Our Symphonic backbore is similar in style to a Schmitt backbore and used in combination with our deeper cups to produce an opulent, teutonic sound. The range of cup sizes allow for a variety of playing styles, from high repiano cornet, to traditional jazz, to orchestral and classic brass band playing. The balanced, streamlined design creates a sound that is an enticing balance of focus, projection and core with plenty of brilliance, edge and sizzle in the upper register. It is a versatile piece suitable for playing solo, lead or jazz, but with some extra zing when needed. This mouthpiece is specifically designed to give the rich, dark, blendable tone desired for symphonic and classical music, while still supporting upper register playing, even for extended periods. The cup is medium to medium shallow, and shaped like a flat-bottomed bowl. The rim is round and the cup is a shallow V. This mouthpiece is perfect for those extended upper register riffs that made Maynard a legend!

Regardless of what kind of music you’re asked to play, with this mouthpiece you’ll GIT R DUNN! – 5G “Gladstone“, one or two piece, large shank, 25.55mm rim, medium deep cup. It’s a nice piece for general playing as well as lead. This increases the cylindrical bore section leading to a full, focused sound and enhanced slotting in the extreme upper register. We are a full custom shop that offers duplications, alterations, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Any item can be returned. Not sure what you want or have a question? The Legends Outlaw was designed to have massive amounts of projection without sacrificing intonation and slotting, The inside diameter is a comfortable “.640, the cup is a medium shallow V bowl, and the backbore is the versatile Legends S. Use this mouthpiece when you want to play higher than the law will allow! The 2 backbore is generally not marked on our mouthpieces. Moderators:Moderator005, Moderator003, Hollywood70. This backbore works well on all of our cups providing the player both efficiency and agility. The cup is medium shallow. The SH Lead has a semi-round rim which is wide and soft for maximum comfort. The cup is medium to medium shallow. The cup is a flat-bottomed bowl similar in depth to a Bach E (shallow). The rim is wide, soft, and very round for maximum comfort. This rim and cup combo is comfortable for upper register playing while on the move. Between the wide rim, tiny diameter, cup, it feels like your playing into an extra large pan they put pizzas on. The rim is round and the cup is a very shallow convex V. This mouthpiece is perfect for those extended upper register riffs that made Maynard a legend! Combined with the Legends S backbore and heavyweight blank, this mouthpiece really supports intensity, endurance, and great quality sound in the upper register. It has the famous cushion rim, a small inside rim diameter (.595″), and a shallow bowl shaped cup. Choosing the correct model is as easy as one, two, three: From there, you can decide if you want our standard shank or if you prefer to optimize your mouthpiece further using the Reeves Sleeve system. We offer a comprehensive line of two-piece, screw rim flugelhorn mouthpieces to meet the variety of demands of today’s musician. The goal of this mouthpiece is to support commercial, upper register and solo playing without crowding larger chops. The C2J is available with any of the Standard Reeves, Purviance, or Classical Series rims. It has a .610″ inside rim diameter, with a very shallow V-bowl cup (similar to Bach E/F). Mr. Moss is famous in the world of Drum Corps International for his solos in the 1984 Spirit of Atlanta DCI Drum Corp. As many of our customers have told us, why lug a second horn around to play four measures of long tones in a ballad when you can just plug in a C2J into your trumpet. ALL FAXES: (661) 775-8821 The cup is medium depth (similar to Bach C). The Legends Ceballos is for those who like a huge sound and a wide open blow. It’s got everything you need to play in the upper register all night long, the way Roy Eldridge did it, with a focused, sizzling sound! The Legends Signature Series Scodwell: Mr. Scodwell has had an extensive and impressive career playing with such greats as the Stan Kenton Orchestra, Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Jimmy Dorsey Band, Harry James, Frank Sinatra…..and the list goes on and on.The Legends Scodwell has a semi-round rim, medium to medium shallow cup, and a slightly open backbore. The Superbucket gives you all the space you need to really soar! It’s a bird! This mouthpiece has a semi-round rim, shallow cup, and Legends T (focused) backbore. The rim is semi-flat but rounded on the inside and outside edges. We selected the final mouthpiece rim and cup contours by analyzing and comparing hundreds of examples of each model and finding what about those examples players liked best. We are pleased to announce a collaboration between Bob Reeves Brass Mouthpieces and The Brass Ark, creating an exciting line of premium trombone mouthpieces. Not sure which shank your flugelhorn requires? The cup depth is similar to Bach C. This mouthpiece responds easily and produces a rich sound good for concert settings and legit playing. Shew 1 and couldn't play a note out of the staff on Cat's mouthpiece. The cup is medium to medium shallow. First Annual International Loud High & Tasteless Guild Meeting A Success! This mouthpiece has all the elements of a high-compression lead mouthpiece with the added advantage of a grip rim. The inside rim diameter is .595″, and the cup is a medium shallow to shallow convex V. With this mouthpiece you’ll get that high voltage sound you’ve been searching for! There is no undercut on this rim, so the inside diameter feels true to size (.636″). Ideal for small bore tenor and alto trombone playing With regard to the design concepts: we strive to find a mouthpiece that respond with vibrant clarity, a nice interface for the performer to maximize efficiency and production with minimal amount of effort. The backbore is based on a Bach Symphonic backbore 24, which is described as dark and open. The Legends JT AH is based on a vintage Al Hirt Jet Tone mouthpiece. .626″ 10 1/2 CW (Wide Rim) Trumpet Mouthpiece, .642″ David Perrico Las Vegas Showroom Trumpet Mouthpiece, .680″ Pellegrini Philharmonic Trumpet Mouthpiece, International Loud, High & Tasteless Guild. It’s the Legends Shooperman! The backbore is a Legends O, for an open blow. It’s perfect for cool cats looking to scream in the upper register! The Legends LA backbore is a copy of one used by Johnny Madrid. The Stratosphere rim is wide and medium round to medium flat, with some undercut for chop room and soft bite. The cup is a very shallow (similar to Bach F) drop V. The throat is a #27 and the backbore is a Legends S. Steal the spotlight with the Legends Bandito! The cup is medium depth, similar to Bach C. It has a nice big .656″ inside diameter. The Showtime is a good choice for studio musicians, commercial players and on-stage performers. Wild Bill Davis, Cat Anderson, solos C AT ANDERSON BIO William Alonzo Anderson (12 September 1916 29 April 1981), known as Cat Anderson, was an American jazz trumpeter best-known for his long period playing with Duke Ellington's orchestra, and for his extremely wide range (more than five octaves), especially his playing in the higher registers. Legends Matador: for when you need to take that trumpet solo by the horns! The Legends Winston Byrd is suitable for playing any style of music, but it is geared toward the upper register improv work Mr. Byrd is known for. It has a comfortable semi-round rim with a .663″ inside diameter. You can consult our Ultimate Guide to Flugelhorn Shanks, or check with your manufacturer. The only difference being that Mayn preffered the V cup to a bowl. Contact as to see what we can do for you. Shew has one in his giant mouthpiece cabinet. Shipping is free inside the USA. The inside rim diameter is .585″, and the cup is an extra shallow (similar to Bach F) bowl. The rim just melts into the cup, which is a medium to medium shallow convex V. The Legends JT Super C: Combine the small inside rim diameter, the shallow convex V cup, and the focused backbore together and you’ve got a recipe for Super C! The rim is extremely comfortable, but is a very small .562″ inside diameter. Mouthpieces that are out-of-stock will be made to order, and may take up to 12 weeks to ship. – 4G, one or two piece large shank 26mm rim, deep cup Semi-flat, narrow, with a medium-sharp bite. It has a rounded peak in the middle and slopes down to the inner and outer edges. Each cornet mouthpiece comes standard as a two-piece, screw rim model with the modern standard cornet shank.

This mouthpiece is for the trumpeter of steel looking to slay the upper register with the greatest of ease! – 5GS, two piece only, large shank, 25.55mm rim, medium cup. The first mouthpiece of its kind, designed by Bob Reeves in the early 1990s, the C2J will give your trumpet a warm, flugelhorn-like sound without the burden and playing issues common with doubling on flugelhorn.

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