I grew out of that stage and thought it to be BS i regained my faith in God and now life sucks, I live out of a van, have no money or the opportunity to make any decent amount…sometimes I wonder and it seems almost to a precise moment that I lost everything it coincided with when I stopped the black magik mess. When I was already free. I do feel like suicide is the only way out. That’s the startling revelation of famed psychic Dr. Andy Reiss who says the departed spirits of cruel people have the power to bring unhappiness, pain, illness and financial ruin to the living. My story is so bad honestly suicide would be an act of kindness to end the misery and pain. Fight for someone else's hardships. When you’re cursed, you tend to perceive everything a little differently than everyone else.

Looks like you do too. Rather, they affect a single aspect that ends up making it hard for you to accomplish much of anything else. What if you don't know the name of the person that cursed you? Some cultures also use powders as a way to “toss” a curse on a person.

If you don't do this my friend, then your life will only get stale. Sometimes I wonder why I am here like Im useless space just taking up population.

A curse, on the other hand, will attach itself to you and follow you everywhere until you break the curse or it breaks you. God did, however, curse the ground because of Adam. t 23 i got married to a bad man, at 23 my brother brought me to Australia. Powerful curses will often involve night terrors, waking up with scratches, or worse, sensations of being choked in your sleep. I feel the same way. im the same age as you and i feel the same. My mother was diagnosed with cancer. Psalm 107:7: I lie awake, I have become like a lonely bird on a housetop. I had a bestfriend i loved her so much i introduced her to one of my friends i noticed they hung out alot things started falling apart innoticed they were both against me next thing you kbow i hear there saying things that arent true i stopped talking to them they would go to my job to order then i got kicked out of my house i had nothing but my job i got accused of stealing money i got fired i have a friend whos the only one there i see his life completely spun out of control trying to help me i mean his money would all go on me he lost his job and i got into a car accident in his car idk why these things r happeneing.

Jesus Christ is the only answer go to demonbuster.com it helped me.I know from experience after 2 ex-wives cursed me horribly, People look at my life in amazement.

Trust me, this is me keeping things to a minimum as far too many events to mention. to me its not right i feel there is something wrong.what do i do, I spent most of middle school making fun of a poor kid and his family who were from Haiti. Now (and i still feel daft admitting it) i strongly believe that my family name is cursed, something we all joke about sometimes when some random event happens to one of us, as its SO common amongst us it goes beyond any form of coincidence! HOW TO TELL IF YOU’RE CURSED THERE IS A PLACE FOR THAT WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT… When in dire circumstances these can be very human questions that actually have the ability to unravel our faith. What struck me was the way you described yourself as "indecisive in life". Every day something out of nowhere yanks me back down to remind me there just will be no hope for me. We are so sorry to hear all of the terrible things you have gone through. Many curses tend to work by draining life force from people you love as well as yourself.

– Christian Questions. Monks have the third eye, ask to make offerings on your behalf to lift the curse. VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Do I Treat You As My Neighbor?

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