Are they running on Roger's or Bell's backbone?

Any downtime events are promptly resolved with an RFO provided. Although there is no 4k TV content available (see update below), Beanfield is currently in negotiations with 4K content providers, so stay tuned. Been a customer for at least 5 years plus. I know they are headquartered in the west end so I assume it's a lot faster there, and slows down the further you are. I have nothing but good things to say about it.

Factors such as bandwidth, upload speed, and download speed determine how a plan is suitable for any particular situation. As of February 3rd, 2020: One for all package! Beanfield is generally regarded as the best ISP in Toronto, assuming you can get it. For more information:, Why you may need to configure your router after getting Fibre,, Beanfield Metroconnect FTTH Residential Internet Services Review, FTTH/FTTP Internet Providers for Downtown Toronto, Fibre to the X: Definition of FTTN, FTTC, FTTB, FTTP and FTTH. text-align:center; They told me I had 250 download but it felt laggy when playing games online. Ulike most other providers who rely on Bell and Rogers lines, Beanfield lays their own fibre. First, the internet speed does not fall below 100Mbps. Beanfield TV Service – Review; Beanfield Metroconnect Customers get FREE secured Wifi in the Toronto Downtown Core It was real American content, with all the American commercials – which was fantastic during the Super Bowl. I switched from Rogers but I'll be a small dissenting voice in saying now that the honeymoon period is over it's fine, but hasn't struck me as remarkable. I had been using an Over The Air (OTA) HD TV antenna for over 5 years, and initially was getting over 25 channels for free. The city is home to 193,832 as reported by a census conducted in 2016. There is nothing better available in Toronto. The company continues to provide its private network for reliable telecommunication solutions for many business and residential clients in this area. padding:0; They take pride in their work. it's head-and-tails over all other ISPs that rely on Robbers or Bhell infrastructure.

It's kind of frustrating.

Fast speeds. } The network architecture is designed expertly and has critical features such as routers, switches, and servers. .bottom-table-column:last-child {

I don't have it so this is hearsay but I would LOVE if my condo had it. Beanfield’s Airties set top box (Model Number: AIR7410 UHD) Sony Playstation; are all connected to to the Internet with a wired connection, which means very smooth streaming of content, no matter which device I am using.

New Beanfield Metroconnect residential internet pricing! Pausing live TV and going back in time is nice, especially for sports.

200 - 60 Atlantic Ave.,  Toronto, ON M6K 1X9, Beanfield Home Internet Plans & Service Providers in Canada. @media all and (max-width:800px){ We are dedicated to giving everyone in our ever expanding network an experience and service they can count on.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

.bottom-table-row { Beanfield has set the gold standard on how an ISP should service and treat customers. If you ever need to deal with support over email (only had to once after the initial install) if one tech you are talking to ends their shift, the next tech explains the situation that the last rep is done for the day, they have read over the issues and are picking it up from here.

As mentioned, there are no contracts to worry about.

Compared to any other ISP in Canada, they are miles ahead.

My unit apparently had beanfield in the past so installation was only 1 hour. I just wanted to reach out to let you know that if you're having issues, we're happy to assist with them. But this seems to be a recurring problem that hits every 3-4 months, lasts several weeks and then vanishes. $50/month for your 1gb up and 1gb down. The install fee is $150 which comes with a modem of sorts (or you can pay $75 for install and then $10/month for rental).

I am assuming that they only provide services to Downtown area for now?

I've had it a few months now and it's flawless.

Update March 2020: Beanfield TV is now powered by Walnut TV. What marketing strategies does Beanfield use? They're awesome, super cheap and they offer TV as well for basically nothing. Really fast UL and DL, and anytime there were issues, you dealt with a person not a menu. First, the internet speed does not fall below 100Mbps. padding-bottom:20px New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

width:calc( 100%/6 ); Are you looking for dial-up, broadband, or wireless internet? It seemed too good to be true, hence my ask for reviews. .bottom-table-title { Super friendly techs. I had them when I lived on Carlaw and they were slow. All new and existing residential customers will get it. I mostly use my TV for live sport events, so that is why a basic TV package is fine for now. .bottom-table-header {

Beanfield Metroconnect Customers get FREE secured Wifi in the Toronto Downtown Core, Symmetrical speeds (1GB upload and download). The Canadian […], is an independent platform, not affiliated to any specific service provider or company.

padding-top:80px Press J to jump to the feed. .bottom-table-4 .bottom-table-column { Beanfield Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) Internet service terminates on the Zhone router.

I don't know if I need to get my own router (using one from the company) or give it a reboot or what, but I find things like MLB.TV and Netflix still to get stuck sometimes. padding:15px;

Press J to jump to the feed. Used to colocate gear with them (my ex still does) at 151 Front Street West and that multi-year colocation experience was good enough to push my employer to use Beanfield services for Internet and colocation as well. Beanfield is generally regarded as the best ISP in Toronto, assuming you can get it. Plus it all runs on their own hardware and cables, no renting lines off Bell or Rogers, so the big boys don't get a dime from it.

News, People, Places, Events, Articles, and Discussions on Toronto; Canada's Business and Financial capital, and the Provincial capital of Ontario. Once approved, there were laying fiber to the building the following week. font-weight:700; min-width:800px; font-weight:700; And, we receive compensation each time you click on link posted on our website.

I'm getting about 140 Mbps on wifi with my 6 year old macbook.

I used to work in the Toronto Carpet Factory (where their offices are) and didn't have any complaints regarding their corporate services.

Unfortunately as more condos were being built to the south of me, my reception suffered, and it came to a point I could not get reception to a significant amount of stations, particularly the American ones.

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