There was also a disastrous oil pump issue on some engines (possibly not this one though) that should also have been fixed. Or is it a balance of more efficiency from some measures and then offset some of that with less to create more torque?! BBC 1 WATCHDOG, featured failing vw cars last week and week before, they fail to accelerate, and go into limp mode on the motorway. I don’t know enough about workings of modern engines to refute any of it. Looking at mk5 golf 140 bhp engine to remap to 170 bhp but are the bkd engines a nightmare, they do not have dpf fitted and are PD but injectiors may be an issue. 3- there is a second sleeve of the plug you need to rotate 90degrees ANTICLOCKWISE (this is you facing the plug from outside the engine) *there is a special VW tool for this but i didnt have it* so what i did was put a large flathead screwdriver against one of the plugs ridges and gave it a gentle tap to loosen it and it worked first time. @Imagewerx - Chris any chance you could lock this thread? EGR also lowers combustion temperatures to comabt NOx but also reduces efficiency when cruising – I think. Pulls well with standard remap, not smokey, makes for a nice rapid car, my touran still returns 47mpg mixed motorway and inner city traffic.   6 downloads. With all the parts in hand, on a rare sunny day (today) i decided to take a crack at it. Remove the air intake assembly by uncliping the section of pipe at the top of the engine like so.

Several functions may not work.

Back in 1993, yes, maybe, in the last 10 years er,nope. I’m going to hazard a guess that the more stop-start driving you do the greater the risk will be especially if you don’t mix it up with decent motorway runs.

This is not recommended for shared computers. Well here’s the crack, i’ve spent the last 30 years doing exactly that! For reference I used to cover 30k+ a year in a mark5 with the 105PS 1.9tdi and it was enough although not particularly quick (I still miss it occasionally nearly a decade after the lease company had it back). The normal things you’d upgrade if you were tuning it. I was referring to the Op who mentioned injectors. some people say no change, some people say their car hasn’t been right since. Not sure about the Golf’s but there are loads of issues with injectors in the 1.6 Caddy’s pre-2013.

So, bout a week ago my 2005 (120 000miles) Golf GT TDI BKD started to have a few juddering problems.. firstly it would take abit longer than usual to start up, then would idle at bout 850 rpm but the whole car would judder/shake.

yeah it was filthy *this pic was taken after i stuck my finger it and gave it a wipe =[. 10mm socket, Also undo the 11 torx screw bolts connecting the rocker cover to the header. Take the T5 for example the same engine (exactly the same engine) is sold in 3 different powerguises 84, 102, and 140bhp models. I’m not aware of a systemic problem. Maybe the boy racer types are more tuned into the performance curve of their engine, normal drivers aren’t bothered? That’s a symptom of other issues not the issue itself. The DPF will fill up sooner and with more frequent regeneration cycles.

Premier Club The rear ones are for your glow plugs and the front ones are to your injectors. Remove all allen key bolts but this do not actually detach from the harness.. NOTE: this is a good time to change your glow plugs, using a 8mm long socket and an extension bar unscrew the old plugs and insert new ones.

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