Not sure what you mean by no ‘split pole’ — d’you mean the sort of Y‑shape arrangement? (Hint: Not Only Cyclists). This is the outer shell that is designed out of waterproof material and will often have additional waterproof coatings. This, again, is one of the reasons why cyclists tend to prefer freestanding tents with simple, ideally one-piece, pole structures, which are technically pitched in a few seconds, all stakes and guy lines being optional. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Was it Mongar? But so not suitable to rain. Season: 4-Season. It’s also waterproof enough to withstand a night of rain. Because you can’t always cherry-pick the kind of terrain you will be camping on – a long hike might find you pitched on gravel, in dim light or anywhere you can’t be bothered to fastidiously clear the ground – we looked for tents with a tough groundsheet that won’t be bothered by a few thorns or stones.

And since it’s built to withstand extreme weather all year long, you’ll feel safe and secure no matter what camping conditions you’re working with. There’s a few pictures of it in action, here:, The downsides? Yes, it’s expensive but on this journey it’s our home. It’s absolutely bomb proof & easy to put up that I find is great when conditions are bad & you need to get your tent up quickly. We did tones of bike touring with it and it was fantastic. Though it features a minimalist design and lacks the bells and whistles that some other tents in  the same price range have, don’t be fooled. Great value for money. Start with the massive advice & planning page, or perhaps the beginners’ ebook. Opted for the Vango Mirage 300, plenty of room, decent porch and I can kneel up fully inside.

Having just carted it around the Pennines for the best part of a week though, I’m tempted with the smaller Zenith 100 or Blade 100, halving the weight and reducing the pack size (Zenith is 35x13!). Living in the cycling mecca of Australia, she is a keen mountain biker, road rider and loves hitting the gravel roads too.

this is great thanks. The ideal tent would feature adjustable ventilation options for all circumstances, including plentiful mesh panels on the inner so it can be pitched alone in hot weather and allow a good breeze to come through. Have finally managed to try out our Dragonfly 3XT with my husband. We don’t just sell bikes, we love them and we’d like for you to love them too.

Because one major goal of most bikepacking tents is to reduce weight and therefore size, some one person tents are quite small. For solo efforts I have reverted to the terra nova Jupiter bivvy and a tarp. Because I’m lazy and I dont have to.

The inner tent can be pitched alone on summer nights, and we found the outer fly waterproof enough to withstand torrential rain. Britain’s favourite direct outdoor gear retailer Alpkit has made a splash in the bikepacking and cycle touring scene as well as with the mountaineers and climbers, with the Ordos 2 and Ordos 3 tents now almost as popular as MSR’s Hubba series (see below). So it’s freestanding ability is a little flawed. If so, mine does have that, perhaps there are older versions which don’t? I’ve just found this website and I am glued to it! These tents are known as two season tents. Unless you’re an ultralight bikepacker, you probably won’t be sharing that concern. hello Tom , is there a 4 seasons ticking all the boxes for cycling around the planet like the ‘hubba hubba nx’ 3 seasons does, considering you d have to camp in some colder areas .. like the MSR Access 2 maybe ?

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