The blessing seems to be as great to the children as it is to the parent. in which it is assumed that God does not want us being cursed. Do not try to figure this out on your own you are in too deep, and have too many wounds. She has a very personal relationship with jesus christ. Thank you for your excellent lesson. I suffered extreme psycological damage from those experiences and although my dad was the complete opposite of my stepdad and was nothing but kind and loving towards me, the years of mental abuse took a toll. When God establishes blessing, it continues to bless the line of the faithful. that idea is not being taught in these specific passages (right idea, wrong Consider David. I am going through almost the same thing.

How can I know for sure? notion needs to reconsidered. We each individually inherit special tendencies to this or that form of evil from the misconduct of our several progenitors. God Wants To Give You Treasure, Are You Ready? Visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children. Eze 18:19 Yet say ye, Why? A perfect example of this would be a severe alcoholic parent. Another very disturbing area in the realm of having to do battle with demonic spirits is the area where demons can sometimes jump from abusive and dysfunctional parents onto some of the children – trying to get some of the children to manifest the same aberrant and dysfunctional behavior of their parents. what i dont understand is why the re-attacks always. Classroom | Copyright | Submitting I have always been a sensitive person who has an extreme capacity for compassion and empathy. would God break the curse that He is responsible for giving? Email are destined to repeat the sins of their fathers. Just keep praying and putting your trust in God!

What these demons were attempting to do was to jump and transfer down to her so they could then form out that curse line, which would then make it easier for them to be able to follow, torment, and harass her as she was growing into her adult life. Scripture, however, claims the curse is supernatural in nature; it Also Jeremiah 31:29-30 New International Version (NIV). Our two and a half year old daughter Kenzleigh Rae Dockery went to be with jesus. Fathers give their names to their children. I hope that you won’t stay ignorant and unbelieving. John Piper @JohnPiper. With very little breath or room to say anything because the cord was so tight around my neck I bellowed out “I rebuke you Satan in the name of Jesus, get thee behind me” and my husband is a Christian also so I was already in complete shock over what was taking place but it was confirmed that I was up against a force of evil when he began to mock me. But if they confess their iniquity and the iniquity of their fathers...if then their uncircumcised heart is humbled and they make amends for their iniquity, then I will remember my covenant with Jacob” (Leviticus 26:40-42). And then to possibly top it off, you have demons who will come in and feed off this kind of extreme behavior through the alcoholic parent, making everyone else’s life in the family miserable as a result. It’s one thing to draw demons in on you as a result of your own sins and transgressions that you have committed against the Lord. This person was usually completely innocent of sinning or transgressing against God. This is exactly what I’m going through right now, sins of my father idol worship. Your amazing faith and faithfulness to God will bless your children and your children’s children. The ambulance arrived and I was taken to a local hospital about 20 mins away. It seems the more I have rebuked the idea of suicide in the past three years, the more it has followed me. Then say,”In the name of Jesus Christ, I now anoint my home and make it holy unto the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They will all have to be born-again Christians, fully surrendered to Christ and in a daily walk with the Lord, living a clean life and with a clean heart. I need some type of advice and insight on whether Im imagining things and would rather blame it on an evil spirit than to think he would be that cold to me again. Because of God’s grace, which is finally secured by Christ, the children can confess their own sins and the sins of their fathers and be forgiven and accepted by God.

Ezekiel expands on this idea in the verses that follow in much more detail, Notice the contrast. Do not touch anything on the way out and do not leave anything behind!” Then anoint the last door or window and ask the Father to sanctify and seal your home in Jesus name. This is a wonderful heritage to give to your children. says the Lord GOD, this proverb shall no more be used by you in Israel. absurd.

I honestly in the past never wanted to believe in all these spiritual warfares and I had a friend from a pentecostal church who would mention it to me. This demon is literally living in my house since I got married the second time.

but the son will be punished. last night i notice my soul being called out. While our observation So much so that God blessed Solomon in a way that no other person has ever been blessed. & A I have always had an extremely low self esteem regardless to what everyone around me says and its unexplainable but deep down i know im not how I feel but it has become a form of bondage along with jealousy over every woman that I see, and continually fighting off discouragement and depression. repeat the sins of their parents, this is not due to the fact that God has Until I heard someone yell that the jeep was on fire. mercy for thousands of generations on the fathers who loved God, then all 5 "If a man is Why should we have to put on the whole armor of God, if we are not going into battle? curses over their lives, many of which they may have no knowledge of.

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