So like naturalism, realism also lays emphasis on sense training, study of science, diversified curricula, catering education to varied interests, Aristotle claimed that each piece of matter has universal and particular properties. According to humanistic realism, classical literature should be studied but not for studying its form and style but for its content and ideas it contained. ( Log Out / 

The purpose of this explanation is to enable the pupil to adjust himself in the environment in which he must live. The Scholasticism movement encouraged the logical and philosophical study of the beliefs of the church, legitimizing scientific inquiry within a religious framework. Hence, according to this ideology, the third aim of education is to develop the physical and mental powers of the child so that with the help of his developed intelligence, discrimination and judgement, he is able to solve all the problems of life successfully. Study of languages is not so significant as the study of natural sciences and contemporary life.

Character is developed through imitating examples and heroes.

Students must also demonstrate the ability to think critically and scientifically, using observation and experimentation. In this series on the four main schools of philosophies idealism, realism, postmodernism, and pragmatism will be reviewed to assist with understanding the elements of philosophy. This area of philosophy focuses on the nature of reality. John Locke was a philosopher as Comenius was an educator. Most philosophers and scientists are chary of such absolutes. Developing and Training of senses: phenomena and social institutions. Realism the external world of objects is not imaginary. Every concept is of something; every judgment about something. The entire knowledge should be gained after experience. The sense-realists emphasized the three things : a)      Application of inductive method formulated by Bacon in order to organize and simplify the instructional process. is a platform for academics to share research papers. The realists make no provision for the world of supernature and takes an agonistic view towards it. The purpose of education, according to social realists, is to prepare the practical man of the world. Sense-realism– attached more importance to the study of natural sciences and contemporary social life. The realist does give reply to these questions but these replies are not found to be satisfactory. In other words, he believes that no goal or object is bad or good in itself. Is emotionless life not almost dead life? He has some feelings, some desires and some powers. Realism encourages formalism. Realism appears to be a reaction against curricula consisting of studies that have become bookish, sophisticated and a abstruse. Currently I am studying MA Sociology in Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and Bachelor of Education at Assam University. Subjects like art, culture, religion and mortality etc but according to this critics, science and technology do not by themselves have any value For the realist, the world is as it is, and the job of schools would be to teach students about the world. In the third place he should study history and the sciences of man. The New Realist position is the weaker of the two since direct cognition does not permit error and the rationale employed by Wild, that “Error is the creation of the erring subject” is most unsatisfactory if the mind is viewed purely as relational with no contents of its own with which to create error. New Realists, particularly the American school, rejected this notion, giving mind no special status and viewing it as part of nature. They want to learn, but for other reasons. He thought that he would conquer the entire world with his For pragmatists, only those things that are experienced or observed are real. The ultimate reality is the world of physical objects.

In fact, real knowledge comes only when the organism can organize the data of experience. Preparing the child for a real life: Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855), a Danish minister and philosopher, is considered to be the founder of existentialism. The student himself is a part of this world. Past activity is no guarantee of future activity. At its most extreme, the pupil is viewed as a machine which can be programmed in a manner similar to the programming of a computer. consider these worlds only to be a figment of imagination. The next criticism deals directly with the philosophical underpinnings of the realist position.

The Efficient Cause: the agent that produces the object, 4. The change is also due to regularity. E. Realism & Curriculum: There is great variety in the metaphysical beliefs of realists. More importance only to scientific subjects: Realism gives too much emphasis to science and technology and altogether ignores the

The realist sees the immutable laws governing man’s behavior as part of the machine; they are natural law. Different cultural and ethnic groups learn to work cooperatively and contribute to a democratic society.

Because of its formalism it allowed a teacher to substitute technique for knowledge a long distance. Finally in the later stages of this basic training, he should be introduced to    philosophy and to those basic problems which arise from the attempt to integrate knowledge and practice. object. The child is to be understood a creature of the real world there is no sense in making him a God. The nature of reality for Existentialists is subjective, and lies within the individual.

However, the difference between them is he saw this movement headed to a final end. It is more important than the ultimate reality of the spiritual world. . The exponents Finally, the same criticism of absolutes applies to the realists as applied to the idealists. He must guide the student towards the hard realities of life. This would result in assisting the state in producing good citizens with the proper social development. They

According to them aims are specific to each individual and his perspectives. in ancient Greece. Corona Virus and its impact on higher education. Ultracrepidarianism is the act of giving advice or opinions on subjects one has no knowledge or experience of.

There is no place to imagination ,pure thoughts  and sentimentsin realism. The birth process checks this perfection, so education requires bringing latent ideas (fully formed concepts) to consciousness. He must also be conversant with the scientific and psychological methods and

This school wants to provide such a physical environment to the pupils in which they may learn to lead a disciplined life and this in turn may become a part of their habit. By the time students come to college, this natural curiosity seems to be in a 'sleep mode'. Development of proper attitudes among the students: Realism advocates the development of proper attitude among the students like objective thinking and rational judgement.Love, sympathy and fellow feeling are also emphasized. The how of choosing, as well as the what which is chosen is a necessary ingredient of the good life. He must guide the student towards the hard realities of life. While a constructivist pedagogue interprets a child's behavior in full awareness of his or her own responsibility for these interpretations (constructions), the realist SEES and KNOWS problems, causes, and effects. and this new outlook is termed as Realism. What a contradiction? Can life be lead on the basis of facts only?

The Formal Cause: the design that shapes the material object, 3. This is my attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive discussion of philosophy's importance. The realists have been deeply concerned with the problems of epistemology. REALISM IS THE REFINEMENT OF OUR COMMON ACCEPTANCE OF THE WORLD AS BEING JUST WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE. The question arises- Is there no power behind this material world? form. Aristotle called this quality a universal form (idea or essence), which is a nonmaterial aspect of each single material object that relate to all other objects of that group.

Sense Realism: Then he should gain some familiarity with the great classics of his own and of world literature and art. To do this he uses lectures, demonstrations, and sensory experiences, the teacher does not do this in a random or haphazard way; he must not only introduce the student to nature, but show him the regularities, the “rhythm” of nature so that he may come to understand natural law.

According to sense-realists nature is the treasure house of all knowledge and this knowledge can be obtained through the training of the senses. Developing the physical and mental powers of child: According to Realism, mind as well as the physical organs together constitute an organism composed of matter. This is a followup question to: Is innovation in decline because of inadequate incentives? The sense realists emphasized the training of senses. The physical world has no inherent meaning outside of human existence. Perhaps schooling is just as competitive in your countries (if not more so). According to them aims are specific to each individual and his perspectives.” (Seetharamu, A.S. : philosophies of Education, p.74).

Curriculum should be scientifically approached, standardized, and distinct-discipline based. The recognition of this by Comenius caused him to consider the education of men by men just as essential to man birth, as a human creature, as is procreation.

The realist prefers to use inductive logic, going from the particular facts of sensory experience to the more general laws deducible from these data. “(There are and can be only two ways for investigation and discovery of truth. sport. That of improving health and not only being the gentlemanly (7) Since we live in the world which is rapidly changing, it is necessary that we remains prepared to adjust ourselves to any psychological, intellectual or social changes that occur at any time. 4. Neo-realism- gives stress on the subject physics and on humanistic feelings, physics and psychology, sociology, economics, Ethics, Politics, history, Geography, agriculture varied arts, languages and so on, are the main subjects to be studied according to the Neo-realists. A teacher should be such that he himself be educated and well versed with the customs of belief and rights and duties of people, and the trends of all ages and places.

I look forward to hear your views. This is all too common on RG and the cause of most of the disputes between academics and scientists who participate on the threads. The school should do all in its power to develop intelligence. Most  of the propositions of traditional metaphysics are relegated to the realm of irrelevancy. (2) Senses are the gateways of learning: According to realism whatever sensation we get while coming in contact with objects education, if the judgement be not better settled, I had much rather my scholar had spent his time at tennis”. One subject  should be taught at one time. Another group of existentialists, largely European, believes that we must recognize the finiteness of our lives on this small and fragile planet, rather than believing in salvation through God. To develop dynamic and adaptable mind to cope with life situations is really a very important aim. For example, all people are different in their properties.

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