It has a maximum depth of 15 feet. With 563 named lakes containing muskies, northerns, bass and panfish, the choices for good fishing are plentiful. Resists foam and retains extreme-pressure qualities even when subjected to 10% water contamination.

Vilas County has more lakes than any other county in Wisconsin, with 563 named and 755 unnamed lakes covering 93,889 acres. The regular season opens June 18. Bucks visit them regularly and so should you. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Largemouth and/or smallmouth bass are swimming less than a 30-minute drive from essentially any point in the state. For the bass angler, that means nearly endless fishing opportunities. Look for fish near structures such as wing dams, small islands and deeper holes. Sign up for our e-newsletter to get trip ideas, contests & more. Delavan and Pewaukee lakes get plenty of bass fishing pressure on opening weekend, but both are worthwhile destinations early in the season. An advanced degree in computer science is not necessary to find consistent success on May bass in Wisconsin. That creates an impossible dilemma for folks who treasure quality bass. This 1,323-acre lake is ultra-clear. Sign up to get expert advice and events in your inbox. Just looking for some catch/release opportunities in the northwoods for him to hit. Field skills: If you want to go long, start training with these tips. Bass don't leave a river when it's running belly-full and dirty, they simply relocate. Target any remaining shady spots, submerged timber, or deep weed edges. The smallmouth lurk in both the narrow, fast-moving sections of river as well as the wide, slow-moving flowages.

© 2020 Northwoods Bass Fishing Adventures, LLC. Rob guides customers on many Vilas County area lakes and shares his insights with AMSOIL Midwest Fishing Report host John Gillespie. Be sure to check regulations if you plan on keeping a smallmouth bass. With 194 lakes within a 10-mile radius in this area, Jute Lake is a gem, but it is best navigated with a guide because it is so remote. Vilas County boasts some of the best inland smallmouth bass the entire upper Midwestern United States has to offer thanks to trophy regulations, a spring catch and release season, and angler ethic. We have big lakes with plenty of open water to test as well as small lakes that are rarely fished. Alternate names are indicated in parentheses.

Lake Owen boasts the best water quality of any lake in Wisconsin. Vilas County is also home to some of the best musky fishing in the Midwest and several major tournaments, including the Midwest Musky Classic, World Championship Musky Classic and the National Championship Musky Open. Increase a lure’s effectiveness by pairing it with the ideal reel speed.

Smallmouth, on the other hand, tend to be found in protected areas close to current. Give the lure a couple of good rips, and then take a bite of the sandwich. Find everything you need for an Oneida County fishing trip at Taken as a whole, Pelican Lake offers an outstanding fishery. When the suspending stickbait starts to move away on its own accord a minute after the cast, set the hook!

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