“Leslie And Ron” (Season 7, Episode 4) But Season 7 has been a remarkable final run and the show’s two penultimate installments both proved to be classics: “Two Funerals” delivered a surprise Bill Murray cameo and a glorious payoff for Gerry/Larry/Garry, but it was the episode before that we cherished even more.

When an episode opens with a puppy licking Ron Swanson’s moustache, you know you’re in for a treat, and even among the strong run of episodes that ended the second season (and built towards the totally stellar third), “Telethon” was a real highlight.

What ensues is an ethical dilemma in which the audience learns just how much Leslie cares about her job.

Season 2, Episode 22 Season 4, Episode 7 The real beef winds up being not between Diane and Tammy II but Diane and Leslie. The seeds of greatness were laid throughout, and “Ron & Tammy” might be the first perfect episode of the series (though we’ve left it out in favor of its sequel, which you can find below), but “Hunting Trip,” a few installments later, is probably the first to really take advantage of one of the show’s greatest weapons: its killer ensemble. The Story: Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) has a new girlfriend, Diane (played by no less than Lucy Lawless), and he takes her to the most Ron shindig imaginable: a woodworking award show that’s honoring him. That’s what public service is all about: small incremental change every day.” And that is what Parks and Rec is all about: people who love each other trying to make the world a little better.

However, what makes this one of the best installments in the series is seeing just what Leslie can get done with the support of her husband and friends. Still, it’s the image of Ron dancing in the hat that lives forever in the mind’s eye. Sign up for our Email Newsletters here.

She escapes the hospital and gives a near-flawless presentation that exceeds their expectations, prompting Ben to realize how amazing she is for the very first time. Episodes that play off of just how well we know the characters are inevitably going to feel good, even if they’re as gimmicky as introducing just-off mirror versions, because they make us feel attached show. This episode is a classic battle in the ongoing feud between Leslie and Jeremy Jamm. It began with an uneven, rushed, truncated first season that saw the writers visibly struggling with how to make Leslie Knope work, and finding it tricky to stand apart from “The Office.” Ironically, “The Office” had virtually the same issues, and as in the case of that show, season two saw things massively improve almost from the start, with opener “Pawnee Zoo” becoming an almost markedly different show. It should have failed to follow in the imposing footsteps of Greg Daniels and Michael Schur’s previous series, The Office.

It would not be the last time fans would see the Ron and Tammy saga play out on screen, but it was certainly the episode that established the high stakes. They rarely fight, they only bring out the best in each other, and they are crazy stupid in love, forever.

When Parks and Recreation ended earlier this year, it became one of those rare comedies that bowed out at the perfect time. In the first episode of the series, two Pawnee, Indiana, Parks and Recreation employees, enthusiastic deputy director Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and high-maintenance Tom (Aziz Ansari), hold a public forum. Tammy 2 will reappear multiple times throughout the series, but you never forget your first encounter with her. The episode features the return of many Pawnee favorites, including Ann and Chris, who left the show the previous season. As she gets increasingly worse and starts hallucinating (“Be careful, the floor and the wall just switched”) Ben insists on doing the presentation. Her friends decide to help with her campaign, but things quickly turn disastrous.

Aside from Paul Schneider‘s Mark Brendanawicz, who never quite fit in and departed at the end of the second season, everyone gets a moment in the spotlight, from Aziz Ansari‘s Tom’s fear that they’re being hunted by the Predator to Retta‘s Donna howl of grief as she realizes her beloved Mercedes has been hit by a stray bullet.

Pawnee merges with its neighboring city and snobby archenemy, Eagleton, due to the latter’s financial troubles. The same with Ben. 11. It’s not an easy task. Sweet, simple, and as slapsticky as the series gets. ‘Parks’ went from a slow, hiccuppy first season to a consistently excellent run from its second season on (season 3, with 4 entries below is probably our favorite, while season 6 felt like the most disappointing overall), so there are many episodes it hurt us to exclude and many many more, no doubt, that other fans will be aghast we didn’t mention. All Rights Reserved, 15.

Up to this point, Ben and Chris had been vaguely hissable. Season 4, Episode 6 The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show (Season 7, Episode 4). It adds up to one of the first episodes to show what Parks and Rec was capable of. Let us know in the comments.

Initially written as the season finale, this episode accomplished a great feat -- it married Leslie and Ben in a ceremony that only a true Parks and Rec fan would appreciate. Whatever soul allowed Andy to go to D.C. is now responsible for Chris Pratt’s movie career. With the gang going their separate ways, they work together for a final time to complete a small task: fixing a swing set. Bobby states that if Leslie wins the election, his father will move his company to Mexico. He combines his meds with scotch and the hilarious lines come pouring out.

Leslie and Ben (Season 5, Episode 14).

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