eBay or used cars shops. I did! Where can I find “The Audi Music Interface Unit (part number 4E0 035 785 B)”? i have retrofited AMI module that work fine . Yeah, you need the A4/A5/Q5 verson starting with 8T0 . I now have the original cd-changer in the glove box. the price difference are so high that I’m thinking is there a possibility to change not just a module but module with cables.???? I updated MMI from 5550 to 5570. Thanks! Hi. That’s it, you can now chose between your CD changer and the AMI. Only disc therefore was disc three which took it to 5570 which went fine but made no difference to AMI. I was. Go to the CAN Gateway module and press the Installation List button on your VCDS software. if i have that i think i just need the update of the ami to have that?

Hello i have an audi a8 d3 2004 and the car has only one cd changer . Wondering can I just change the cd player to a stereo that supports Bluetooth? Im confuesed…. also get this “The USB stick contains invalid Audi music interface software.Update not possible.Please remove USB stick.” message..and ? It has the cd changer with sd card slots and also has DVD based sat nav, both fitted in the glove box. hi! Hello i just bought the ami part no 8T0035785A will this not fit in my audi a6 c6 2007 with mmi high and bose sound system?

I have searched around on eBay for an AMI unit and have noticed you mention the AMI MOST, but there is also an AMI CAN…. Btw I did the update on the mmi system, any info will be appreciated. Got your email, let’s hope it will work now .

I’ve got the same difficulty. Our Bluetooth Music adapter works with MDI (Volkswagen Media-In interface), AMI (Audi Media Interface) ports only. Any suggestions? Thanks, Pingback: Audi Music Interface Iphone 5 | Inartistical.

Will this work as described above? Any ideas? May you live in good health. Will this same unit (4E0035785F) work in a 2007 Audi A8L? Just get the one that fits your needs. Thanks. had format fat 32.but still not working …thank you. Typically it is located in the glove box or under the armrest in Audi cars, and for Skoda and Volkswagen cars it can be found under the armrest: If your Audi is not equipped with the AMI port, you can buy it here: Buy AMI (Audi music interface) hardware for 3g MMI systems.

Do the mmi need to have a specific software version to work with the ami? It is just examples where these ports can be found, of course, it may differ for different cars. And I’m not responsible for any damage to your car if something goeas wrong, do it at your own risk. Your car has the 3G system which means you will not be able to swap your CD changer for the AMI. is it possible? Please note that some of the CD changers are really quite tightly fitted, and can require removal of the glove box to push from behind. Ok I have A6 C6 4F And have put an 4E0035785F music interface in with a Tune2air but it’s not showing up on the mmi it says the tine2air connected to my iPhone 6 Any help many thanks, Mine DOES NOT work …… When I go into media source it list SD card 1 SD card 2 (both in orange) CD-ROM AMI No device connected ( in gray). Thank you for the great website its awesome!! Hello. or something else? It is doable but not straight forward process. Thanks for the tip Mince_Pie, looks like I’ll have to update MMI to latest for AMI to work. Congrats on you website, you give really helpful information and tips. I don’t know what difference it makes, though. So what I did just Connected my cd changer back with AMI still in place, And updated Car software again. HELP! Can you recommend anywhere to source the optical and power splitter cables as I’m having problems finding them – the only ones I’ve found are all ?50 or higher. is there anyway to downgrade from5770 update, iPod was woking on old firmware, updated and now does not work?? Thanks, great information! My CD changer is located in the console in front (above the A/C controls). Is this compatibsble?

Pry open the side panel in the trunk and inspect the fuses. Well, seems that this is sorted out now. i use Android and spotyfi whit a usb dongele . Is there a plug for that in the back of the CD changer? Thanks for a great site btw. If it has MMI2G though – then it will work, just plug it in . I havee audi a6 2005 and i a got ami module for free from audi a6 2007.Is this moduel have cp or not.And my software is 11.0.1.Is that mean that i must update mmi to read usb drive.Thanks, Hello,Nice website you have.I have one question about instalation(retrofit) Ami unit in my audi A6.I have audi A6 4f 2005 year.That car has MMI2G High.I have only cd Changer that can read only Audio disc.I get one module of ami for free(my friend send me gift,that module is from audi avant a6 4f 2007).Can i install this module in my car.Does need CP removing or not,and can i used this module to listen mp3 music from usb drive.My Version of mmi is 11.0.1(do i need update before instalation or not.)Thanks…. Should I expect power to a device plugged into the AMI box? I live in the U.S. I’m looking at buying a used unit with part number 420 035785 HW: 08, which is an AMI CAN? Yours specifically says B but I note others have got other letter designations working ok. I’m on software version 5570, using the genuine 4f0 051 510 J Bluetooth Adaptor and the 4F0 051 510Q ami-usb cable. Adrian, Ok, I found it here:, Hi, some help for me please, is this 4E0 035 785 D good for my Audi A6 4f 2006? I have a MMI Basic which does not support integrating AMI. Can you please help me if my car supports the AMI. Hi there! OEM 8T0 035 785 B? I have a 2009 Q7 and dealer told me that retro fit couldnt be done.

Please help, I have removed the glove box and inserted the removal tools, but the cd changer wont come out! and if the code 8T0 035 785A of the AMI is right for my car?? Is this component protection? cannot use my mm?. If you would like to help up add to this page accessible to all, please send us your photos via the app, THE REFERENCE IN AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONIC DIAGNOSTICS, 1 rue Marguerite Perey - 56890 PLESCOP - FRANCE.

Can you give me some advice what do do next to resolve? Should i update the mmi to the newest verison before i insert the ami? For posterity, I wanted to comment about the AMI unit with part no. I recommend that you do this – there is no use of having a CD Changer when you have an AMI installed on your car.

Or do I need a ‘MOST’ unit? Get a pair of tools for CD removal – they are $1-2. One from A4/A3 will NOT work, you need one from A6 or A8 or Q7. They asked me for the reg number then came back to me and said: “LR11 OAY – WAUZZZ4F9BN061821 – 3G DVD+6CD. I successfully installed AMI in my A6 Allroad 2007 and it works with both AUX and USB if I plug in 2GB USB stick.

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