Up until that point, Cleetus and the gang have simply been following the trend of building (and racing) fast cars for video views (which translates into ad revenue), and that style of content had been working very well for Garrett. I think many of Cleetus's friends could have success in youtube. Cleetus is all about 'MERICA he loves his 'MERICAN made Chevrolets, high class double wides, race cars, and fishing! If you’re a fan of automotive content on YouTube, chances are very high that you’ve heard of a guy from Florida named Cleetus McFarland.

oh no it would beat cleetus so we cant allow that.... Also jeesus can we get rid of spicy Spencer he has NOTHING to offer except its clear he is in love with his own reflection.

In order to truly understand who Cleetus McFarland is, you’ve got to go back in time and learn how it all started: Even before the Cleetus McFarland Youtube channel was ever a thing, Garrett was uploading automotive content for 1320Video. There’s only one real choice…, He studied law in school (did his undergrad at the University of Tampa), An extremely talented and knowledgeable drag racer.

It's hard to film and do all the things they do with a race car and not be running your ass off. Cleetus Mcfarland, the YouTube personality started the channel out of jest but somehow it turned unto a viral sensation. Although he has been really distant for a long time. This is likely one of the primary reasons why his viewership remains so strong to this day. This is just for like the outside drifting shots with cleet. There was no specific theme or style defined for the content that he and his team were creating at first, but most of it involved fast cars, good humor, and crazy challenges. He fulfills orders himself.

These guys got some good chemistry and immediately reminded me of top Gear (and grand tour). Maybe Spence is transitioning into that? To begin calculating Cleetus McFarland’s net worth, let’s have a look at his annual income: As far as I can tell, ... Cleetus has two full time employees on his payroll (Cooper Bogetti and James Taal).

Alec it seams to say stuff all while filming coming across as almost forced, where he would have been better off just staying quiet for the clip. Cleetus Chat Maybe we should have foreseen the exit of Coop. Usually what happens is that he’ll announce a new item in one video, promote it for the next two, and its … I wish they would steal from Top Gear. Also they would stretch like 10 minutes of content into half an hour. Don't get me wrong I like tavarish tho.

I really enjoyed the Freedom Games.

Because he has so much content to upload on a weekly basis, he created. But there’s a lot more to him than that. edit2: Cleet has mentioned on the channel before that he would like to show more of Coops stuff but Coop doesn't want him to. We have a brand new fleet of Crown Vics wrapped with Nitto NT555 G2 tires and 40, yes 40, of your favorite automotive and YouTube celebrities to battle it out in a wild endurance style race. When TJ did that, it instantly solidified him as more than just a car guy who makes videos for fun. Not only that, it opened up collaboration opportunities with other well known drivers in the automotive space as well. In my opinion, the best way to answer everyone who has ever asked “who is Cleetus McFarland?” is to list out the biggest things Cleetus (I mean…Garrett) is known for.

Within the first month of ownership, Garrett (ahem…Cleetus) invited both Adam LZ and Vaughn Gittin Jr to the Freedom Factory, which resulted in epic content for everyone involved. Probably the most interesting car guy on YouTube, that’s all. I miss Coops comments. Who is Cleetus McFarland? Cooper needs to be less awkward but with some editing I can see it. One thing is for sure... he has BIG BALLS! Probably a great guy but he will never replace Coop. Ol' mate Cleet is definitely an entrepreneur. Seeing Garrett back into Coopers little Subie was that same kind of content. If you're having issues watching the feed, please make sure to checkout the FAQ section to resolve most issues. Buying a racetrack is next level! This is our last PPV event of the year so naturally it will be the biggest, craziest, most hell yeah brother event you’ve ever witnessed. The shop was (is) located in Clearwater Florida just outside of Tampa. I mean…how freakin’ awesome he is. Home; Store. Not anyone else. It’s been renovated and brought up to the Cleetus standard, including what is to be believed as the largest burnout pad in the world! Those who subscribed to the channel in the beginning are still getting that exact same kind of content today. I just don't want to see them joining an MCN. He’s also got a massive following with millions of subscribers to his channel – which isn’t surprising considering his fun and energetic personality. Garrett, James, and Cooper doing what they do best: making some of the best automotive content on YouTube! After he didn't show up to RMRW2.0.i had a feeling he wouldn't be about for long, I had a similar thought too but didn’t think much of it at the time. My Account; Cleetus Merch; Events. He has a keen sense to detect a project car from the scraps. Real fast.

2.4hrs of LeMullets; Burnout Rivals; Freedom 500; Full Schedule; Contact Us. “Who is Cleetus McFarland?” is likely a question that his fans get when they wear his merchandise out in public, but to those loyal fans…it’s an honor to wear his brand. More posts from the CleetusMcFarland community, This is the page for the fans of the Cleetus McFarland Youtube channel, Press J to jump to the feed. I’ve been watching Cleetus McFarland videos for years, and I’ve seen James, Cooper, and even his girlfriend processing orders in the background. but i really dont want them going to some media conglomerate that will dictate how long episodes are and how many they do. Please keep doing challenges like this, mixed with races, burnouts and shenanigans! I 100% agree!!!! Posted by 4 months ago. PPV FAQ; Menu. The purchase of the old DeSoto Raceway in Bradenton Florida at the beginning of 2020 instantly put him on the map as one of smartest automotive influencers / personalities on YouTube. I know from experience. I’ve been watching Cleetus McFarland videos for years, and I’ve seen James, Cooper, and even his girlfriend processing orders in the background. He took on a redneck-style accent (with the clothing to match) during a segment involving a highly modified Camaro, and the rest was history. They're living the dream! An up and coming automotive drifter – though, at this point, he just does it for fun and is not actively competing. Sometimes Cleetus breaks all of the cars and we have to cancel on certain events! 89% Upvoted. Can you say Cleetus, James and Cooper are the next Clarkson, May and Hammond!!!?!?! As you can see, my answer for automotive enthusiasts is sloppy, long-winded, and not very well thought out, since Cleetus is far more than just a builder of fast cars. By purchasing his own racetrack, Garrett instantly opened up a world of new content opportunities for his channel. hide. Would like to watch those. Not only by simply uploading content of him and his friends goofing around in fast cars, but by officially creating a “Cleetus McFarland” brand name with the help of Cooper and James.

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