We have had numerous sitings at the Taverne. The Crybaby Bridge is located on Whitesville Road in Columbus and is a very popular place for young teens to hang out on the weekends. Love Ohio? We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life as we all practice social and physical distancing. The Old Licking County Jail building, constructed in 1889, has an eerie castle-like appearance reminiscent of the Tower of London. Bowling Green State University's ghosts include Alice, a deceased actress who haunts Brown and Saint Theaters and must have a formal invitation to every theater performance, and Amanda, who haunts the Chi Omega Sorority House. The 7th tier of the Denison University Library is said to have a spirit, a shadowy woman wearing an old-fashioned dress. One legend claims a mother threw her baby over the bridge late at night because she was disowned by her family for having the child. According to her story, she was in love with a boy who didn't feel the same. One such bridge is the infamous “Cry Baby Bridge” in Salem, Ohio. Do you believe it’s true? You have to head into the woods a bit to find this secluded location. April is the Ohio staff writer for Only in Your State. This small, abandoned wooden house at the intersection of the two major roads is haunted by the apparition of a woman in black. on 07-07-09 an investigationg was done in Shelby Ohio at the crying bridge, after reviewing all the evidence our investigation we decided that paranormal activity is happening at this location. The prison, defunct since 1990, was the setting for the movie The Shawshank Redemption. Many ghosts are known to haunt the building, causing objects to fall off of walls and are the source of mysterious footsteps. Some say the child drowned beneath the bridge, while others say it just wandered off. While the details of the legend are unclear, the screams of a baby late into the night aren’t. The University of Akron, founded in 1870 by the Universalist Church, has a few buildings rumored ot be haunted. (Credits: John Christman) Crybaby Bridge– It is said that a woman and her baby once fell from this bridge and drowned in the water below. On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Shelby County. The old train depot has played host to many tragedies and notable events in the town history, so it is easy to see where the basis of these rumours lie. It is said that during the Memorial Day parades held on Johnson Island, the deceased soldiers march along with the living soldiers. The owners and staff are displeased with the paranormal activity in the hotel, as they receive various reports ... At this circa 1800s bed-and-breakfast inn, strange things are afoot. (Credits: John Christman). Since then, visitors and staff have reported various strange occurrences, including ghostly voices, disembodied footsteps and strange whistling noises. Thank you! With more than 10 years of writing experience and a background in news reporting for Ohio newspapers, she's published pieces in multiple print and online publications. It is believed to be haunted by former patients of the infirmary. One of them is the Sigma Nu House.

Other ... Mount Olive Cemetery, or Lucas Cemetery, has a ghost named Mary Jane. One such bridge is the infamous “Cry Baby Bridge” in Salem, Ohio. It also was a station on the Underground Railroad. So, if you are really serious about paranormal travel, consider getting there during the week. Mystic Nirvana / The Historic Stoner House - it was built in 1852 by George Stoner as an inn and tavern. This hotel has been in operation for well over a century, so it is more than likely that some of the spectres in this hotel were guests who never checked out. It has been used as a setting or featured on many other movies, music videos and TV programs, including Ghost Adventures. (Submitted by Callum Swift). If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form. This is rumored to have led to at least some of the many haunting episodes here. They also found tunnels that led throughout the school and even saw a shadowy figure darting around. Those who fall asleep here, especially men, have been awoken by her hitting them on the back of the head.

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