Welcome to our range of Dometic camping and awning fridges absorption refrigerators.

For the very best insulation in your fridge, and if you’re not concerned about bumps, look for a fibreglass insulated camping fridge freezer.

Like cooking, keeping food fresh, taking care of personal hygiene and much more.

How often will you be able to go for grocery shopping trips and how long will your food and drink need to stay cool for? The Dometic absorption cooling system can cool to 33°C below the ambient temperature. This is also one of the best options if you’re looking for something super spacious. If you’re looking for a reliable, great value fridge freezer to use for days out or weekends away, then this fridge may just be the way to go.

Designed for smarter use of space, our wheel arch absorption fridges neatly integrate under the counter of your mobile kitchenette. Together with silent absorption cooling are the unique 10-series design features: double-hinged doors opening either left or right, elegant aluminium handles across the entire fridge height, and a versatile interior that adapts to different needs.

Digital Display: For easy temperature control, some camping fridges come with an app too for easy monitoring of your temperature. If you’re looking for a single zone 12v camping fridge, Waeco has some great options in its CF range to consider. Welcome to Dometic/Waeco Fridges UK Boat, Caravan & Camper Fridges. Space-saving, well-designed and compact. They work with electric power only, either through a car battery or mains supply (some will only freeze when on mains supply). Dometic Waeco Fridges The Waeco portable fridge/freezer range offers something to suit every mobile refrigeration need with options in the premium luxury compressor fridge/freezers, budget fridge/freezers, and 3-Way absorption coolers!

Or are you in the market for a matching refrigerator to fill an unused corner of your truck cab?

How many people will be going camping and how long for? Welcome to our Dometic caravan fridges and motorhome refrigerators page. The fridge has two compartments which come with removable baskets, and it can either be used as a fridge or freezer down to temperatures of -18 degrees C (note this fridge cannot be used as a fridge and freezer simultaneously). This single zone compression fridge or freezer can be used in even the hottest conditions in Australia, and has been tested to freeze in Australian desert conditions of 55 degrees celsius outside. Powered cooler, 94 l. Generous storage capacity of 94 l to fit 133 cans. Compact, silent, maintenance-free and packed with advanced cooling technology, our comprehensive range of mini fridges makes for satisfied hotel owners and happy guests. We have divided pages up into categories to avoid you downloading unnecessary and time wasting pages.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: Allows you to monitor the temperature and performance of your portable fridge freezer remotely from your smartphone or tablet. And thanks to pre-charged refrigerant, self-sealing valve couplings, and paired refrigeration compressors and condensers, installation is very easy. Different types of camping fridge freezers exist, with the top of the range models containing two separate compartments where one can be used as a fridge and one as a freezer – but these models, referred to as “Dual Fridge Freezers” are top of the range and the most expensive.

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