Divine Spark will likely guarantee you the first religion. Original Link – Continuation of discussion. Papal Primacy leads the pack among beliefs useful for non Religion Victory Players. Indeed, these fans will be able to assess Beliefs relative to things like terrain and desired victory condition on a per game basis, allowing them to pick the perfect Beliefs for every set of circumstances. Stone circles also generates a lot of faith.

© 2012 - 2020 All rights reserved. Huge Defensive Bonuses – Small Investment.

This build requires no faith economy to be effective, meaning you only need 1 holy district. Crusade isn’t as reliable or discreet but is still very powerful. Name: Description: Crusade: Combat units gain +10 Combat Strength near foreign cities that follow this Religion.

Religious Community is more responsible than Feed The World and will likely give you enough population to construct an additional district. Zen Meditation is the best choice for the average player and is super reliable.

For example, if I already built a synagogue in my city, but it gets converted and allows me to build a mosque, can I benefit from both at the same time?

Crusade is one of the various Founder Beliefs types in Civilization VI. Good Faith per turn and Jesuit Education work. 90% domination is shoot cannon until the one melee can take a city.

Feed The World is great on 2-3 Holy Districts and grows your cities VERY fast. Hi everyone. Desert Folklore and it’s similar Tundra and Rainforest pantheons can earn large amounts of faith. Religious Community Housing shouldn’t be underestimated because it basically gives you another district slot. The best possible tier is good independent of religious victory. Easy to get religion with amazing combat bonuses. Beliefs really allow religions to make up for crucial resources you empire lacks.

Pantheons allow players to choose a perk which will help them throughout the game. Please think about this tier list in terms of what helps all players.

Divine Inspiration is situational but still valuable. Faith for each Barbarian Outpost cleared. The other choices really excel when there’s at least 2-3 holy sites in your empire or if you’re planning on getting the Reformed Church Government. Civ 6 very much encourages players to expand endlessly with it's design and greatly hinders tall, high pop cities with it's limited size and scope. Unique Ability Isibongo Cities with a garrisoned unit receive +3 Loyalty per turn Additional +2 Loyalty if the unit is a Corps or Army Conquering a city with a unit upgrades it into a... Civilization 6 – Mongolia Guide. The main topics of this guide are the tiers list where I cover the useful Pantheons and Beliefs. Papal Primacy is great for any player and works independent of faith economy and victory goals.

I pick Papal or Meeting House because they’re both useful to a warmonger. Thanks for making it this far. I primarily play Civ in a competitive multiplayer environment, The Civilization Players League. To note, as players get more experience with Civilization 6 they are likely to deviate from the religion Beliefs that are recommended below.

For the average player an extra 2 or 3 culture, Great Person Points and Production saved are great. Mosques in the early quickly return their investment in faith passively earned and saved from creating holy units. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. God of the Open Sky should be useful very early into the game. I also created some religion builds show the diversity of religion. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. I want to help people understand what beliefs work well with each other and change their perspective on how religion should be used in Civilization 6. The potential to produce more military and infrastructure or receive extra gold, faith, production from city’s states is useful. 10 Combat Strength in the Ancient Era is nearly uncounterable in most circumstances.

If I can get +4 Faith a turn from 1 of these two I’ll take it. Pantheons not mentioned are more situational than reliable.

Religious buildings are good and allows flexibility with your empire’s needs. These strategies are concepts. DoF & Crusade are powerful.

You can choose 1 belief when you found a religion and 2 more through reforms.

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