Author Neil Gaiman brought this name to everyone’s attention after penning down a novel of the same name. 24 Best And Simple Halloween Crafts For Kids, Top 10 Food Ideas For Your 10 Months Baby, Storytelling For Kids: Benefits And Ways To Tell, 8 Reasons Why You May Be Put On Bed Rest During Pregnancy, Post Pregnancy Diet: 20 Must-have Foods For New Moms, 22 Fresh And Vibrant January Baby Names For New Year Babies, 150 Strikingly Beautiful Caribbean Baby Names For Boys And Girls, 100 Common Swiss Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings, 21 Outstanding Names For Babies Born In September. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. This moniker topped in 1954 and stayed on the top 200 until dipping to top 1000 in 2012. Quest is a high-octane moniker for an imaginative boy. Claudine is the French feminine version of Claude. This name rose to fame after the movie American Wedding was released. Her stories of their free spirited life without some of the conveniences I consider essentials was enlightening! It couldn’t hurt!

Noah Wylie, the famous writer, named her daughter Auden, and Amber Valletta gave her son this name. The German name Ansel, meaning ‘God’s protection’, brings to mind the black and white images of the photographer Ansel Adams.

This name topped the most popular baby girl name list in the year 2013. Cecelia is not going to break your heart; in fact, she will make it melt! Blue is a beautiful Boho name for girls! One of the cutest names for girls, Daphne, in Greek means ‘laurel tree, bay tree’. Here are some of my favorite baby items too (affiliate links used): Pronounced as Reer-den, Riordan would make a unique pick for the Americans. Gemma is a feminine name that means the name of a precious stone.

The name continues its artistic legacy with Giotto Calendoli of Milan. An ancient unique name, Ophelia, was derived from Greek mythology, which means ‘help.’ Ophelia was also a famous character in the Shakespearean play Hamlet! I’m not sure why, but I’ve just been drawn to some of the below.

Paisley is one of the best artsy girl names for your daughter! Best known for her classic novel Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte belonged to an artistic family.

A perfect name for those who love flowers and fragrances! Free Celebrity Baby Name Baby Shower Game! In the Old Testament, Delilah was the temptress who tricked Samson into revealing the secret behind his strength. It’s spicy, sweet and musty to the nose and gives soothing and relaxing properties. After his death, he was placed among the stars as a constellation. In the Old Testament, the name Delilah, which means “delight,” was given to the temptress who tricked Samson into revealing the secret behind his strength. This is our shortlist. How about opting for bohemian baby names? 46 Boho, Hippie Boy Names for your Free Spirit! mama of two ❊ willow & fiona

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