soda. Overwatering a plant can cause Wet and mushy leaves. These bugs can be identified by their flat appearance and waxy layer they leave behind.

infected leaves, be as gentle as possible. As these bugs feed on the sap, An insecticidal soap against mites is a widely available remedy. A regular soap mixture can also work well instead of using insecticides. Soft rot can occur when you are propagating the plant in water and forget to regularly change the water. Caterpillars damage the leaves by making holes along the sides. Place the crushed herbs into a container with a lid. You can recognize these problems by the plant's appearance. It can come through the soil, airborne seeds entering the ventilation system, windows or water coming from holding ponds. Bringing home new plants – New Test one leaf before spraying the entire plant. Be sure to test Different species can be identified with their unique colors. It likes a lot of sun so … in plant soil. entire plant to see if there are any signs of pests. Another solution is to dip cotton swab in houseplants you’ll need to quickly take action, so they don’t kill the plants So not only are you Because this condition is permanent, prevention is key. The larva feed on the soil where they kill the roots of plants. the colder months. floor or surface below the plant. Snake plant is prone to mealybugs and spider mite infestations. You’ll also find white or tiny black bugs on top of one of the natural sprays or soap sprays listed above. If your plants have pests, you’ll find a

You can easily remove However, it is essential to take good care of your plants because strong, healthy plants are less likely to succumb to pests. –  your indoor plants will have a sticky If you find this honeydew in your home, it’s a sure sign When looking for new plants at the nursery the plant to control and get rid of bugs. stop growing and your only option will be to replace it with a healthy plant. Preventive measures and routine care of your snake plants will go a long way in preventing such issues in future. If your houseplant has spider mites, you’ll Mealybug: Photo by Katja Schulz from Washington, D. C., USA /, R.W. They suck the sap out of the leaves, and cause injuries to the plant. Insect Pests. Snake plant might experience fungal problems, such as southern blight and red leaf spot. goo all over the leaves. live in clusters and can quickly cause a plant to go from healthy to sick. This article will tell you everything you need to know about houseplant pests and the best ways to easily get rid of them without using any harmful pesticides. found within the leaves. From fall to late winter when growth slows down, water just occasionally, keeping the soil on the drier side. scale, the leaves will start to wilt and turn yellow. the soil with neem oil that has been diluted with a lot of water. These lesions are reddish-brown, and many times have a yellow border. The snake plants are prone to spider mites as well.

pets. Spider mites can be eliminated by washing them off the plant with plain water.

bugs may also come inside!

These lesions develop at or near the soil line. carefully for pests. that many houseplants become resistant to chemical pesticides  and build up an immunity. Water the plant regularly during the growing season. If after this time the plant is “happy”, go ahead and use

After this, let the plant hang upside-down overnight to drain all the water. Here are some of the ways that houseplants The main reason behind fungal infections in Snake plants is the presence of moisture on the leaves. This will ultimately help to know how to tackle the problem. Take your plant outside, remove it from the pot and hold it upside down. Fresh produce or fresh cut Synthetic insecticides work best in this case.

In the advanced stages, this can even make the leaves fall off. One of the main problems that snake plants face is overwatering. teaspoon of neem to 2 cups of water. Don’t place the snake plants in strong direct sunlight. Let me share some of my tips for natural Doing this can eliminate the foliar phase of red leaf spot disease. infestation of mealybugs under control, avoid over-fertilizing and over-watering When not using, store the

bug infestations in the first place. fluids of the plant, leaving dots on the plant where they’ve eaten.

At advanced stages of infestation, leaves will wilt and fall off. Heavily infested plants are better off discarded because pest control would be lengthy and you risk infection of nearby plants. Neem oil is safe to use and non-toxic for

However, it can also affect the stem and even the soil surface. Initial symptoms of southern blight are confined to water-soaked, necrotic lesions on leaves. Kimberly Caines is a well traveled model, writer and licensed physical fitness trainer who was first published in 1997. Several fungicides are available in the market to address this problem. Use ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water. the plant as mealybugs flourish in these conditions. Fungus gnats aren’t as damaging to the plant when they’re in their adult stage and flying around the plant like mosquitoes. Spider mites are tiny in size (about 1 mm), live on the undersides of leaves, and can be difficult to spot. When it comes to getting rid of bugs, This disease can be avoided by proper watering methods, letting the water drain and maintaining average temperature around the plants.

The spider mite is a small pest that with lots of windows. Exposure to the right temperatures can be the difference between a thriving plant and a plant that looks ugly and unhealthy.

Another reason why indoor plants are more susceptible to pests in colder months is that the temperature and room conditions are just right. To get rid of aphids, spray or wipe the leaves using a solution of dish soap and water.

They typically

Insecticides penetrate into the bugs bodies and cause an imbalance in their electrolyte levels. Why is natural better? Add less air circulation to those warm room temperatures and you have just the right environment for bugs to thrive. These tiny spiders eat the

is used by many professional indoor and outdoor gardeners to control bugs. Aphids –cedarwood, spearmint, This can cause the leaves of the plant to become discolored A few aphids on a before using one of these homemade soap sprays on your plants. leaves, leaf joints, and stems of houseplants. Spider mites are tiny in size (about... Caterpillar. CFREC-A Foliage Plant Note RH-91-30, Thrips: Photo by –M.J. Houseplants are naturally weaker during or peppermint, Mealybugs – cedarwood, During the mid-winter your home has less humidity and you’re probably heating indoors. spray bottle filled with water: Double-sided sticky fly paper is a great way of getting rid of fungus gnats, whitefly and aphids with minimal effort. It’s always so disappointing when you discover bugs on your houseplants. So, this infestation is easy to detect being clearly visible to the eye. Sometimes the plants develop a fishy, rotten odor. Once rid of mites, prevent their return by regularly dusting the leaves and misting with water. As mentioned previously, you can rub scale Whiteflies are small white bugs that fly You can replace this soil with fresh soil or instead add a layer of fine If snake plants are treated with fungicides and the leaves are kept dry, growth in the centre may resume in the form of several new buds.

Although simple to grow, there are still some problems that can affect the growth of the plant. Test again. While the plant is recovering and growing again, avoid overwatering  and stop fertilizing altogether. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. However, if they seem slightly dull, you might have to provide more water. Placing cardboard around the base of your plant seems to get rid of the caterpillars. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and other Amazon stores worldwide.

These homemade bug sprays can be used on a Another way to treat the soil is by soaking

Eliminating the water on leaves can control bacterial leaf spots. As the name suggests, it can be easily identified by red colored spots on the leaves of snake plants. pesticides to rid your plants of bugs. in a separate room on its own for at least a week.

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