Nose hairs burnt , you couldnt smell That's the only time where it really benefits the battles.

Fan submitted videos of TAY ROC VS DAYLYT | FULL BATTLE.

The cut lines in the brakes

I don't know about Nitty in that K Shine battle.

Take a seat

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The second round JJDD vs Jakk might be the funniest sequence of events I’ve ever seen in a battle. As JayBlac said, this is the battle of the Monstars.

Bro you say you write it so whos fight you fighting? No theives to blame a reason for

Apollo end of line Aye Verb had issues with Loaded Lux since 2009 when Lux brought Verb up from St. Louis to battle Head ICE (who, at the time was battling on Loaded Lux’s battle league, Lionz Den). That Verb doesn't exist outside of that context. Liked it? big rooms for this kind of shit. But god damn Press J to jump to the feed.

Suge wet the bed vs Geechi on SM7 and Arsonal was on a small stage. It might be Shine 2-1. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. If Rum starts saying some next level bars, he may run away with it. Look here smelly, pee yew I wish Ave and Arsonal faceoffed especially because of how animated they both would have been. Hell naw. No entrance fee This is a …

Whos curtain call you trying close up like a wall? ! Battle Events; Rap Battles; All Videos; Leagues; Rappers; News . Salute. How the fuck you gunna get that if you dont get no fucking constructive feed back Your shit dont crack For you to see The point of no return is the love god gave me to give you Day absolutely slaughtered him. The undercard was pretty underwhelming. The tao says Loaded Lux VS Aye Verb Streaming on #NOME9. HATE. He wouldnt be thst fucking great if he let his appoinents know his every step hes gotten this far ya dumb flake I remember Jakk calling out JJDD ever since Young Kannon battle. Loaded Lux vs Aye Verb * Super Trailer.

We got the battle that's been a long time in the making.

Pat made fun of the URL super aggressive style so effectively vs. Tay Roc and Suge is the epitome of that. All in all great event, Tay roc going crazy during John Johns battle is so goddamn funny I’ve watched it so many times. In your own man made lake Pat Ewing vs Shaq Suge. You cant write yours without me Pretending is wasnt you behinde A hitman verb fucking smokes a hollow lux or a calico lux.

K-Shine got the performance while Rum got the bars that'll make you stank face for days. Call me The result of this battle is up in the air for me. Second with out being bias to either they both look unmotivated like they wanted this battle to take place on a big stage w fans and felt force to hurry and get this out . You won a selfmade defeat Aka little chicago , underground society I want to say who begun this phony wake

JJDD and Jakkboy started it up with the energy and tension levels already at a 10. I got your letter stan Cookies help us deliver our Services.

Just so you see how my beautiful selfless mind thinks With a full list of battles sure to make history, this is an event that must be seen!! I can't believe the degree of matchups we're seeing. What tha fuck?! For me and gods one man team Cookies help us deliver our Services. I agree with everything except Nitty beating KShine. Salute to both them men for a good performance but clearly aye verb won . I got Jakk with a strong 2-1 just because Jakk is something new that the main stage hasn't seen before. That's not to say Verb is trash or anything, but this was a very rare situation where Verb had actual history outside of battle rap with his opponent.

U know dam well he has been writing for this for at least 5 years, it's either gonna be completely debatable or Verb is gonna choke. Aye verb did a good performance. Lord bless you

Lux and Verb was up and down for me.

What the oceans of body dumps and crates Your heart for someone had to take one small step in faith and How folks are elevating what Surf might've said, vs. what Lux was cut off from saying, is just typical Surf-saving measures... Facts. This all culminated to them looking they we're gonna bet on winner of the match with JayBlac holding the money and a winner being decided on Monday. K Out Barred him for 3 rounds, plus nitty chocked hard. Acid depleted

The thing is who are you judge judy I got surf edging Geechi 2-1 or 3-0 but that battle is incredible, as a surf fan i want him to be the underdog in every battle going forward if they’d what we get.

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