But Phor says he doesn’t know anyone from his father’s side so it’s possible that he’s her blood cousin. then the other person you fire comes back talking about that’s her job and the other person who got hired needs to leave you come back from out of town both of them sitting in your shop and it’s like you have nothing to say about it? Danielle and Van are so disrespectful.

Danielle calls out Ryan for bringing back Cobra and Ryan calls Danielle out for returning to the shop with Van when they were fired. The pressure is on and the hustle is real for this close-knit group of friends who are trying to make it in one of the roughest cities in America.

JR helps out with the tattooing. Ryan is surprised to see her. Ryan makes a move to assert his authority; Ashley wants Don to control his anger; Danielle confronts Kat about being a bad friend; Van gets locked out of the shop.

Ryan feels like Cobra is already being more respectful to him than everyone in Chicago. Charmaine is angry about the $250 ray ban Cobra stole for her and tells Cobra she owes her money. Black Ink Crew: Chicago S3 E3 "The Return of Cobra" Discussion in 'Black Ink Crew ... Mar 18, 2010 Ratings: +290,188 / 9,422 / -1,368.

Alonitza tells Danielle she is the new receptionist and Van and Danielle gang up on her. “I feel like there are some issues in our marriage. With his dad now being deceased, it’s important to him to learn more about his father’s family.

Ryan and Jr return to the shop with Cobra.

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While Ryan and JR are away in Philly, Danielle goes back to the shop and says she’s taking her job back.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The windows are being repaired after Van broke into the shop. However, Janelle tells Phor that she’s his paternal cousin. Black Ink Crew Chicago Recap: Charmaine and Cobra Come to Blows + Kat Returns. In a green screen interview, Don says he doesn’t go to church and he’s just not interested. “At the end of the day, this is all about Ryan and Van. Nikki suggests Janelle does a DNA test and she agrees. Danielle then tells Ryan that it takes a village to run the shop and half of his village doesn’t approve of how he’s doing things.

It is the Chicago-based spin-off of Black Ink Crew.It chronicles the daily operations and staff drama at an African American owned and operated tattoo shop, 9MAG, located in Chicago, Illinois.

Ryan gets heated when Danielle tells him she fired Alonitza. Copyright © 2020 Urban Belle Media, LLC. Joseline Hernandez has always been outspoken.

Your email address will not be published. The New Barack and Michelle Obama S3, E1: Ryan battles his staff over their growing disrespect; Don and Ashley's marital bliss becomes threatened; Kat leaves Chicago; Van starts a brawl; Ashley starts trouble with Charmaine.

But Ryan isn’t hearing it.

Danielle comes in and Charmaine tells her to just ignore Ryan so it won’t be any drama at her party. Danielle reveals an explosive secret about Kat; JR and Lily take their relationship to the next level; Van freaks out when Jenn mentions the "m" word; Charmaine grills Ryan about Kat; all hell breaks loose at Phor's concert. The pastor suggests Don strengthens his relationship with Christ but Don says he doesn’t consider himself a Christian. ‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Suspect Shaunie O’Neal May Have Responded to Tami Roman’s Comments, Martell Holt’s Mistress is Reportedly in Talks to Appear on ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’, Quad Webb Was Reportedly Demoted on the Upcoming Season of ‘Married to Medicine’, RHOA Tea: More Details Released About Cynthia Bailey’s Messy Bachelorette Party. Lol, YES THAT’S WHAT I WAS SAYING LIKE RYAN AINT GOT NO CONTROL OVER THESE FOOLS. Phor has a show and Don and Nikki come out to support him. “Seeing Cobra got me a little scared for my life now.” – Ryan. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The pressure is on and the hustle is real for this close-knit group of friends who are trying to make it in one of the roughest cities in America.

Rachel tells him to focus on the convention and worry about the shop when they return to Chicago. They all agree things are getting out of control. He also invites Cobra to return to the shop to work but she tells him she really has to think about it since she doesn’t know who she is on good terms with. Danielle confronts Ryan, putting a damper on Charmaine's birthday party; Ryan attends a tattoo convention in Philadelphia; Van and Danielle take over the shop; Ryan rehires a former employee; Kat shocks the crew. JR, Charmaine and Phor discuss Van and Ryan’s beef. I can’t stand either one of them.

Danielle tells her to take the trash out on her way out. The crew is smitten when Ryan hires a new artist; Phor's peace offering sends Nikki over the edge; Ashley gives Don a taste of his own medicine; Lily hooks up.

Don is worried because even though they have different fathers, Phor is his brother and he wants to always protect him. Black Ink Crew: Chicago is an American reality television series that airs on VH1 and debuted on October 26, 2015. He tells Rachel that he hasn’t spoken to Van and he’s really over all the problems he’s been having with running the shop.

And at times, the “Love And Hip Hop... Kandi won’t remain on RHOA if Phaedra ever returns. In his green screen interview, he says Ryan isn’t being a great boss and cause Van breaking into the shop by changing the locks. JR and Ryan invite Cobra to work with them at the convention. Formed in the wake of a tragedy, 9Mag is a daily reminder of the struggles they work to overcome, and of the bright future that lies ahead…if they play their cards right. But when Charmaine makes fun of Cobra’s weight, Cobra removes her jacket and runs up on Charmaine and swings. Support. Ashley enlists the help of her brother to spy on Don's bachelor party; Terrence crashes Don's wedding weekend and gives Danielle an ultimatum; Ashley threatens to call off the wedding. It chronicles the daily operations and staff drama at an African American owned and operated tattoo shop, 9MAG, located in Chicago, Illinois.

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