2 #17, Nightwing Vol. Batman then tracks down the cell phone that Joker used in order to detonate the bomb, which leads him to a guard at Arkham Asylum. Batman and Robin Vol. After this issue, it goes back to the original story where Barbara finally meets the Joker again. I thought this was the best volume of the entire series. Mind blown at Volume 3!!

I mean, how much darker can it get than Joker coming and stealing his face back after he let it be cut off and left it for the GCPD?

And then family issues. When Two-Face becomes enraged, Joker locks him and the others behind a cage door, as Riddler, the only one who could find an escape, falls unconscious due to being poisoned by the Joker. The Joker certainly comes across as a true homicidal nut here, and the way he tries to manipulate Batman's emotions is pretty clever. I read this in singles when it was first published a few years ago, but it's only re-reading it now in a collected format that I appreciate how good it is. After this issue, it goes back to the original story where Barbara finally meets the Joker again. James Jr. and Joker are both Criminal Minds material, absolutely banana-nuts. It is wicked gross. If you don't know by now Barb was shot by the piece of shit and paralyzed. Like any avid Batman fan, finding out that the Joker will be returning in the New 52 line-up was instantly gratifying, especially since I consider him my most favorite Batman villain ever since Mark Hamill's version in. If The Joker doesn't have reality-warping powers, I don't see how he kills the top lieutenants of every crime family in Gotham without a paranoid police department and superhero squad ever hearing about it. Scott: This book really is a meditation on the dark and twisted nature of Batman’s relationship, both with the Joker and with his own family. 4 #14 Bruce then informs Alfred that he has invited the family over to meet after everything that has happened, but soon finds that everyone has declined to meet with him, Dick being the only one to actually call to inform him. Reviewed in the United States on April 6, 2019. I can't complain too much, though, because the Joker storyline isn't bad. I don’t know what’s going on with Damien, with Nightwing, etc. Only this time, the Joker drags the whole Bat Family into the mix, adding a new layer as the volume explores what meaning the family has for Bruce. Within the toxin, three dummy chemicals are found that don't contribute to any of the toxin's effects, but Bruce figures out it's a message, as the first letter of each chemical spells "ACE," as in the Ace Chemical Processing Plant, where the man who would become the Joker, fell into a vat of chemicals that changed him forever.

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