I’m nearly 58 & my mother nags me to cut my hair all the time.

Eventually, the stranger excused himself for the restroom and my friend immediately turned to the manager. The trick with this approach is to time it so as soon as any thinning is visible the hat is firmly jammed on never to move again. He was bald from the very beginning, which was always a problem for Hollies photo sessions. ( Log Out /  But this is about hats.

Even when he was in the Sopranos he was able to get away with what was almost a comedy wig.

I think it would have been ‘weird’ for people to see a bald band member back in the day, since everyone’s used to use long hair and that lol. Elliott was losing his hair big time by his early 20’s, in fact you can date his appearances in the early days by the degree of his comb over. ‘We were influenced by American rock and roll. Roger Glover of Deep Purple grabbed a hat before hair loss became apparent, fellow bandmate Ritchie Blackmore did the same thing for a while but these days he appears to have more hair than ever, a man with 20 year old hair and a 70 year old face, I’m beginning to reconsider my position on wigs. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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‘We didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of our forefathers.

It soon became apparent that no amount of brylcreem would hide the issue indefinitely and so Elliot became the first one to wear the hat. Biography. Sometimes he did appear wearing a wig instead xD. View artist's portfolios, red carpet, videos and instagram.

Bobby Elliott.

Elliot was drummer for Shane Fenton and the Fentones who I touched upon in my Alvin Stardust post a few months back. He was only 25 or 26 when he felt the need to cover his vanishing hairline. ‘Playing is a joy and we’re quite privileged to be doing it after all this time,’ he says. ‘The kids couldn’t get enough of British bands, and it really knocked them sideways because when we were kids they weren't interested in British music and that changed it all. Drummer Boy: The Hollies’ Bobby Elliott. Bobby Elliott's best boards. It was a pretty dodgy hat though. Elliott discovered jazz music when he was 10 or 11 and wanted to become a drummer. The wig was a 70s thing, must have been awful to drum in that! “There are two acceptable ways to introduce the hat.” – some nice analysis there! It’s Mr Elliott again, great drummer and nice guy who I suspect never gave a shit about his hair (bet it was the manager’s idea) He’s looking very relaxed here.

Suddenly all these British names were invading that huge country where it all came from – it was quite something.’, These days, alongside touring, Bobby’s writing a book too. !”

The trick with this approach is to time it so as soon as any thinning is visible the hat is firmly jammed on never to move again. ‘I won’t disclose too much because I want to stay friends with them!’. Check out the new do’, cut by the same …

Model, Photographer, Stylist, Makeup or Hair Stylist, Casting Director, Agent, Magazine, PR or Ad agency, Production Company, Brand or just a Fan! What about his hair?

How? I’ve been considering putting together a piece on the great man for the Hall’s appreciation, (probably once all the teenage girls who have moved into our home have finished their university exams when hopefully it’ll be a bit less histrionic). CG, anecdote of the week, without question, I feel I should go home now.

Finally, Mick Avory isn’t a half bad drummer . Sound like a film? “Who is that?

He’s a really cracking drummer far more so than the beat group styling of the Hollies would suggest but, if in doubt, just cop a listen to their first hit ‘Stay’ where Elliot is packing a fair punch.

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Nash and his various projects have always been considered cool, but the Hollies never achieved this cachet. And congratulations to Amplifier for never having been afraid to include the Hollies in their musical orbit. ‘We went over there in 1965. I feel unreasonably sorry for Elliott during this period, it didn’t look an easy hat to wear, it had a wide brim and surely was prone to be dislodged at inopportune moments which was not what you wanted from a hat you had to wear.

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