From all sin, Today I would like to offer Intercessory and Petition Prayers as today’s spiritual practice, it is an important one to learn not just for yourself, but for those you carry within your heart.

Great his destiny, may it certainly be in the compassion and love of those around them. From that point, the Celtic church began to lose its distinctiveness from the church of Rome, although some unique practices and emphases continued. efore Christian missionaries came to the Ireland, the Irish Celts were polytheistic (many gods) and animistic (belief of spirits in everything, people, plants, animals, trees, etc. Have mercy on those who call to you. This is a pdf of a translation found on the web and assumed to be freely available. From all evil, Keep generosity within, keep greed out; Bring comfort to those grieving loved ones have died and peace to those worried, fearful and uncertain as the virus spreads. From your wrath,

Source: The Book of Dimma, 7th century.

Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, Jesus, our Refuge, Make us instruments of love and praise. Richard Schiffman, in a 2012 post on the religious page of Huffington Post[1], makes the case that those who pray are healthier. Quaero, postulo, peto a te. Mo bheatha i neamh, a mhic dhil Dé, O noble King, give your love quickly, There was also renewed interest in Celtic art.

[2] Based on a Prayer from the Gethsemane Chapel, Wells Cathedral, Wells UK. A prayer for the Corona Virus situation. Tabhair dom go tréan, a déarfad arís;

We pray that they will find your strength on those who are enduring pain and illness. Jesus, the mighty God, M’anam bheith lán de d’ghrá, a Dhé, Source:, on Cover My Soul with the Shadow of Your Wing, on Confession of Sins from the Book of Cerne, on Prayers for the Sick from the Book of Dimma, This litany from an Irish prayer book asks Jesus for mercy appealing to who he is, his attributes, his virtue, his love and his work. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Missionaries were sent out, first back to Britain, Wales and Scotland, then to mainland Europe.

O God of every gift, Jesus, Sun of justice, These 10 blessings and prayers to say at a funeral may inspire you.

From neglect of your holy inspirations, Lord Jesus, deliver us. O Lord Jesus Christ, you said, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Mercifully hear our prayers and give us your gift of divine charity, that we may always love you with all our heart, and always praise your holy name; for you live and reign, one God, now and forever. May they feel your love in a world filled with hate; Like the winding lines in Celtic art, the content of the prayer seems to wind back and forth with its repetition. what we are ashamed of, Domine da quod peto a te, through your agony and passion,

that in its light Deus pater omnipotens domine caeli ac terrae deduc me obsecro te per misericordiam pietatis tuaeUbi resplendent semper angelorum milia regem regum laudantes cum ingenti gloria .Ubi uiginti quattuor seniores sunt proni agnum dei laudantes ante conspectum throni .Ubi mystica quattuor animalia tota oculis plena tarn mira magnalia .Ubi ilia flumina bis bina manantia uno e fontis rore inrigati .Ubi patriarchae primi credentes deo ciues urbis diuinae regnantes sine (fine) cum eo .Ubi prophetae puri spiritu sancto pleni christum conlaudant clara causa luminis ueri .Ubi sancta maria sanctis cum uirginibus uitae fruentes prmiis & in thronis sublimibus .Ubi petrus et Paulus christi cum apostolis regnant cum rege sedentes in cathhedris .Ubi sequuntur agnum turbae innocentium uirginitatis flore amoeno florentium .Ubi martyrum chori amicti stolis albis christo canentes habentes uitae palmam .Ubi uirgines sanctae castitatis nimiam habent palmam gloriae regni regiae .Ubi sanctorum turbae domino canentium gaudent cum pace firma in terra uiuentium .Ubi est felicitas .Ubi et securitas .Ubi semper sanitas .Ubi mentis puritas .Ubi nullus dolor .Ubi nee mentes nee irae furor Nee dolor laborantibus .Ubi nullus esurit .Ubi nee ullus bibit .Ubi ignis non urit .Ubi nullus peribit .Ubi senex non manet .Ubi iuuenis florebit .Ubi lesus non gemit .Ubi pauper non plorat .Ubi pax perpetua .Ubi et laetitia .Ubi nee molestia .Ubi uita est uera .Ubi nee mors amara .Ubi semper diuina .Ubi non nocent mala .Ubi caritas firma .Ubi alma gloria christi regis regiae .Ubi lumen diuinum .Ubi gaudium uerum .Ubi poculum purum uitae perennis plenum .Ubi nomen praeclarum Christi regnantis (in) thronum .Ubi est rector rerum .Ubi salus cunctorum .Ubi unitas .Ubi diuinitas .Ubi trinitas .Ubi ueritas uera .Ubi uirtus diuina .Ubi deus deorum .Ubi dominus dominorum .Ubi rex regum .Ubi caelorum chori .Ubi lux lucis .Ubi fons uiuus fulget in summa poli .Ubi uox laudis resonat domino regi .Ubi nox nulla tetra .Ubi regnum regnorum saeculorum in saecula . Ephesians 3:16-19  16I pray that, according to the riches of his glory, he may grant that you may be strengthened in your inner being with power through his Spirit, 17and that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith, as you are being rooted and grounded in love.

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