Quickly cross left over right (2), Kick right foot forward (1) Church Clap - KB Straight off the new Album! (turn can be ¼, ½, ¾, or full turn) Close left next to right (2)

Made 1/4 turn right stepping onto left foot (6) Slap Instep

Weight on right heel and left toe swivel both toes to right (1) Step forward on right foot (1) Repeat as directed.

Anchor left lifting heel, drop right heel & slide back past left (2) Touch left in place (4). Make 1/2 turn right stepping back left (2) Step right foot behind left (1) Recover forward on left foot (&), Step right foot forward crossing over left foot (1) Return both feet to centre (&) Left hand slap left thigh. Step left foot forward crossing over right foot (2), Feet together, Swivel heels to left (1), Sugar foot (2 counts) Brush foot across floor front to back passing the standing foot.

Step down on right foot. Walk forward on left foot (2).

Step forward on left foot (2), Crossing Shuffle (aka) Samba Cross Take weight onto fight foot (2), Cross right foot over left leg at shin level.(1). Let both knees bend and lean slightly to the left (feet do not swivel) (4) Make 1/4 right by bringing right foot back to place and stepping onto it. Step right in place (&) When toes touch the floor, push off and push-up with hands again. Cross left foot behind right foot (1) Step left foot in place (3)


For Swivel steps that travel see (Ramble). I would love to be able to search by level of dance like the website has. Step forward on right foot. Step left foot to left side (2) Complete full turn stepping onto left foot.(3). Repeat as instructed. I don't know why they ruined it. Nstasia. Make 1/2 turn right stepping back on left (2) Bend knees, arms hanging ape like at sides, quick walk forward with knees bent (1) Touch left heel forward (!) Replace weight on left foot (2) Slightly bend knees.bend arms and clench fists slight in front of body Slide left foot to right taking weight (2)

Paddle can turn from as little as 1/8th at a time up to a full rotation. Step left forward(2) Repeat as directed. Replace weight on right foot (2) Swivel heels to left (3) Sept forward on left foot. Kick left forward (2) Alternatively start with left foot in front of right.

Touch right toe to right side (1)

Step right foot to right side (1),

Repeat as directed, Slap Hips Touch left toe to left side. Step forward on the right foot (1)

(2), Slap Heel. Cross right over left (4). Why did you mess it up?????? (Repeat as directed). Step forward on right foot (1) Swivel heels to centre (2) Unwind 1/4 turn to right stepping onto right foot (2). (2) Touch left foot next to right. Lock left foot behind right (&)

Return right foot to place (2) Repeat pattern leading on left. Push to stomach forward (2) Quickly change weight back to the left foot (1). Step forward on right foot (1) Karl Harry Winson | 494/494. Step right foot in place (2)

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