Taylor, the veteran, stands up. MORE: The inside story of "The Naked Gun" baseball game.

Doyle: “Ball four.” The setup: In the conference room, looking over the list of spring training invitees. They're fashion icons, too.

A few months later, he was selected 21st overall in the 1969 Draft.Known as the "Mad Hungarian," Hrabosky lived up to his nickname by stomping around the mound, pounding the ball into his glove and glaring angrily at batters. Top five of Kilmer, Kreese and Johnny from Cobra Kai, Drago, and Shooter McGavin are neck and neck with Warden Hazen from The Longest Yard rounding out the top 5 imo. He is …” Though he was nicknamed "The Spaceman," when Lee arrived in Montreal, he basically could have been the inspiration for the commercial-turned-TV-show "Cavemen." It was definitely this commercial for paint.Unrelated: Tiant once paid Monsanto $750 to create a custom-made Afro toupee for the 1975 World Series. And discuss curveballs.

Manager Lou Brown: “He was an All-Star in Boston, wasn’t he?”

It’s more a work of art than a movie script. To hear Uecker so damn excited?

The setup: Tie game, ninth inning.

And others, of course, but those are the ones that spring to mind. One fan: “No way. "The Big Lebowski" is in that conversation, and so are "Caddyshack," "Bull Durham," "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off," "The Princess Bride" and "Anchorman." Ricky Vaughn: “California Penal.”  He even went so far as to enter games set to "Hungarian Rhapsody No. Willie Mays Hayes: “What the hell league you been playing in?” The setup: Players arriving to spring training, as the coaching staff watches.

And when she smiles and claps. Taylor: “Well, then, I guess there’s only one thing left to do. Donovan: “We did.” Here’s to baseball, and to the start of two great careers. Said Gamble, "We're open to all suggestions, except a haircut." Donovan: “What do you mean you don’t know? It’s really great.”Why it’s the best: The “uniforms and everything” line kills me, every time. Just the best. But the growth also made it difficult for him to wear hats or batting helmets, eventually requiring help from the Cleveland fans. And to see them win? Baseball was at a unique place in the 1970s: Uniforms became tighter, brighter and pullover-er. Nobody’s listening anyway.”Why it’s the best: The frustration is real, both for the awfulness of the team and the apathy of the listeners (or lack thereof). I’m sure he’s a close personal friend and all, but tell me, what was he doing with her panties on his head?” The setup: Willie Mays Hayes showed up to camp without an invite. The setup: Players file into the communal living space at spring training, complete with bunk beds everywhere. There's the famous boy's bopping T-shirt that he came up with, the days when he was rocking the Jason-playing-baseball mask ... and the quotes. The setup: Willie Mays Hayes reaches in the ninth inning of the tiebreaker game. Cerrano: “Is very bad to steal Jobu’s rum.

Taylor: “Who’s that guy she’s with?” The setup: In the clubhouse, before the first regular-season game of the year.

Heywood: [afterHayes reached on a bloop infield single] You really knocked the crap out of that one. The earth will turn into a giant snowball and be hurled through space. It’s perfect. The third fan: “Who gives a s—? Thomas topped 30 home runs in five separate seasons, leading the league with 45 in 1979 and 39 in '82. In fact, he said it was very bad.

They are sick.

A few million years from now, the sun will burn out and lose its gravitational pull. Shaddup. And I still face some of these guys in the old timer games. Also, because it was hard enough to keep this list to 30. The scouts then paid $20 to the coach to conveniently "forget" about the suspension and let him play, with another $20 so that they could see him in the cage. The Indians win it! "Needless to say, there's a reason why Warren Zevon only wrote one song about a baseball player, and that player was Lee: Befitting a man who represented the counter-culture, Lee is likely still playing baseball ... somewhere. He’s not wearing a name tag.” Taylor: “Sorry, Rick. He will come.” After he was admonished by the skipper, he replied in the Sporting News saying, "If I think it'll help me win, why shouldn't I keep in touch with the witch? Too high. Action documented by Uecker. It turns out there's an origin story for his afro.

You a golfer?” The setup: Brown has just told the team that the owner, Phelps, picked this team because she thought it would be awful, and that the players would all be released or traded after the season. Mar 15, 2016 - Explore Lisa Gallant's board "lori petty" on Pinterest.

And maybe it still does. The pitch sails over the catcher and smashes a “No Pepper” sign on the fence.

Doyle: “Vaughn into the wind up, and his first offering … juuuust a bit outside. Monte the color man: “You can’t sat g—damn on the air! I like him very much. Phelps: “Cross him off, then.”Why it’s the best: Pretty much anytime anything has needed to be crossed off any list since I first saw this movie, I said it just like Rachel Phelps. The setup: At the fancy celebration dinner, Taylor spots his ex-girlfriend Lynn with another man. Brown: “Forget about the curveball, Ricky. Leach: “Four years ago, then.”Why it’s the best: I might be alone here, but I just loved this exchange. Brown: “Nice velocity.”

Dick Allen may not be in the Hall of Fame, but if there was a Hall of Cool, he would definitely be in. Vaughn: “What is it, the chick?” And here we are -- the player with the most famous hair this side of Jennifer Aniston during "Friends." Jon Voight is an amazing actor. Taylor: “French.” Had problems with his knees.” Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates on LSU Football and Recruiting. The movie starts as a series of amusing one-liners, but along the way you care about the players (while laughing the whole time). The setup: Players getting to know each other in spring training.

Three years after he retired from baseball, he took on the role of one of history's greatest villains: Clu Haywood, the giant slugger in "Major League." The setup: In the spring training locker room, we meet Jobu. Let’s have a toast. This is a chance to manage in the big leagues.”  The reliever tried to intimidate batters by behaving erracticately -- whether by fidgeting, twitching or perhaps even sticking out his tongue, he made sure that batters had no idea what to expect from the hurler. Tomlinson’s going to need a visa to catch this one.

And I'm a star." The setup: Indians GM Charlie Donovan calls Lou Brown, manager of the Toledo Mud Hens, at his offseason job at Tire World, to offer him a job. Doyle: “Haywood swings and crushes one toward South America. The local press seems to think we’d save everyone a lot of time and trouble if we just went out and shot ourselves.

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