Minimum order is $5.00 per order.

I told you to do exactly what i told you and u didn't listen. ? You may then fax it to our Toll Free Fax Number: 1-800-817-4755 Real-world reliability is the most important feature any manufacturer can build into a firearm. Print out the form and fill it out completely. Mine did the samething. No its the gas piston i did same thaing you gotta break it down and do what i told you and soak it in hoppes its still dirt thats what wrong with it. 800-322-4626, Browning But reliability isn’t the whole story. Which is two piece. If anybody wants an update I will let you know what they say.... if the bolt feels sluggish as you state, it has nothing to do with the gas system, there is something gummed up in the recoil tube/spring assembly most likely. However they carry springs for A5's and the old Gold guns etc. My fix is the fix. Rem oil is crap and gun powder can make a bad gun with that many rounds. Have you cleaned the recoil spring in the butt? 6. Pretty easy process took around 2-3 minutes and a few minutes for cleaning time. I use rem oil too and have only seen one case where my maxus 3.5" failed to eject on a slow burning target load. You will need to pull firmly on the operating handle to pul it out. gots tons of canada's here. But reliability isn’t the whole story. The main spring means nothing. My mag spring took on some rust and while I could clean it and get rid of the rust I thought I would just replace it. There are a few write ups on on how to dissemble the the recoil spring in the buttstock.
< just soaked in hoppes all day and used tooth brush. Dollars). Pull while wiggling back and forth with both hands. Pull barrel. hunt ct river how many rounds through it and have you clean gas piston. The first pages of the PDF file will be the parts list and the last page the schematic.

Felt recoil is more than just an instantaneous peak force; it is the total energy absorbing experience when you fire a shell. That gas piston is gummed up. Arnold, Missouri 63010-4728. A green Scotch-Brite kitchen scrub pad works best for removal of heaving carbon fouling on the tube and inside of the gas piston. Better to be usingmy backup now than in the middle watefowl season. Your browser is out of date and may not be able to properly display our website.
if i had that maxus i could have it cleaned and fixed in a heartbeat. The only other thing to is the mag tube needs to be cleaned up and piston sleeve.

Also clean magazine tube nice and spiffy. I'm getting ready to order some stuff from Midway anyway and thought I would just get it from them but they don't carry a mag spring for a Maxus. 4. The first pages of the PDF file will … Pulled the bolt back and it felt very sluggish. Its some work and it takes a man to pull it off but it does come apart. This secure forearm attachment system makes taking down the Maxus for cleaning or storage fast and makes attaching or removing the sling a snap. Less felt recoil means less muzzle jump and that instantly translates into more birds in your bag. Note: The parts price lists are in PDF format. somebody sure thinks you need to clean that gas poiston, CPL holder since 1991, NRA Lifetime Member, DU Member, NICET certified. Max is made to run dry look it up in the manual. This tip is from Art's disassembly video, a must watch for Auto-5 owners.

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