He’s my grandmother’s brother. But, when you go to turn it back on, it won't start. I can tell you the spot where it happened.

I’m really digging this blog! We heard this story a LOT growing up.

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site's author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. It quickly became clear why the bridge had been abandoned. We believe that supporting local attractions is important now more than ever and we hope our articles inspire your future adventures! When we got back home I figured something as major as a mother committing suicide and murdering her two children in the process would have been a major story. There have been many legends that have plagued the bridge over the years and while none of them have been fully confirmed, one thing is for sure: Those who cross the historic bridge cannot help but feel a sense of eeriness. If you’ve ever heard of a crybaby bridge, the tales that are told usually involve the death of a child near a bridge, causing either the mother or the child (or both) to haunt the area. It seems as though every corner of the Sunflower State is plagued by the paranormal… however, today’s story—which comes out of Valley Center—may just be one of the creepiest places yet. Some of them big enough to fit a foot through, and rust spots were everywhere. While we’re continuing to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, we don’t expect or encourage you to go check them out immediately. Nothing at all.

I searched the internet and newspapers for any mention of a major car accident, accidental deaths, murder, suicide, etc that occurred in Bear River.

Me neither! Eventually, the father and two sons abandoned the mother while she searched the creek for her daughter, which she continued to do until her death years later. Liked it?

A mail carrier was crossing the bridge when a dog darted in front of his car. I’ve heard stories of various cry baby bridges across the United States, but I wasn’t aware Utah had one until I read an article about haunted spots across the state. Many are also accompanied by an urban legend relating to a baby or young child/children Now I spend most of my free time traveling the world staying in haunted hotels and visiting haunted spots then blogging about them. Thanks for the read. I grew up in Brigham City and had grandparents in Bear River I had never heard this Legend before. We hate spam too! There’s always been spooky stories about that bridge. I’m also related to Ellis. Have you visited the area? She’s the sister that was mentioned in the article.

The cold spot and the feel of sadness. Are you getting tired of hearing about all of the haunted places in Kansas? It’s near Halloween, which means creepy stories are even cooler than before. The mail carrier later said he didn’t see the little boy chasing the dog. Be the first to see new posts and find out about upcoming events and offers. Love Kansas? I would love to read it. Made of steel, there were holes every few feet. Thank you! There was barely enough room for a tractor and if any cars wanted to cross, you’d have to wait for whoever was on the bridge to get across first. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

It’s not wide enough for two car traffic. Thank you for posting this. I loved that bridge, it was a rush to drive through. if grandma would have known that this tragic story had turned into an urban legend ghost story with the mother in the story a murderer, I think she would have been truly offended.

While the story didn’t involve a mother killing her children, it was nevertheless incredibly tragic. One boys name was Tommy Sears and he was from Corinne. ©2012-2020 - The Dead History.

Though now a bedroom community to nearby Wichita commuters, one of biggest attractions in this quiet town is that of the haunted Theorosa Bridge, also known as the 109th Street Bridge and the Crybaby Bridge. Hey, Kansas! It’s really surreal to see the bridge I’ve heard about so much and the original article. I remember my father introducing me to the man who had survived the accident as a child. by Jennifer Jones October 31, 2015. written by Jennifer Jones October 31, 2015. One of the stories that comes from Theorosa’s Bridge is that of baby Theorosa; the daughter of 19th-century settlers who was stolen by Native Americans during a rampage on the bridge. I came across your blog by accident and found this post to be particularly interesting. It is said that if you look and listen carefully, you can see and hear the young woman still searching for her child. The name often reflects an urban legend that the sound of a baby can be, or has been, heard from the bridge. She drove off the bridge and into the river below killing everyone in the car. If so, did you notice any of these strange occurrences? Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription.

A mother took her two young children out for a drive because she felt they were possessed by the devil. Me neither! It seems as though every corner of the Sunflower State is plagued by the paranormal… however, today’s story—which comes out of Valley Center—may just be one of the creepiest places yet. This is the kind of tragedy that stays with a family for generations. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Another legend that surrounds the bridge is that of a young Native American girl named Theorosa who — after having a child with a married settler — threw both herself and her baby from the bridge into the cascading waters below. I found an article on it in an early Corinne newspaper. We got to the bridge and realized that it had been closed off some time ago, and a new bridge constructed right next to the old one. The Legend: The History: Reading Time: 2 minutes The Legend: A mother took her two young children out for a drive because she felt they were possessed by the devil. On an old country road three miles north of town on Meridian Street, this old bridge spans Jester Creek at the intersection with 109thstreet. Do U have a link to the article? If you sit on the bridge with your windows rolled down and honk your horn three times you can hear children yelling “Don’t do it, Mother!!”. While all of these stories vary in one form or another, one thing is for sure: someone (or something) is haunting the bridge, as several witnesses have reported strange lights, sounds, temperature changes, and orbs throughout the area. Another article says that the driver struck both Ellis and a 12-year-old companion by the name of Norman. We would drive tractors and such over it and it would bounce up and down, I watched a piece of the road drop through into the river as I was driving across one time. I will definitely check out this bridge the next time I make a trip home. The third and final story is about a blonde-haired, blue-eyed local farm family whose brown-haired, dark-eyed daughter was drowned in the creek by her father after he suspected that she was the illegitimate child of the neighbor.

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