- Added Winged Knight to courtyard between Vordt and Dancer. - Ancient Wyverns (excluding unique) now respawn. - Lothric Candlestick Enchanted/Holy infusion INT/FTH scaling has been reduced. - Added 6 Serpent-man Summoners to gauntlet area. you can use some mods like cinders (highly recommended) offline and you won't get ban. - Seed of a Giant Tree now lasts 300 seconds. - Inquistor Ashford now uses Crystal Hail rather than Crystal Cascade. Sold by the Shrine Handmaid.

- Young Dragon Ring: Grants 10% boost to the power of Sorceries but reduces absorption by 10%.

- The Pursuer now deals more damage in the later areas. - Added +3 versions of many rings. Mod author Obanon realized that much of the game's color palette relies on shades of grey, making many of the game's areas feel washed out.

- Reduced the drop rate of the covenant materials from 10% to 5%. - [Head] Effect: Boosts fire damage by 5%. - Changed the icons for the rolling rings.

- Archdeacon's Great Staff scaling split between INT and FTH.

The tougher the enemy, the more likely it will drop it. - This means the special weapons are still stronger on average, but the difference is longer massive between normal weapons and special weapons. - Added Ring of the Fingers: Take on the apperance of a phantom belonging to Rosaria's Fingers.

- Witch's Ring: Grants 10% boost to the power of Pyromancies but reduces max HP by 25%.

- Increased the damage dealt by Boreal Outrider Knights.

- Covetous Silver Serpent Ring: Grants 25% extra souls. - Ascension is now done via reinforcement rather than a separate infusion.

- Added Morric, the Fallen Knight: drops Hammer of Carim, - Added Tomb Raider Dyfan: drops Bone Rapier. - Lowered poise damage from Floating Chaos bullets to 3 from 20. - Primordial Titanite drops from NG+ ring mobs is now less than 100% on the weaker mobs. - Changed FP Scale to {1:100, 25:250, 50:500, 75:750, 99:1000}. Exceptions are spell tools, bows, crossbows, Dark Hand, Dung Slathered Fists and Holy Cuffs. Dropped by Thralls.

- Restored regular titanite weapons for purchase at Andre's shop, they unlock based on progression. - Passive FP regen is now 1 FP per second. - Londor Tincture: Boosts all defences by 30.

- Many weapons no longer use the Titanite path for reinforcement.. - The hybrid weapon/spell tools can no longer be infused.

- Reverted Arcane Trinket back to original effect. - Added Winged Knight to rooftop that leads to courtyard. Transposed from Oceiros's soul. - Added Luyila of Londor: drops Black Set and Darkdrift. - You can toggle Scorched Contract mode by using the Nullification Wavier to disable it, and the Scorched Contract to enable it.

Bias % is used to control the disparity between weights (all same, or in the range of 1x to 2x, or in the range of 1x to 1000000x). - Champion's Pact no longer boosts enemy absorption, but damage boost is now 30%.

- Removed the covenant names in the status menu.

- Titanite Catch Pole: boosts poise by 15%. - Moved the Demon's Spear itemlot to the corpse found in the Firelink Shrine ruins in the Dreg Heap.

Sold by Vinheim Scholars. - Reduced some of the more punishing absorptions on bosses (the max is now 50% reduced, rather than 75%). No longer stacks. - Greirat now sells more of the limited consumables he offers, and at a lower price.

- Sunlight Talisman: added Shower of Sunlight WA, emits short heavenly thunder. - Added Ring of Adversity: Boosts stamina recovery by 30 but reduces health by 1% every second. X depends on weapon type. Changed Crystalline Barrage to Soul Barrage. - Changed Gold Pine Resin location to Repair Powder, - Changed Firebomb location to Repair Powder, - Changed Mimic that dropped 1 Cinders to now drop Acolyte Ring, - Added Huntmaster Ava: drops Endless Quiver.

- Darkmoon Ring now grants 5 FP per second (was 1%).

- Changed Scholar Ring treasure to Loch Shield. - Replenishment: Heals 300 HP over 60 seconds. - Giant's Coal is now found in the Flameless Shrine.

Found in a chest in Irithyll.

Dropped by Smouldering Ghrus. - Increased the HP of many enemies.

- Heal: Heals 150 HP over 10 seconds.

Changed the stat requirements of the following: - All effects are now split between the four pieces. - Yorshka's Spear now deals Magic damage instead of Dark damage. - Emit Force now uses Farron Dart animation. - Halflight: Increases weapon skill FP cost by 100%.

- Kremmel: increases weapon FP and stamina costs by 50%, adds awestone roll at 2.5% chance. Increased spell buff to 200. - Added Bone Scythe. - Reduced boss aux resists to a 150 <> 250 range, so later bosses aren't so resistant. - Reduced the damage boost for Nightmare bosses. - Tin Banishment Catalyst: now has Banish WA, applies rapport effect. - Removed the 2 Winged Knights near Vordt's entrance. - Adjusted +0 rings to account for new NG+ rings.

What else could it have been? - Removed durability damage when using Moonlight Vortex attack. Boosts soul absorption by 20%. No longer stacks. - Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone: Summon giant hands, smashing the ground, dealing 800 Physical damage, scaling up STR and DEX.

- Note: the location of the rings changed in each cycle, but they share the same general area.

This change will make it much more likely for weapons to reach the at-risk portion of durability, although the aim isn't for them to be excessively fragile.

- Now reduces weapon stamina consumption by 15%. Sold by the Stone-humped Hag.

- Spotted Whip now uses Titanite for reinforcement. - Removed the giant enemy and object after the Pontiff.

- Made the Angel's holy spears more accurate and faster.

- Cornyx now sells Singe and Seeds of Chaos spells. Now back to a straight boost to dark spell damage. (Old location is Broken Straight Sword), - Added Fire Keeper Mask treasure. - Irithyllian Slave now drop Cursed Pellets. - Enemies will now have the following below 50% HP: - The reward for completing the Deathless run is now the Crown of the Great Lord. - Changed the attunement FP scale to {1:100, 25:125, 50:150, 75:175, 99:200}. - Shield reinforcement now increases stability more (10% -> 100%). - Added Flame Ember: unlocks the latent power of Fire infused weapons.

- Fixed Caestus 2H animations being way too fast.

- Fixed bug with Lifehunt Scythe not restoring HP.

- FP regens at a base rate of 5 FP every 5 seconds. - Deacons of the Deep: Killing enemies deals 1% HP damage to player. FP cost now 80. - Cinders now provide a 25% max HP and FP buff for 5 minutes. I then downloaded the randomizer that can work with Cinders but no matter what I do it doesn't work.

- Giant Crystal Lizard in Untended Graves now drop Titanite Scale at Chance: 10%.

- Young Grass Dew now grants 1 FP per second (was 1%).

- Chaos Servants: Boosts Fire absorption by 10%. - [Head] Effect: Boosts lightning damage by 5%. - Increased Vordt of the Boreal Valley HP to 3000 [6000]. - Dusk Crown Ring: Grants 25% boost to the power of Sorceries but increases spell FP cost by 100%. - New models should no longer disappear on NPCs at a distance. Scales with FTH. - Weakened the strength of the NG+ rings as NG+ now requires less obscene boosts. - Removed one of the added Pontiff Knights in NG+0. - Rock Lizards have a rare chance to drop Titanite Slabs. Stacks.

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