This self-guided audio tour allows you to explore Highway 1 with maximum flexibility and value.

Here's how it works: Within 30 mins, we'll send you two things: a unique password and an app. United States ; ... JimmyJackk wrote a review Jul 2020. The first major solunar feeding period starts at 02:31. That may have been a record soupfin for the pier at the time but the action wasn’t over. var themessage = "webmaster"; Twenty-five square foot? Fish mid-pier, drop your line to the bottom, and then start a slow retrieve. Unfortunately, it was a Pyrrhic victory of sorts due to the careless manner in which the big ray was handled. (For some reason most of the walleye surfperch I’ve seen at Cayucos are on the small side.). The majority were caught near the end of the pier with the exception of one that was taken inshore down by the pilings. Tends to receive distant groundswells and the best swell direction is from the southwest. Halfway out on the pier, the fishermen were catching small bocaccio two to three at a time, as well as walleye and silver surfperch. Best around high tide when the tide is rising.

antiques, food, park along beach, even winery. Cayucos Pier tide times for the week The tide is currently falling in Cayucos Pier. Local fishermen were friendly and shared stories with us. Holes are punched in the cans and then the cans are lowered into the water (20 feet from the surface of the pier) using a mesh bag on the end of a rope. hikinghappily62 wrote a review Jan 2020. Cameras are often clickin’ about as fast as the reels are reeling. In the springtime you might see an occasional blackperch or striped seaperch, while summer and fall will yield up a few pileperch, cabezon and lingcod, as well as a variety of rockfish—grass, kelp, brown and black-and-yellow. This is a long pier and great for taking pictures. votes. A fairly common technique is to chum with cans of generic cat food (which are cheaper than the advertised brands). Quiet, beautiful sunsets and as many as 30 surfers in at a time. Bunch of jack smelt. Download the app onto your phone, enter the password, and download the tour. Most anglers use heavy gear, and the most common bait is a freshly caught small fish (sardine, mackerel, smelt, white croaker, perch, small rockfish) that is either cut in part diagonally for bait or given several diagonal cuts in the skin to allow blood to attract the sharks. Fishing down around the pilings, especially when there is a good growth of kelp, will sometimes yield a number of bottom species more common to rocky areas. And though he said it was the local regulars with “know how” who were catching the fish, I figured my experience, and “know how” just might yield me a fish or two. Services | Chamber of Commerce | Links | Wine Country | Travel |Advertise ... Nora Graf wrote a review Oct 2020. Upload your own or view all photos on the gallery page. There are some great shots from under the pier as well.

Nice Walk. Sturdy. Be sure to stop in and say hi to Glenda, she provides the monthly fish report for the pier. The surfperch can also be taken on grubs and the increasingly common Berkeley Gulp worms.

The sun will rise at 06:30 and sets at It is also one of the very few piers where swell (puffer) sharks are a common catch. The pier is located near the north end of Estero Bay with the shoreline cutting due west to the right of the pier. If you're staying in the area during the appropriate times (nighttime high tides which occur during the spring and summer, and which follow the first three to four nights after the full and the dark of the moon), go down to the beach and see if you can catch some of the elusive smelt with your hands. The current moonphase is a Waxing Crescent and 20 percent of the moon is visible. The first minor solunar feeding period starts at 10:06. Great place to visit.

Such a. How To Get There: To add your business information for a listing or report any errors or omissions contact our Adequate free parking is found near the foot of the pier along with restrooms and showers. At such times you may also often catch small illegal-sized lingcod. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. © 2020 | Privacy | Cookie Policy. Many of the visitors to the pier are of course not fisherman but touristas who like to come out and experience a little of the life on the pier (including offering up the inevitable question—“what ya catchin’?” Luckily for them, as well as the anglers on the pier, the fish-rich waters of Estero Bay can also often offer up an interesting assortment of wildlife to view up close—otters, dolphins, sea lions, harbor seals, sea birds and whales. Cayucos also sees quite a few species of sharks that are relatively uncommon to piers—soupfins, horn sharks, angel sharks (including a reported 65-pound fish in August 2004), and even sevengill sharks (including a reported 180-pounder in November of 1998). Fishing. Been going there off and on the last 54 yrs. //-->. Was at Cayucos, pier yestetday fishing, caught the smallest bull head in my life. Home | About Cayucos | History | Virtual Tour/Photo Gallery | Vacation Rentals | Real Estate All were small (8-14”) and most were taken on Sabiki bait rigs (one was taken on a grub). Feeding is said to be less vigorous. 11:06. Striped bass (Photo courtesy of “The Tidepool”).

Nice place to walk out and sit and enjoy ocean sounds smells and sights.

Check pandemic rules before your visit. Obviously great place to view the ocean and coast line. Farther out, small strips of anchovy seem to work best on the walleye surfperch, silver surfperch and spotfin surfperch, although sea worms fished near the top can yield jacksmelt, and pieces of anchovy or squid can yield white croaker and, at times, a few queenfish. moon The end spots will yield all of these, but also more pelagics such as Pacific and jack mackerel, Pacific sardine, Pacific herring (some years), bonito and barracuda, the last two only in warm-water years, and then normally in the fall.

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