Captain Dave Samson is promoted to Deputy Fire Chief. Councillor Gary Lan recommends the appointment of one Fire Chief for the Municipality, and applications for the position of Fire Chief are received up to November 22nd. The Deputy Chief is responsible for supervision of the Assistant Deputy Chiefs assigned to manage the Division of Support Services and the Division of Training as well as the personnel charged with management of Human Resources and Finance. 1938 – On April 11th, Burnaby firefighters decide to re-affiliate with the IAFF and retain their Local 323 designation. 1929 – Burnaby’s first fire truck is replaced by a Packard 12 cylinder limousine converted by volunteer Bill Banks at his garage at Britton and Kingsway. Opportunities to give back to your community. Report this profile; Experience. South Burnaby Fire Department is increased to four firefighters and paid on the same basis as Fire Area #1 North. h�b```��-� ��ea�� �113Éf�9 ��TD^p-a�d:Ƹ�a�BR���;��X�0�66:0��۠�`ڵ�[��ݺ����Y�=@B��^i{��{�L_v���F��F� F �h��9�;�|a� �����t�.k���b>�����]z@��� In April, Chief Waddell appoints Fred Blake as Drill Instructor. For attending to fires in Burnaby, these departments receive a letter of thanks and a $25 donation to their Firemen’s Benevolent Fund. He maintains the truck and drives it to emergencies for $3 a call. Fire department promotions are usually based on length of service, but candidates who also have the necessary all-round qualifications to advance are promoted to the next level when a vacancy opens up. Burnaby Fire Department. Our fire department is committed to providing the highest level of fire related emergency services to protect life and property in the City of Burnaby. 343 New York firefighters die in the line of duty.

Former fire Chief Joe Robertson has been on leave since April 2019, but he officially “left the city” in late March, according to public safety director Dave Critchley.


The new Fire Station #3 is officially opened on January 31st. 897 0 obj <> endobj Using your current browser may prevent you from accessing certain features on our website. 2015 – Members of the Department travel to Nepal to provide assistance after a devastating earthquake.

This purchase is to protect the stables that house the Municipal Police horses at Hall Avenue and Kingsway. f�{�%���f�5`=� 9 ����Q Deputy Fire Chief Joe Robertson is promoted to Fire Chief. Welcome to the City of Burnaby Fire Department, Automated Garbage & Yard Trimmings Collection, Task Force on Sexually Exploited and At-Risk Youth, Notice to Motorists Regarding Pothole Damage Claims, Developing Around Environmentally Sensitive Areas, Minor Work Permit and Agreement Requirements, Community Development and Ecosystem Protection, Urban Forest & Invasive Species Management, Apportionment for New Owners and Developers, Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy, BCRPA Facility Excellence Award for Edmonds Community Centre, Burnaby's Documentary Heritage: 100 Years of Record Keeping, Asset Identification Drawings and Payment Requirements, Projects Delivered Prior to December 31, 2015, Projects To Be Delivered After January 1, 2016, Fair Wages Policy and Standard Agreements, Registering Your Property as a Film Location, International Relations & Friendship Cities Committee, How to appear as a Delegation before Council, How to appear as a Delegation before the Committee, How to Appear as a Delegation at a Public Hearing, Copyright - Disclaimer - Content Use Policy, National Energy Board Hearings in Burnaby. Six months after Hurley was elected, Robertson was off on leave, and the fire department has been led ever since by three deputy chiefs, Darcey O’Riordan, Dave Samson and Chris Bowcock, taking turns as acting chiefs. 1985 – In January Thomas Nairn retires and Deputy Chief Harry Brown is appointed to lead the Department with the title of Fire Chief.

In August, Union President Bill Copeland files a grievance with the Labour Relations Board charging that Council violated the Collective Agreement. Fire Chief Doug McDonald retires.

Hurley wouldn’t comment on how Robertson or other fire chiefs had fared during Corrigan’s reign, saying only that his own approach is to treat staff in all city departments fairly and equally and that future leaders should not hesitate to step up. Restraint remains a major factor affecting hiring and capital expenditures during the 1980’s and 1990’s, although the communications centre is upgraded. 1947 – Burnaby’s new Fire Station #1 is complete on September 18th. This pump house becomes Fire Hall #1 and the operators, whose names are Ed Tugwood, Frank Noble, Tom Murphy, Robert Hansford and Bill Harris, are given additional duties as firefighters. Radio communications is overhauled and upgraded. -safety Leadership was a major concern identified in a recent comprehensive report of the fire department. Chief Mechanic Alan Gray retires. reach new high: 3,120, You can help capture North Burnaby on film in 24-hour project, BC NDP takes $800,000 more in donations than Liberals between June and September. Rick Finlay is promoted to Assistant Chief Training Officer.

Chief Constable Devitt retires and is relieved of his duties as Administrator of the volunteer firefighters. 2007 - In August, Fire Chief John Stewart retires and Deputy Fire Chief Bob Cook becomes Fire Chief. Chief Training Officer Barry Bate is promoted to the new position. -sex, gender & sexual orientation The dividing line is the Great Northern Railway tracks at Still Creek. 1948 – Chief Waddell recommends a fire department mechanic, two way radios for both stations and telephones. Staff Officer Ron Barker is promoted to Deputy Fire Chief. This website is a dedicated information resource for the men and women of the Denver Fire Department. Fire Chief at Burnaby Fire Dept. 1943 – The need to restructure Burnaby’s fire service and to unite both the North and South districts is achieved when Bylaw No. September 11th, terrorists attack the Twin Towers in New York City. Our timeline shows you where we started and how we grew 1952 – Fred Blake is promoted to District Chief in charge of Training. 2002 – Plans are approved for replacing Fire Station #2 on Edmonds Street. ` �h[ Captain Cathy Van-Martin, right, and her wife, Abbotsford firefighter Krista Harris, pose with Burnaby Fire Department deputy fire Chief Darcey O'Riordan at the Canada Bravery Awards. Visit Divisions to learn more about the services we provide. Anxious about the U.S. election? Frank Noble is elected as the first Union President and Gordon Waddell is elected to the position of First Secretary. New Westminster Fire Department provides fire fighting service for the Edmonds area of Burnaby, South Vancouver Fire Department provides fire fighting service for the Central park area and the Vancouver Fire Department provides fire fighting service for the Capitol Hill area. When asked to describe the process the city goes through to hire a chief, Critchley sent a once-sentence emailed response. Compared to five other fire departments used for benchmarking in the study, Burnaby had the lowest administration staff totals (3.1% of total staff compared to 4.8% in Richmond, which had the highest totals), and the report warned understaffing has led to stress on command staff and “decreasing leadership effectiveness.”. 1954 – On October 2nd, Fire Station #2 is completed at a cost of approximately $27,000.

The City of Burnaby | 4949 Canada Way, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5G 1M2 | Phone 604-294-7944. On February 29th, Chief Auvache retires. South Burnaby Kinsmen Club President Bill Gillis presents a $500 resuscitator to Fire Station #4. Find out more », Copyright 2020. -exposure Burnaby Fire Department . The games produced a record number of athletes from 56 countries and are deemed the best organized games by the Games Federation President. Find out more », Browse images of our Department in action, Locate and learn about our trucks and rescue equipment 1953 – Council approves the construction of a new Fire Station #2 on Edmonds Street. The first reading before Council is March 28th, 1929. Members selected for the program attend BCIT and other institutions for certification in Business Administration and Management. Deputy Fire Chief Administration at Burnaby Fire Department Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada 195 connections. On November 6th, fire fighter Cecil MacDonald is promoted to Fire Warden. Both Chief Waddell and Chief Banks are appointed as fire prevention officers.

1926 – Bylaw No. Link to the Burnaby Board of Trade, Tourism Burnaby and a variety of community associations, Search locations, maps, and ways to get around Burnaby by car, bike, or public transit, Learn about Burnaby’s vision as a livable, sustainable, and thriving City, Read up on what’s new and what’s relevant for citizens and businesses in the City, Read about the school system and post-secondary education options available in Burnaby, Browse photos and videos that showcase our open spaces, facilities and culture, Explore our sister cities from around the globe, Discover hotels, attractions, endstream endobj startxref Deputy Chief John Stewart is promoted to Fire Chief. A Mentorship Program is developed which provides consistent and constant oversight of new recruits during their first year. Robertson started with the Burnaby Fire Department in 1988, after serving eight years with the RCMP.

Asst. All firefighters are welcome to attend!

The Labour Relations Board rules in favour of the Municipality, causing firefighters to sign a non confidence petition in October. In her role as Chief Deputy of Business Operations, Chief Lawrence oversees the Fire Department’s $1.3 billion budget and more than 800 employees in the Administrative, Prevention, and Special Services Bureaus. 1916 (cited as the Burnaby Fire Department Bylaw of 1943) passes on September 27th. 2013 – Members of the Department travel to High River, Alberta to assist civilians who have been displaced by a major flood.

Welcome to Denver Fire Bulletin Board.

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