I currently have the G3P and Boosted Stealth in hand so I will most likely be comparing these two, but my previous boards might affect my review as well. It was tricky to get the cover back in due to the weird placement of the spacer inside. Thank you! However, is it worth a thousand bucks? It is lower than the G2s, for example, at 110mm rather than 275mm. I’ve been using Hobbywing ESC electric skateboards only for 8 months before grabbing my Boosted Stealth, so I am really accustomed to the way Hobbywing ESCs behave. Regardless of the fit, the charging port cap never fell off which is great. Never got speed wobbles nor any sort of instability. The Stealth feels like a tank while the G3 Plus feels like a sedan (the X1 Pro feels like a zippy race car), if this makes sense. On smoothly paved roads, the G3 Plus is amazing to shred on! Especially now, when boards at the $600-700 mark, like the Wowgo 3, Meepo NLS Pro and Backfire’s own G2T are all already very good. Both were sunny days with the weather at about 15 degrees Celsius and I had the board at speed mode with the lights turned off. Go between the different available modes or choose the one you like best.

Braking strength too remains unchanged, which I feel is perfect for most riders. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. In the real-world test, all of this comes together as expected, to equal a pretty great riding experience. The entirety of this site is protected by copyright © 2017–2020 Top10BestElectricSkateboards.com. Whenever going over a small patch of sand/gravel or any cracked road, the board gets unstable instantaneously and at times, the back wheels just start sliding out and bounce up and down. You’ll find everything you need to make an informed decision about which board is right for you or a loved one.

This subtle bend probably won’t be apparent to your friends but it will provide you with many benefits as the rider. I’ve been getting multiple requests to give a review of the board and I knew it would be greatly helpful for those who are considering the G3P.

So, the obvious question is: Just what are we paying more for? Travel fast, have fun, and avoid slow car traffic when you have a quality electric skateboard.

Enskate Woboard S Review – A futuristic looking shortboard! When changing the hub sleeves, the motor cap (the one with the magnets inside) falls off along with the sleeve if you don’t be careful.

The Boosted Board Stealth is still my go-to board.

Our reviews highlight their top features, pros and cons, unique characteristics, and compare them to other top 10 models.

Debatable. However, it feels the same and lacks performance and reliability in the same way. Backfire has been making a lot of business moves in the past few months, creating waves with its release of the G3 Plus, Ranger X2, G2 Black and it’s IndieGoGo campaign for the Backfire Mini.But the G3 Plus is extra special, as at $999 it would be the most premium street-board offered by the brand, which is otherwise known for offering products that are polished but affordable.

The G3 Plus is no where near the torque of these two boards. Specifically, the Galaxy G2T Electric Skateboard features a concave deck, rather than being completely flat the way that most other ones are on the market.

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